Carnivore New Challenge starting for new year....and


Oh we are getting closer especially that I plan to start it on Christmas. Maybe I will drink something on the last day of the year but knowing myself that will be insignificant. And not a sure thing.

So many people interested, it’s good :slight_smile:

Right now it seems my chosen items will be pork shoulders and eggs. I will have quite fatty times unless they stop putting shoulders on such a great sale ALL the time (1.5$/lbs or something like that, HUF loses value quickly nowadays and I won’t look up things and count often. and I really like that cut)… But it’s a good item for me. I may try leaner days but they never worked for me (I couldn’t even eat lean. 50% fat is hard even for a day and not satisfying). I have some canned tuna though so I will surely experiment a little.
I go for OMAD as that suits me now. Of course I will eat multiple times when needed, I surely will have such days aplenty when easy carnivore satiation kicks in. That thing always come back, fortunately not immediately as in the beginning (and not as seriously. having 4-6 meals just to avoid undereating wasn’t fun! I can’t even lose fat that way as small meals don’t satiate me well enough).
But I feel very prepared now. I learned from my mistakes. (Surely there are room to make new ones but still, it can’t be THAT bad :D)

I should do my best to avoid added fat though. Dairy included (except quark sometimes as it’s lean and useful. It has a short shelf life so it won’t be a frequent item unless there will be nice sales in the village and town here or if I realize I can’t live without it but I doubt that). But fat in meat satiates me and probably will be needed for proper OMAD sized meals.

I still don’t believe in most low-fat dairy but I tried a practically no-fat quark and it was surprisingly edible! So the brand matters… IDK much about quark in other countries, it’s a very important item in Hungarian quisine so all convenience stores have it, usually multiple kinds. There are the super lean and a fattier (still not particularly fatty) version, some are crumblier, some are creamy (sometimes they say creamy but it’s a softer rock, that’s not good)… So if someone is fine with dairy and quark is available and they think they may like it, it’s probably worth to try :wink: I used no quark for ages but then I realized it’s nice to have it here and there. Variety. I made cakes with it (great flour, the crumbly one)… I just need to fight with my brain when it starts to think about all the zillion quark based desserts when quark is wonderful in savory things as well. But we can keep it neutral. If I find some really nice quark, I can just eat it as it is. That’s the crumbly but wet type, a bit sour, mmm. As we have crumbly and half-dry as well, that’s what I can use as “flour”).

Maybe I wrote too much about quark but it’s a wonderful topic :smiley:

Ham is nice but I can’t get the type I like. But there is bresaola, that’s lean. But it’s processed meat so it’s just a little extra. But yep, it makes a difference if I eat it as some “still hungry” bite instead of some insanely fatty dry sausage :smiley: I barely touch it and it’s a lot of fat. Though that means it satiates me more I suppose… But I have “still fancy something” times as well. I need items with very various fat content for certain scenarious. So the lean bresaola has its uses and anyway, I like it.

(Bob M) #42

It’s odd that we don’t have quark in the US.

(Robin) #43

The word QUARK makes me nervous… sounds suspiciously ominous and having to do with physics.

(Marianne) #44

I did a bottom round roast for Thanksgiving. It was excellent and a great value. No waste, and not a lot of fat, although great flavor and tender.


Yep. That’s the real quark, the lil particle :smiley: No idea why the dairy stuff is called like that and I am not sure it’s commonly used but I found that word when I searched for it 1-2 years ago. Quark was totally physics to me until then. But it’s a fun word.
I know it can be bought at many places elsewhere too, it’s just not nearly as common as here and probably way more expensive as well.

At least you can buy sour cream, an even more important traditional kitchen staple for Hungarians (and French people too)! I can’t even imagine not having it all the time in my fridge - though I could live without it, I had lactose-free years. But it’s important for me on carnivore. Not super important but it would be sad without it… It’s like quark, we have variety (and many different package sizes from maybe 150g to 850g) and I have my favs and I eat it in small amounts. It spoils slower than quark or mascarpone (and when it’s not so great, the cats still love it and one of them is surely not lactose intolerant for some reason) - and it’s good as it’s added fat, not good for me if I take fat-loss seriously… That’s what makes it very different from quark. So I try not to eat it without a very good reason.

But my staples are meat and eggs, of course. I just need these tiny “luxuries” to feel content.

This sounds like pork thigh (I still don’t know how you in English speaking countries call that part, it’s thigh here and as far as I know, it’s anatomically correct, we mess that up with the chicken)… I don’t like lean meat (with some rare exceptions like this) but that stuff isn’t dry (like chops, that is not my cut for sure!), it’s nice, tender, juicy and tasty, at least the roast. I roast nearly everything but it doesn’t work with too lean meat (but lean meat is rarely edible for me if it’s all alone anyway). But it works with pork thigh, amazing.
I will try to buy that cut but I don’t always can choose, sometimes the village shop has no pork, period (it never has anything beyond pork and chicken) and when I visit the city, I always find that amazing pork shoulders sales :D. Sometimes amazing pork chuck sales… But I will make sure I get pork thigh too as it’s perfectly fine for me and my SO both. And then I can afford a lot of fattier stuff as I need my calories to reach satiation. And I can experiment. What happens if I try to get satiated with pork shoulders vs pork chuck vs pork thigh?

I am so excited today, I try to focus on my life in the near future, sorry.

(Robin) #46

I love everything about your last line, except ending it with “sorry”. Never apologize for living in the present. It’s my constant goal. I have to remind self daily that I am not a time traveler. I can’t live in the past or the future… so why waste my energy there. Not saying I have mastered this, by any means! I am definitely a work in progress. Like everyone.

(Jane) #47

I had never heard of quark cheese until my e-newletter from a cheesemaking supply company showcased it as their “recipe of the month” in October and mentioned it was common in Europe. I made some and it was creamy and mild and didn’t need pressing or aging.

(Bob M) #48

What was the yield like? I made ricotta…once. I then realized the yield was quite small for what went into it. I decided to just buy ricotta when I wanted it.


Cottage cheese then? I saw that as translation in the past. And a few years ago I met with that mystery thing! I didn’t like it much and it’s not exactly like our quark but our quarks are all very different too. They are definitely closely related.

I still am clueless about cream cheese. I only know mascarpone, I always use that for desserts.

But I started my (mostly) no-dairy extra strict (for me but it’s easy just technically restricted) carnivore today :smiley: Let’s see how long I will last.

(Edith) #50

Hummm, I think I may have inadvertently made something similar to quark last week. I made my husband some strained yogurt and I strained it for too long. It came out like a soft creamy cheese.


interesting :slight_smile: isn’t that like making that thicker greek yogurt they call it out there for sale? not sure, never use the stuff HA

In general, for me ANY soft cheese is a no go. I bloat instantly on soft cheeses. All hard aged cheese I do fantastic on, anything soft like mozz. I bloat and I dropped all soft from my dairy. Well, heck now in the game I rarely even eat hard cheese now except love it on burgers still :slight_smile: In fact my only dairy is some HWC sometimes which is rare now, I don’t even make my alfredo sauce anymore, but hard aged cheddar is still on my burgers. I don’t even snack hard cheese like in the old days. Wow my cheese intake sure has changed and I love that! Don’t need it and do better off it all for me personally.


I always preferred half-hard cheeses. Brie is an exception, it’s soft and creamy but I like that. We buy it here and there.

But I just lost interest in cheese in general in the last months. I kept eating a bite here and there when I needed something more… But it’s not good for satiation for me and it’s better just have more meat on hand at all time so I stopped eating it completely now. We will see if I will bring it back but as I never particularly enjoyed in it the last several months, I don’t think it will be a frequent thing.

Even my sour cream consumption is low. I stopped eating cream. Mascarpone is a rare thing and I only use it for desserts… Quark is nice but I need to eat up in a few days… So nope, I think dairy will have a very little role in my life from now on.
Unless I get totally bored of all meats and egg during my longest carni streak ever… But even so, a little dairy helps little and I never used them as staple…

(Edith) #53

Well… there is Greek style yogurt, which is what I was aiming for, and what I ended up with. I strained it a little too long. :grimacing: I think it would have been good mixed with garlic and herbs and spread on crackers or pork rinds.


oh you are making kitchen cheese? Cool

omg I loved this goat cheese with garlic and herb back in the old days!
we had about 150 Boer goats on the farm, I ‘’’‘tried’’’ to make cheese alot of times, needless to say I stunk at it, dropped that endeavor fast, no interest but darn the store bought goat herb/garlic cheese was to die for spread on stuff :slight_smile:

You are quite the experimenter in a ton of ways VE, I love that!


A neighbor made and sold such stuff in the past, it was very delicious! :slight_smile:

And there is a garlic and maybe paprika softer cheese, that’s cow cheese but amazing, from a proper cheese maker, not from a factory…

(Jane) #56

You lose a lot of volume in the whey when you make cheese. That was when I realized why cheese was always (to my mind) expensive.

But ricotta loses more because the curds are soft some is lost when you drain it. The harder cheeses make a much firmer curd and the loss in whey is not as much.

(Laurie) #57

@VirginiaEdie You strained your yogurt for too long? What? I strain my yogurt until not one more drop will come out. (It takes 2 days.) Then I add some yummy seasonings. I use it as a dip for pork rinds and as a mayonnaise substitute.

(Edith) #58

The yogurt was somewhat thick before I strained it. I only strained it over night, but it was almost like cream cheese. My husband, who is the one who eats it, wanted yogurt, not cheese. I did think it would have been good with seasonings mixed in and used as a spread. It was definitely too thick for dipping.


Hey there @Fangs y and da Peeps!
So glad you all are here, as I’ve missed you bunches! I felt pretty unworthy of coming on for a while, since jumping off the wagon… burning the wagon… and using the insurance money to buy carbs… but, that episode is over. Back to steaks, chicken, butter and eggs. Got a new puppy. Old puppy taught new puppy how to kill chickens, so we have one battered chicken left.
Life has been ridiculously busy. We are down 50% of our mgmt staff… so that kinda messed up the nicer schedule. Going on vacation this Friday. Planning on steak, eggs, butter. and fasting if those foods are not available. Self discipline has been a little elusive, so, I found a talk on self discipline from Jordan Peterson and Jocko Willink (SEAL team Cmdr), which I recorded part of on my phone. I play it at work or whenever I feel like succombing to cravings. Goidness, it is amazing.
It’s nice to ge back, and visit. Have a blessed day and take care. SB


OH HI!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Welcome back! I did my share of off eating and more but I can’t not come back soon. I am still totally undisciplined but I like my carni food. Mostly. Not all days are easy to the same extent. It’s life.

Have a great vacation!