Carnivore New Challenge starting for new year....and

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I’m in for the challenge! I also would like to lose 15 - 20 lbs

This was a great thread to read. I love all the comradery, support and success stories!!

I have been dirty Keto for years. Clean Keto since July 28th and taking a stab at carnivore since December 28th.

On carnivore I stayed away from dairy until New Years weekend and had heavy cream in my coffee as a treat and my stomach ballooned so much my pants hurt my waist. Staying away from dairy for now (with the exception of butter), thinking maybe that is why I was not making progress on Keto with all the dairy products I ate on the regular.

Anyone else have this kind of reaction/issue? I wasn’t off dairy all that long so I thought the reaction was a little extreme.

I like Carnivore so far, Weirdest part is the “strange” meats I eat at breakfast when I don’t do a regular bacon and eggs I do leftovers from dinner (ie. pork loin in a butter sauce for breakfast today).

Could use some snack ideas other than bacon if anyone has any.

Best of luck to us all in this and all of life’s challenges!


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I think I’ll join in with my own challenge. I am also giving myself a year to achieve it. My challenge is for my body to eat up all my lipoedema fat whilst remaining at a healthy weight and reshape, if this is even possible. I have heard great things what this WOE can do for lipoedema sufferers. Perhaps I would get better results if I cut down on cream a little. I am sure I’m not the only one in here who fell in love, hard and fast, with cream. And see if this helps. But I’m by no means giving it up. Winter makes you require comfort foods. Spring and summer much less so. I’m sure I won’t be devouring quite as much cream in summertime. Anyway, great thread and looking forward to read about all your progress. Any small improvement is still worth noting and celebrating.


cool…come into the NewYearNewYouCarnivore thread that is rolling now.
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I reduced my portion size of heavy cream with coffee. From 2 tbs per cup to 1.
I don’t see /feel a difference yet.


Hi Robin, for how long? I tend to use 3 heaped tbs per mug, I tend to have 3 mugs in total. It’s probably way too much. Not that I’ve gained any weight beyond normal fluctuation, I’ve fluctuated from 50kg to 51, no big deal. But if I did start to gain weight, I would have no option but to reevaluate as any weight gain will aggravate my lipoedema. I remember my doctor’s specific advice to me regarding the lipoedema was, don’t put on any weight. Maintain it if you can and keep your lipoedema in check. But with keto and now carnivore I have been hoping to do a lot more than that.

After the Tamox cheap brand disaster, I feel my legs will take some time to get back to how they were, and I’ll just have to be patient, as they still appear swollen and slightly larger than they were, though it does seem to be improving since I went back to my regular brand. Lymphedema appointment tomorrow, hopefully they’ll provide some good advice.

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It’s only been a couple weeks. And I had no real reason to do it except I kept using more cream and more stevia drops, going creamier and sweeter and creating a real sweet tooth, which is new to me. I drink 2-3 cups of regular coffee in the morning then a couple decaf cups at night. All with that heavy cream.

My goal may be to go back to black (insert joke here). But it will take some time and I am mentally not committed to truly giving up my cream yet.


On my creamy days I pour out like 30ml cream and use it for my zillion coffees. The same with milk but for a few coffees, it’s not as powerful.
In the beginning I whipped 100ml cream and ate it on the spot… It’s still more dangerous whipped but I am still better.

I do my best to consume no more than 200ml cream a month (and only a few coffees if possible…), it goes well I think (except the coffee part).


I’m not committed to giving up cream either, as it’s (along with coffee and cream) my dietary highlight. I find the extra thick cream the most divine dessert, and tend to eat just that sometimes or pour coffee over it. Life is too short, I feel, to give up foods we love, unless of course it seems inflammatory. Cream doesn’t seem inflammatory to me, but carbs do. Perhaps it’s the plants and the oxalates in them, I don’t know. But carnivore foods make me feel good.


Hi Robin, I’m very new to Carnivore - I was on Atkins about 15 years ago so this is the new meat journey for me. I’ve enjoyed your posts and have learned a lot, so thank you for posting.

You mentioned addicts and I can relate as an alcoholic - but for the grace of God I will be celebrating 30 years of sobriety next month but one thing I have learned from my program of recovery is to take one day at a time. I started Carnivore 4 days ago and I got up this morning and thought “how in the world can i NOT be eating breads and veggies 2 years from now?” But that’s the trap of addiction - it wants you to look WAY out in the future so you lose hope. I just sat down to a 14 ounce ribeye and am thankful I didn’t eat pizza yet another day LOL


Why would anyone choose pizza over ribeye I can’t imagine (though I never ate ribeye as it’s a very luxury item I can’t justify since long and when I was fine with spending much on a very special dish, it just never happened)… Okay swap it to my fav pork then :wink:
Pizza is nice but pork is nicer. And one can eat the cheese on carnivore too :stuck_out_tongue:
I know it’s not so simple, I am in my perfect, zero temptation towards plants state but I had and surely will have different ones. I am fine with that as long as it’s the frequency and amount I can easily handle.

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Yes, many former addicts are in our ranks. Mine was alcohol and nicotine. So when I draw a line in the sand with my diet, I mean it.
@PaulL is fond of chiming in with something like “don’t worry about tomorrow, commit for today, or the next five minutes.

I would not have chosen carnivore except on keto I was able to identify which foods made my body happy and which ones brought problems. I kept eliminating until it only took a tiny adjustment to be carnivore.
My favorite bonus (aside from health) is the total lack of cravings and lack of obsessing about food. I’m on autopilot these days.

Glad you are on the same journey and sharing it. Keep us updated.
You got this!

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Is that 2 tablespoons? That sounds rather a lot? I dribble probably half a teaspoon in, make it a murky brown, and I think that’s a lot!! :joy::joy::crazy_face:

Oooooohhhhhhh THIS!!! That’s where I am… I just would not contemplate eating any carbs right now (especially pizza!), autopilot is a great description of the feeling. I have a repertoire of about 10 meals and when I am hungry I just have one of those 10. If in doubt or in a hurry, steak in air fryer, ready in 8 minutes. Never gets old.

Question for long time carnivores… do you get bored of meat eventually?


I am still no carnivore but I got bored of meat all the time in my carni times, that’s the main reason I couldn’t stick to carnivore even in winter yet (now I am determined and hopeful, I feel ready for more!). Meat was half of my food on carnivore and it was super much :frowning: But I came from vegetarian keto (I couldn’t stick to that either, went off all the time but always came back quickly. carnivore is way easier but I still strayed a lot) and needed time.

It seems the carnivores in the carnivore thread have no such problem with boredom…

I think I lost this problem too but I shouldn’t be this optimistic, I am at carni day #3 again (I had to make an experiment on Sunday, still very low-carb but not carnivore. I wanted it in December but that month was crazy. so it wasn’t out of boredom this time, yay)… But I AM changing.

This autopilot and carbs not having a chance, I think I am close to that now, it’s cool indeed. I still think about food a lot and plan and experiment but it’s still chill and easy and I know it will be fine, it’s just kind of a hobby of mine to think about food, not a necessity, not a worry. If I get hungry, I eat something, I have a few super simple options now. I had to complicate things more before, bigger variety was needed due to me too easily getting bored of meat. This is my small boredom, meat per meal. The big one is when I just had enough of meat, the next day comes, I am hungry and nope, can’t eat meat or just a bit. Not fun. I don’t have the latter anymore, I have lower-pork days (pork is my usual meat) when I eat other meats, eggs and more dairy than usual. That’s doable and not boring thanks to me being able to eat more pork normally so I warmly welcome my non-meat carni items on my “breaks” as they aren’t eaten galore all the time. And I have other, very different meats anyway. Nothing else resembles pork. Even processed pork (I mean sausage, bacon and the like) is quite different from fresh pork. The cuts are different too but not enough to help me with food boredom.

Very long term carnivores… IDK, @Fangs surely met plenty of them online and maybe knows more about their potential boredom. They keep eating meat, I know that much about the very few longer term carnivore I heard about. And at least on their sites they seem enthusiastic enough :wink:

Wow. It’s 2-2.5 hour pork roast for me, usually but it’s perfectly fine, I always have ready to eat pork in my fridge!
But I can fry some meat in 15 minutes if needed…
1 minute for eggs :slight_smile: Of course I don’t get satiated with that alone but it’s a nice start and as I wrote I always have pork to eat. It’s essential for me.

Things are relative. I make a tiny, very weak coffee, put some drops into it when modest, a whole teaspoon when very generous… :smiley: And it gets pretty light and I may have regrets then… (And I add more water and coffee. I can’t drink a light one.)
But for a proper sized stronger coffee more is needed in my case.
And I heard about people who basically drank flavored cream… We are all over the place cream wise.

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Yep… 2 tablespoons. Now 1. Any less and I may as well forego it.
It’s my one weakness and I am okay with that. Plus, at times I have problems getting in enough fat, so that helps.
At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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One of the best reasons to use cream IMHO.


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