Carnivore New Challenge starting for new year....and


it is a weight loss challenge.

I personally am SO tired of this last 15/20 I want to lose. I keep dragging it around with me and I am over it SO I am doing a challenge to me to lose 20 in 1 year. Yes a whole friggin year I am giving me to lose the lbs because I am never leaving carnivore ever, so I am in no darn hurry at all to lose the lbs but I KNOW point blank I can lose 20 lbs in a year.

So thing is…my focus is on only 1.5 lbs down per month to hit a goal of 18 lbs in the year…that darn 20 lbs down for the year comes out to 1.666 to lose and omgosh I hate that number…that 666 made me cringe, so I am going for 1.5 per month as my total goal each month.

I think a few carnivores want some lbs off us as most of us do – so for me personally, I am focusing on the easiest and most absolute easy friggin’ challenge I can give me…cause I know I can do it.

and darn I wish I started it last year and I would be done HA

SO putting this out there now for all us zero carb eaters! Anyone wanting to go for it come on and we will start in Jan. For this month and next I am shopping seafood sales and stocking freezer and shopping cheap chicken sales cause I plan to focus, like 2-3 days a week on only lean proteins but I will eat very well, I am ‘not dieting’ in any way on this challenge, just gonna see if I fiddle a bit can I get my 1.5 gone without any dieting obsession, eating less, or going dieting BS crazy :sunny:

I know everyone will want their own goals. This one is mine. But one thing I say to all who want to join, keep your goals very low…very achievable without ‘us going into dieting mode’ ever ya know, us carnivores don’t do that. Just keep a focus of easily achievable numbers and just making the year kind of a real food focus for us.

It seems long but I realized with Chery’s original challenge, the darn years tick off very very fast, don’t they? So instead of another year of just being zc, I am doing this year with bigger focus on me!

Cheryl’s original challenge thread started long ago was to stay carnivore, stay on plan and work this plan. But at this point I want to change up my personal challenge and go for a goal I want to achieve.

So everyone just think on it, we got time, starts in January :slight_smile: Kinda think what you might want to achieve etc. and thing is, newer carnivores have to be more careful then us older longer term carnis who can goof around a tad more, but yea, all carnivores can join :slight_smile:

So let me know some thoughts from those who think they might wanna jump in and go for it.

(Robin) #2

I think I am always on this challenge with you @Fangs! I have surpassed where i thought I could ever be, but now am a bit greedy for another 10 pounds. But… like you said… slow. Nice and easy. So… yep. I’m on board.


It’s one thing what I am doing with my November… January is truly my carni month, I will be loads better and I am adamant to figure out how things are a bit longer-term. So I am very serious about giving my all in January. And later too, my fruit seasons won’t start until June… I must use those 5 months well!

About 40lbs to lose but well, I am not sure I will do it in the last 5 years. I just hope.
But no lean meat for me, that would be worse than some forceful fasting and I never do that either… I keep it high-fat, obviously. Maybe with a tad leaner days with exactly zero added fat and dairy… Those brings all those unnecessary fat calories without satiation… Processed meat should be low too but that’s usually no problem and I only add the very fatty ones to avoid added fat or hunger due to all the leaner meat without enough calories. I want to experiment with leaner eating here and there but as far as I know, it doesn’t work for me if I don’t keep enough fat.

It’s time for me to slim down I think. I started to change my life for the better and it’s one important area (even connected to the others in various ways. I am sure I would be calmer and happier if I wouldn’t need to face my failure all the time. it’s low level annoyance but not fun. I would feel great to reach my vague goal, reap the benefits of stubbornness and effort. just because I don’t do hard things, I did put lots of effort into it and I continue to do so).

My goal isn’t in numbers, of course. Not even body fat percentage :slight_smile: Something that looks good and show off my slowly developing muscles? Right now my muscle gain is way more than my fat-loss as the latter is zero and I get stronger so it probably means a few grams of muscles at least?

I can do a lot until then to ensure it gets better. Practice is good and I need it. I want to stabilize my timing and figure out my sweet spot eating wise too. And then I can focus on… I don’t exactly know what, maybe I will just continue what I consider best and it will work? One can always hope. But I surely will have experiments!

I won’t do it pure carnivore every day as I can’t, I need my stews and similar egg/meat dishes at least. I already focus on pure carnivore main dishes as long as I can get away with it. If not quitting means some more interesting, not totally carnivore dish, I am perfectly fine with it. And if my SO makes those, I won’t cook something else either, it’s a bad deal when a tiny extra never caused any noticeable problem, the lack of it surely would at this point.

Until January I do enough changes on my life that I will have better things to do than being here all the time. I really want to behave. I may set it as a challenge too. I already tried before, it just wasn’t successful.

Good luck, everyone! I am 75kg now (just like all the time since a year) and I want to be less at the beginning of January! And more muscular too but that’s hardly measurable except on the weight of my dumbbells :wink: And whatever is the long bar is called. I use it for the small muscles. It sounds weird a bit but it’s perfectly logical, actually as I only would use it for my chest press and I avoid help until I can. It’s easier with 2 dumbbells now (help is appreciated but not needed).

(Polly) #4

I am very tempted to join you Fangs and Robin.

I still hover on the margins of zero carb dipping my foot in but not going all in. For a variety of reasons 2021 was a bad year for me and my weight has gone from having 5lbs to go to my ideal weight to being about 20lbs away.

Hold my place for me and I will spend the next couple of months positioning myself for another dive into the carnivore pond.

(Robin) #5

I am saving you a spot…. I put my purse in the seat next me.

(Linda ) #6

Sorry guys just reading this I’m in… I’m not sure I’ll lose any but a challenge keeps me def accountable to try for not going off track at all over holidays…not that I intended to …

(Vic) #7

Lost already 20 pounds more than I wanted to.
At 179 pounds there is not much left to loose.

I can not join ya but I encourage you all to go for it and acheave you goals.

(Stella) #8

Hi Everyone,
I’ve been following your Carni threads all year, since I went Keto in January and full carnivore in February.
My motivation for starting this lifestyle was and still is to help with excruciating joint pain and to lose a lot of excess weight I’m carrying (to again help with the joint pain).
I’ve lost about 30lbs over the last 10 months and have about another 20 to go to be at a healthy weight for my height, I’m only 5”1 tall.
I would love to join your challenge starting in January


Love this :slight_smile: Well you pack on 20 you want back and give those 20 off me ok HA

I lost 50 few and happy but darn I want those final lbs gone. Last time I lost 70 on another diet and felt wonderful. I can’t shake these last ones I want gone but I will try but I sure thank you for encouragement when I tackle this :slight_smile:


OK everyone, we got carnivore takers :sunny:

Let’s get thru the holiday season in easy fine carnivore form and new year we can all hit the ground running with knowing we are going to ‘easily and slowly’ just change up ourselves up a tiny bit and get some action happening for each of us :slight_smile:


This thread will not self destruct :100:

It will start again come Jan. 1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Our next year will be ALL our best year, well, a bit better cause any year on zero carb is a great year for us :heart_eyes:

(Liz ) #12

Ok! February will be 2 years carnivore. I’d love to lose, like, even five more pounds. When you get less large, five pounds makes a difference! Still surprises me on the regular lol. When I weighed 100 more pounds, five or ten wouldn’t even change my pants size.

Anyway, I still have my old compulsive eating behaviors, eating too often and not for hunger, since I switched to carnivore the food isn’t harmful. BUT, I think it does mess up my weight loss to eat little bits all day long. I do believe in eating windows as a good tool. I am seeking counseling to help with my addictive compulsions and maybe that will be key? Like a lot of folks I start out with great intentions then stall back into old habits. Thank goodness for carnivore though, so I can stay healthy in my body while I learn to feel better in my head. Thanks for the challenge!


hey cool…come into the challenge when we start in Jan. cause I am like you, that little extra means alot :slight_smile: but we also got a monthly carnivore thread running for us on this plan so come in and join :slight_smile:


chat as much as you want, just read and follow or do whatever but if ya want to join us ZC’ers then come on in :slight_smile: more the merrier!

(Robin) #14

First, those last pesky pounds are nothing to sweat. Very normal to lose the majority of the weight an then slow way down to a crawl.

Not sure if you have a truly addictive personality or not… a surprising number of folks on here are ex-addicts of alcohol or drugs, or serious eating disorders.

Many people can snack their way though the day and have little cheat meals here and there…. and stay on course. Some of us need real firm boundaries.

But if you ever have conquered any real addiction, you may need to bring the same mindset to this. You know the meaning of zero tolerance. Set you eating window and stick with it, no exceptions… until you feel under control and are making choices instead of following urges.

Either way, you got this!


I want to know what you know :wink:
I want a list… :crazy_face:

and if I am on it then… :skull_and_crossbones: :clown_face:

(Liz ) #16

Yes thank you! I have an addictive personality. Sugar/carbs was the most harmful. I’m grateful to be free of the damage that did. Glad I don’t struggle with drinking and/or drugs. But I have other addictive behaviors that affect my quality of life and I see them as all of a piece. And yes I agree cold turkey is the way. And I’ve no lack of willpower or determination, but my life is very sad and stressful so I find I am reluctant to give up the soothing yet destructive behaviors. I first have to want to quit. Then I’ll get somewhere. Meanwhile carnivore is keeping me healthy, thank goodness!! I see a lot of people in my situation (full time caregiver for elderly mother) slide into lifestyle diseases and it’s heartbreaking. I feel very lucky. Excited to have this January challenge to look forward to!

(Robin) #17

Nooooo! Not the clown!

(Robin) #18

Bless your heart. This forum can become a life line for you and help you emotionally as well as keto support. Glad you found us.

(Liz ) #19

Thank you! I was pretty active in the forum years ago, for Keto. Came back for zero carb camaraderie :blush:


YEA! and it is the Clown from IT!

Pennywise might show up! :woozy_face: