Here it is.

New Year all and new carnivore lifestyle to lead in good health!

Lets start our year strong.

List any intentions or changes or work in progress on yourself.
What goals you want and post more carnivore knowledge for us all to learn and grow on this lifestyle!

New Year, New You, all us carnivores united!!! :100::partying_face:

Carnivore New Challenge starting for new year....and

For me personally I am in a good zc zone. I just need to ‘watch me’ a bit as usual and continue my comfort zone on my lifestyle journey.

I would still love the darn last 15 or so lbs gone that I know I would like gone off me LOL but in the end thru the years I lost 50 something plus and am very happy ever darn day I can eat all I need, no cravings, feel satisfied and very well nourished, got all the ‘zc zen’ good benefits and have improved myself very well over the zc years. But vanity is still there, bleck, but hey ya know HAHA

I know tho in last years thread I was saying I would love that 20lbs or whatgever off me and now it is down, so I smile on that. ever so slowly the last are dropping, could be years to dump what all I want the last 15 or so, but hey, down is down in my eyes!

So this was me last night: so what else can happen?

I fell up the steps into the rv.
I had on ‘cruddy beach crap shoes’ I live in. Out to dinner all nice and ready and got almost down to bottom of rv steps and saw my shoes and thought damn, did a fast turn up I went and then my right front foot caught lip of door and I went flying into the rv and just missed slamming my face onto the kitchen sink area. I went down like a ton of bricks. Left knee, OW, left elbow, big OW and then a slam that elbow up into shoulder, another OW I tell ya guys at this age I don’t bounce up anymore. But survived to go eat out at my all you can eat crab legs buffet. Here is my pic.

the ‘prime rib’ slices were ‘ok’ ate only 1 cause it ‘had a taste’ to me, lol…and then I tried the ribeye steaks but they had some ‘fancy weirdo’ seasoning on them that did not suit me so one bite, rest to hubby but I ate----drum roll— 3 plates of slap full crab and so sweet and yummy and not super salty and wowza. I finally got my crab fix all :slight_smile:
and me being bad on last day of the year I took 1 forkful of hubby’s choc. cake dessert he brought to table and UGH the sweet was overwhelming and I knew, right there again, I am carnivore :slight_smile: I don’t want that sugar crap :slight_smile: but all in all our new year rang in quiet but on a full crab leg stuffed belly! :partying_face::100:

wow. that is rough and I hope you are doing alot better now.
My MIL has dealt with that hernia stuff and it is not pretty in any way.
On too busy and not enough Dr time on ya in your visit etc? Just don’t know…but I do know those darn hernias can change in a snap and can go strangulation and all that. Just a toughie call on it ya know but I think New Year, New You maybe it is time to go for consult and truly see where ya stand! Maybe learn if the fix surgery or ?? is required and kinda get this monkey off your back in a way. MIL dealt with it many years with issues in many ways but she did have surgery and did come out of it fine and now she has no issues so far still with what she had to handle. Wishing you the best New Year on tackling this tough issue for you!!

ya boozed up a bit? what’d ya have :partying_face:

I can’t also go ‘too strict’ if I restrict too much. I do fine if I make myself super strict, but am allowed to friggin’ eat well within my lifestyle plan I chose. See on a very low carb plan I was still in that mindset of ‘don’t eat too much’, count every carb obviously but again, what intake overall, and it didn’t give me a calm. I was ‘dieting still’ but on carnivore I dropped all that. All I had to do was eat the plan. No off plan ever. But once I held that strict part there were no restrictions in my eating carnivore lifestyle. I could then comfortably and as should be, eat ALL the meat/seafood fish and fowl I needed daily, as my body wanted and I felt super freedom in this plan. That is how it rolled for me on strictness and how I could cope with it and be ok with it. Just some chatter on it how I had to get thru it in my mind to hold my plan but be ok with ‘never having to diet’ again :slight_smile: Wishing you a great year forward in finding your sweet spot and getting results you want.


where ya at? All good coming into the new year for you guys? Hope so!
you out wielding that chainsaw on New Years Eve making a rukus HAHA

(Judy Thompson) #4

Haha!! New Years Eve was teaching, eating, napping, then playing in the new year for 4 hours, lol. I think longingly of my lonely chainsaw out there, plan to get out there this month!
Happy new year everybody! I see we came through 2022 a little bashed and bruised, older and wiser, and soldiering on.
@MeganNZ feel better, get rest, hope this month you can get a repair on that hernia that actually works!
@Fangs OMG girl, flying up those steps! Sounds like the damage wasn’t too bad. Yummy eating around the beach community. Your crab legs looked fantastic!

We’ve had such a great holiday season, some people showing up in the restaurants just BECAUSE we’re listed in the town’s restaurant guide! I’m hitting every table and playing tunes and hubby stands near the door with his bass - suddenly we’re bereft of tunes as Christmas music is off the table. Racking my brain for tunes.
Working on some new ones including Devil Went Down to GA. Hubby wrote an instrumental version for us, no talking like Charlie. People know it.
Today church music - he’s going with me (Mimsy too)! Then the roadhouse, then home to brisket and a much needed NAP!

This past year has been magical and life changing. I did PSMF for 10 days starting Jan 1st 2022, bought Maria Emmerich’s PSMF book, joined her fb groups and along that way found ZC. I had joined KF back in 2019 so coming back, going you guys. I’ll be excited to celebrate my 1 year anniversary on the 12th of this month- and looking forward to many more annual celebrations to come!

I don’t weigh but I’m sure I was around 225 and on a size XL and 18-20 at the beginning of psmf. I lost 11 lbs in those 10 days. Now I don’t know my weight but I’m wearing a size M and 12 pants. My Chicos size 1 stuff fits again. Nice to have mobility to do my job and to look “normal” again.

More weight to lose but that’s nowhere near the half of it. Arthritis is and sciatica are the but extremely manageable and no new pain. No doctors. Younger. No body outdoor. Better dental condition. Just all of it, better.
Thanks guys for all the wonderful support. You’re my lifeline!

(Marianne) #5

I’m sorry about your fall, and although bad, it could have been much worse. You could have broken something or hit your head on the sink. I fell in the spring and landed right on my knee. Thought I broke it. That was pretty bad - but all things considered, could have been much worse.

Coming up on my four-year anniversary in February, two of which have been pretty clean carnivore/zc. I, too, would like to lose another twenty lbs. Not sure how I am going to do that, but hopefully it will happen in its time. I’m a daily drinker and although I drink zc, it still has a lot of calories and messes with the metabolic process. I’m happy and content for the same reasons you are. We’ll see how this year shakes out. I’ve found a way of eating that I can live with. I didn’t touch one bad thing this whole holiday season and it wasn’t a problem. Last night (NYE), was an incredible prime rib roast. (Of course they were on sale). Life is good and keto has been a major contributor to that. If I hadn’t found it, I’d still be fat (or fatter), hopeless and horribly depressed.

(Robin) #6

Bring it, 23!


WOWZA and isn’t that what every artist loves, knowing their craft is a draw and appreciated. That is so wonderful JJ for you and your hubby, give yourself that ol’ pat on the back and big smiles, great new year for you guys in your career for sure! Loved reading this!!

@JJFiddle… I don’t weigh but I’m sure I was around 225 and on a size XL and 18-20 at the beginning of psmf. I lost 11 lbs in those 10 days. Now I don’t know my weight but I’m wearing a size M and 12 pants. My Chicos size 1 stuff fits again. Nice to have mobility to do my job and to look “normal” again.

THIS TO ME SAYS IT ALL. we can’t scale us anymore. We change body wise and composition and that scale number means squat. So girl with what ya wrote here, I know you know the way!! :100:

and I so appreciate your posts to me. more new people on zc with changes and good benefits shows me exactly why I should stay put :sunny:

----------------OK Pic coming.
thought I would be out on the beach cause we got sun and higher temps and very nice now…I am very happy on this day.

but had to help neighbor RV people get out of their site so hubby directed the ‘new driver’ to get out, all good on that.

dealy to metal detect beach for me but I asked hubby, which a rare thing for me HAHA to be kind…since it is later do you want to go ‘out to lunch now and eat and I will go and suck it up’ and he says no. His guts are ‘off’ from the buffet yesterday and right now he can’t eat. ‘can’t eat’ omg I never have that problem on zc ever thru some gut issues.

so 11am now and I said to him I MUST eat now before I hit beach…he said fine, go do whatever ya want and I might fish later. ugh. AND THIS IS all cause he pigged out on the fried seafood, the sides of mac n cheese and tons of other crap he ate on top of the tons of crab legs and then finished it ‘with a dessert’ plate he kinda demolished and YET HE CAN NOT SEE? doesn’t ever wanna put 2 x 2 together cause I told him back in the day and now I give up LOL

so I did this right now and eating as I type…yum


Yup 2 nice 90/10 burgers and yea that is American cheese, all I brought in the rv but I do ok on it and I am eating that and away I go to the beach to have fun.

who knows if hubby will rebound but hey that ain’t MY guts on crap food ya know :wink:

and this shows me all the time to DO FOR ME at all times. we wanna help others but in the end they do themselves and suffer consequences but I never have to do that and suffer along at all…so…

bye bye :partying_face:


I will write more later but I have a bad headache at the moment and I had super low energy today, barely could do my usual walk in the sunny and very springy weather. It was WARM, I came home in t-shirt, shedding my cardigan…

It was a simple, nice day. I will track and count costs later.
Lunch (early, we started before 1pm, it happens): pork soup, cold pork roast, a boiled egg, a sponge cake, egg milk.
1-1.5 hours later I realized I need more food so ate some warm pork chuck roast and more sponge cakes.
Then I took a nap and now I am perfectly satiated.

It was a very normal “at least a pound of fattier pork and a few eggs” type of meal so it should be fine even for a normal day, not just when I have a probably overeating and carbier past… This December wasn’t so good. I made great recipes though.

I start to miss chicken liver so I fry another 500g tomorrow. I don’t specifically miss that, just something very different from my normal meat. Liver always nicely fits into that role.

I weighed 76kg this morning. Or my scale said so. I don’t believe it anything as it has a special personality and anyway, it’s just an old non-digital cheap personal scale :slight_smile:
I wasn’t in my usual pair of paints so IDK what that way more reliable object says.
I expect 75kg tomorrow as usual.


The planned spiced wine :slight_smile: It had semi-sweet red wine (because Alvaro got that from his workplace. he got champagne too but we didn’t touch it. he isn’t a big drinker - not like I am but he is a smaller one, now imagine - and I never liked champagne - anyway, it was a big task for us to drink a whole bottle of wine in some days. I noticed 1-2 years ago that it’s possible only with spices and warm, making a fun evening of it), not really good, next time I will use dry red wine as usual. IDK why people like their spiced wine sweet, I don’t. I added a tad Stroh80, it was okay and strong enough for us.

But we had some vodka with lime lately too. And I added water as I wasn’t in a too alcoholic mood. Almost zero vodka is left. We don’t buy another I think, we have better ideas. But we aren’t in a hurry.

It’s possible I won’t drink alcohol for 3-5 months now, we will see. That’s pretty normal and anyway, it’s my “as strict carnivore as comfortably possible (as long as it still makes sense to me)” time.

I don’t even drink coffee now, yay! It was the plan, it’s a new year, I needed this extra help and now I wanna gain momentum. As I was totally addicted just now, I use a zero tolerance policy for a long while. If I can.
I didn’t even touch tea until my first meal :wink: Just water :smiley:
So today went well eating and drinking wise. Tiny eating window, 2 meals, pretty okay items and amounts… I am pleased.

Oh I surely keep that mindset all my life. I am too good at overeating, after all. I do it in a healthy way, nothing forceful and even with this mindset I had 4100 kcal on carnivore once so no need to worry about me eating too little or anything… But I really need to eat as little as I comfortably can. While feeling nicely satiated and satisfied, of course. I do have a lower limit, I keep that in mind if I want to ensure I won’t eat at midnight - but as I don’t track on the same day, I just try to eat a pound of fatty meat and some eggs as I know it should be enough…?
I want SIMPLICITY. Knowing I ate enough to avoid night eating without actual tracking.

Oh I am careful with fowl as it would trigger protein overeating and I hate that even more than before. It’s just not substantial. Fowl is snack (small meal) and side dish/course.

Thanks for your well wishes, I am quite hopeful now. January is always good time for a more carnivore start but I handle meat eating better than before and even my timing got better in December (before it went worse again).

So your fall was just ouch but no bigger problem? That’s good, still bad of course, get totally well soon! Crab legs, I never had crab legs… But I don’t want to particularly much so it’s fine :slight_smile: And we still have our tiny seafood in the freezer, waiting for us wanting it again. The smoked mackerel did the trick before Christmas but I wrote that before. It scratched the itch.

I will eventually read everything, I wasn’t here much today and so many comments…

But I see that @JJFiddle was active and musical as usual, what a role model :D. Making people’s life nicer with musical art!

(Karen) #10

Happy New Year everyone.

I crossed a milestone last night and went to the New Years Eve dance over in Lichfield where i usually dance friday afternoons. It was the first evening dance (apart from the weekender in Sept) travelling 45mins to an hour at night and of course it being a late one not driving back til after 1. Got home at 1.45am! Had a wonderful time but switch went in my head about 11.30pm and my speech suffered slightly and pain in my head like at my daughters house warming. I also lost focus and balance. I knew i was just very tired but stayed to see the New Year in. Danced my feet off and Raymond did incredibly well too.

Food over past day or so

My posh frock last night

(Linda ) #11

Happy New Years to all.

@Fangs ouch you having a rough time between dog, truck, and falling… hope this year is alot better for you.

Yes hubby is now a truck driver he is driving for Swift on a target account trying to get his time in so he can go to a company paying better…
@Karen18 love your dress you look amazing in it.

@MeganNZ hope you feeling better today.

New Years goals for me will be staying strict and hopefully continuing to drop the gained weight …3 weeks in now and 7.5 lbs down… so not flying off but least its going in the right direction…

Really quiet Christmas here and even quieter new years …but no booze and no weight gain so that’s a win…

Hubbies assigned truck


I wasn’t fully satiated at 8pm so ate quite much meat again… Well for an evening 3MAD meal :slight_smile: Roast, sponge cake with a slice of dry sausage. Unlike after my first meal, I didn’t want a dessert (that was my egg milk then) so I just had a tea. I just can’t drink water all the time, it’s a boring tea though.
It’s not so great to have a full-blown evening meal long after my previous one as I barely could stop eating my lovely cold pork roast so yeah, overdid protein a bit.

I won’t say every time, my tracking is quite unreliable because of the fatty pork. But guesstimation says 1750 kcal (but this chuck was so fatty so maybe it’s more. maybe not, it even lost some. fat is always a mystery if I eat like this), 164g protein. 2g carbs, yeah it wasn’t an eggy day and my dairy was 2g butter only :wink:

I ate simple but it still costed about 1700HUF/$4.8, I must do way better than this on average… But it was a lovely, meaty day at last, way better than the ones in the holiday season though I enjoyed my food then too. And it wasn’t even fresh and warm… I just don’t like keeping raw meat around so I roasted my meat early.

I ate this much partially because it’s a different feeling in the soup… And I had 3 meaty meals and a huge eating window, barely IF. And I hadn’t have a really meaty day since long :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see what will happen in the next months :slight_smile:

Forgot photos, I just ate. But it was my normal fattier pork roast :slight_smile:

I got about 1.5g salt from my food plus an unknown amount of my soup, that bumped it up a little.
I used 4g salt on my 2100g pork roast. It was a tad little, maybe because some of it escaped to the liquid but maybe because my 1g/pound is my sweet spot.
I am curious about my salt intake so I will track that too. I know my roasts are quite low-sodium compared to my other dishes (except some of my eggs as they only have the natural amount).

(Alec) #13

Carnivore has been working so well for me that I do not want to change much. I think that 2023 is going to be the year where I find out whether carnivore is the way to maintain for me. I think it is.

I am not far off goal weight/shape (probably got another 25lbs to lose), so it would be great to lose those final lbs. I know this may take some time… I am not fasting or forcing, just letting carnivore do its thing, which for me has been to effortlessly remove 65lbs of bodyfat over the last year.

Strength training is my focus this year, and of course I have some running goals: 24mins for 5k parkrun and sub-2hrs for a half marathon. Both challenging but doable if I can stay consistent with training and carnivore.


Thanks for starting the thread @Fangs

Someone died. A friend’s father. Not close, but still impactful. He was a father to many. The tributes are mountainous. He grew old, and maybe a bit cantankerous. Always railing against stupidity and over-seriousness in equal measure. He had a career as a doctor. In the end he developed a blood system cancer that destroyed his immune system and left him defenceless against his own biology. I feel sad for my friend and this loss.

I’m looking forward to finding that lifestyle groove again after the disruption of holidays. Seeking good sleep, good moves, good company, and good experiences. I enjoy writing, drawing and Nature. So, to make more room for more of those things I’ll readjust any time wasting activities like dealing with aches and pains. I want to return to the Ocean in a reverse evolution story, and rediscover surfing the energy waves of our planet. Holding oneself suspended underwater, sometimes in the tumult of broken water, grows a huge appreciation of the joy of breathing.

You’ll notice I haven’t mention eating or diet until this sentence. With hunger under control, I want food to be in the background, a silent bodyguard keeping me healthy so I can live life.

Summer is calling me to the beach.

(Robin) #15

(Megan) #16

I think that’s flying off at a very nice pace, I’m never sure if very rapid weight loss is a good thing. It seems ways of eating that produce the very fast weight loss often end up in that weight being regained. I’ve been reading your posts but my brain is mush right now. What exactly have you changed to produce the weight loss you’re wanting?

@Fangs re 15 lbs and @gingersmommy re 20 lbs, I understand women are “meant” to carry a bit of fat, so are you talking about fat in excess of that? Or are you using our cultures standards when you say you need to lose more fat?

For me, personally, I don’t mind the scale, and so far it’s being my friend (which may be why I don’t mind it lol). But I only weigh every 3-4 weeks. I know if I weighed frequently I’d get messed up by the normal fluctuations and bring unnecessary angst or unfounded happiness into my life, and who needs that.

2023 will be carrying on as usual for me. I know people on keto get to the point where they can accurately guess their carb intake, but for me the tracking got me way too obsessed and food focused, hence moving very quickly into carnivore. And as far as fat and protein ratios and amounts go, in all honesty I don’t care because so far I don’t need to care. How I eat is soooo freeing. All my life I’ve been food focused, to some degree or another. Now all I care about is making sure I have a decent amount of carnivore foods in my freezer and fridge. Then I just eat whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it and however much I feel like. It’s crazy (when I compare what I’m doing to “being on any kind of diet”) but it works for me.

Waiting for Wednesday so I can ring my doctor’s practice and make an appt and get referred to the surgical team. I really don’t want another surgery, and the fail rate of repairing an unsuccessful repair is high, but I also don’t want this thing to be bothering me as much as it is. The fact I’ve lost a good amount of weight might help the surgery to be a bit more successful but who knows.

I have a leg of lamb in the slow cooker and some ground beef in the fridge ready to make into patties, so I’m set for today. I’ve gone from not being a fan of mince to suddenly enjoying it. I have 9 more days to try to empty the freezer a fair bit more before Lulu’s 60kg of raw meat arrives so I’m having lots of big meat days at the moment. It’s a hard life but somebody has to live it! :grin:

(Linda ) #17

My portions are small but im not hungry infact I’ve not eaten til 3 pm some days and then I’ve kind of push my 2nd meal or im eating after dark Im still eating twice a day and still have 3 or 4 cups of fatty coffee a day and then sparkling water…
I’m following what Dr Cywes suggested and so far it’s working…

(Karen) #18

7.5lbs is great and coming off perfectly timed. Slow genrally means sustainable. Well done and thank you for the compliment, i felt comfortable as well as glam the whole night. X


@Shinita, your spiced wine sounds nice. I am not a fan of champagne either. But like you I don’t like a sweet drink either so I would not be having anything spiced up that was on that too sweet side also!

Girllllll, you do look so posh in that dress and very pretty pic.
nice long night for ya but sorry that flip switched on you but you are finding your limitations and seem to be doing better longer kinda?

@Azi, doing so well Azi and I am super happy ya found that sweet spot you needed!! You sound very well nourished on your intake and your fatty coffee is keeping your body fueled well so it seems you found your way :slight_smile: cool.

Love that pic of your hubby’s truck. That seems like a newer rig, very nice color too. I am a ‘truck person’ :slight_smile: being the farmer type I am I gravitate towards big vehicles with big power…lol…

wonderful to read your post and your great results. Just let carnivore do its’ thing…how right you are on that one! :100: This is now a whole new you coming into a shiney new year!

Ahhhh sending condolences FB! Yes our bodies are gonna betray all of us at some point for sure. Life marches over us at its pace and we do lose that control in the end totally. Sad times.

You are sure hitting your ZC Zen and I just love reading that. Your focus is off the ‘dieting change me must tackle food as an enemy to be beaten every single day, every meal’ and you are into ‘life focus’ now cause your body is so nourished. You got a big life to lead. Your ZC life will fuel it totally and then you can go up and beyond our darn ol’ ‘crazy azz dieting’ days. You seem there, very happy for you!!

Very happy to hear you can call and get a consult. Yea that kinda thing ‘needs a fixin’ or it is gonna just hang around and bother ya and can go into a worse scenario. I feel for ya. anything medical is just a noose we all have to tackle. handle this troublesome thing and hopefully you come out a new you and better you and a feel good you :slight_smile: Hope all goes well moving forward on it.

for me on the lbs. When I lost 70lbs on ‘restricted starve me lc’ I felt fab. Hit size 10. Where I used to be. I ‘felt the body’ and ‘was in tune’ ya know. So I kinda gear life on that in a way. So I lost like 55lbs now of that 70 I lost quite a few times after regaining and losing…omg lol…and now it is like I am in a 12-14 depending on what I buy but my tiny ol’ stupid brain still wants that 10-12 range. Where I just thought for this ol’ broad I was in a very trim and very much more happy ‘mirror place’ for myself. Yes this is a vanity thing truly but as I age, yea I don’t know if I can get the 15 more off, and if I do…does it ‘really’ matter and key being I swear if I just keep eating zc and lose 5 lbs a year, hey in 3 years I hit what I want anyway LOL But I don’t want no stick thin and won’t ever be that cause older I get I do want some meat on my bones in case I do gotta fight an medical illness I kinda wanna have that backup to waste away a bit before getting too bad ya know, like a backup fighting force on me to not waste away…well, ya know this is just crazy me who thinks like this but I kinda wanna be ‘in the right place’ for just in case but darn I got many nice clothing items from my size 10 range I would like to wear. But funny thing is my kiddo says OMG Mom just go out and buy new nice stuff now and stop wanting to fit into vintage stuff…my stuff in my closet is vintage to her now HAHA
So this is a if it goes down it goes down.

See at this point I can’t ‘zc diet’ or monkey too much. I am always on a slippery slope. So if I ‘do too much’ and ‘tweak’ too much I get very off balance. I get very ‘dieting’ mode and that is not a place I should be…I fail on that. I love that zc just feeds me well, I thrive, I feel I eat exactly how I should every day, never gain on anything I do eat in my day ever so I ain’t rockin’ that boat so I think I will just wait a few years and see if the darn 15 melt off in its own time :slight_smile: Hey I think I worked a plan just for me now :wink:

I am like you in your statements that zc too me off the crazy dieting nightmare which isn’t sustainable for me mentally. zc is freeing and will, if we hold and wait and continue, to change us to the better! ZC was a miracle baby for me truly.

------------------------great sunny day finally at the beach…weeee…

maybe 4-5 miles on the beach. metal detecting. top finds. 16 cents.
alot of trash. I tell ya I cleaned the beach up nice yesterday from alot of buried beer cans and pull tabs. but in all that time out there I also sat in my chair and soaked up the rays and drank in the salt air. OMGosh the salt air and my sinus love each other. I am not clogged like at home inland. I feel lighter in the head truly. Oh yea coastal is gonna be my full on retirement, not a doubt on that.

So hubby drags me out to eat again. I wanted just burgers in the rv but he said nope, I want out and I said then I insist steakhouse. Price. shoot me but in the end. Kiddo wanted nothing. She is in not hungry type mode ‘cause snacking’ on the crap in the rv too much. ugh.

THE BEST 8 OZ FILET MIGNON I had in a long time. WOWZA. I said medium rare, rare, rare and it was cooked to exactly and I mean exacly where I wanted it…so rare but not blood raw and the flavor of this steak was stellar.

had a mushroom. yes I did. 1 mshroom and it was good HAHA

the filet came with mushroom cream sauce and it was delish but I gave the big ol’ nice mushrooms to hubby and ate 1 and used a bit of the cream sauce. I was in heaven truly per bite.

but get this and eating out is just crazy in my brain for a zc’er alot of times. been thru this alot.

drinks…water for me. hubby got sweet tea.
bread first: got 2 warm delish cornbread muffins and 2 big whipped butter balls. I took the butter balls for later, yes I did. Hubby ate both cornbread muffins.
appetizer: smoked pork belly!! Bacon bourbon jam sauce ON SIDE. did not come that way. came on it, hubby loved it. almost sent it back but I thought, nah he likes it, leave it. I took one tiny taste and omg the sugar in it floored me. Hubby ate all of it and I ate none.
soup or salad. NONE (hubby got tomatoe basil soup) he loved it.
sides with meal: NONE (hubby got baked tater, subbed for mac n’ cheese with bacon for veggies they offered.

I ate my whole steak. Done deal. Hubby ate 1/2 steak. Bit of tater and none of the mac n cheese cause he was full from tomatoe soup and sugar laden pork belly and 2 cornbread muffins.

I wanted his steak truly but he A1 sauce’d that sucker and I hate A1.

he did ‘doggie bag’ it back to the rv and he might eat later, who knows.

All I know from my tiny brain is I paid $49. plus tax for a 8 oz filet mignon. I KNOW I can buy it SO much cheaper and cook myself :slight_smile: ugh but we had a good time and hubby enjoyed it but my wallet screamed but hey, I AM ON VACATION right? :sunny:

oh those whipped butter balls I got, I chunked it out and put on my meat as I ate it. both butter balls disappeared easily…omg so good :partying_face:

told hubby wallet needs break. burgers and pork loin in rv and ‘they can eat up the leftover’ pizza they got in fridge, the leftover food for hubby and some leftover ‘japanese’ crap kiddo got when we went out. But my food covered, they will scrounge, but it is a good scrounge for them I guess.

big sun today. out to metal detect in a bit.

zc strong all. early days in new year but we all got this!!


Me too! It’s rare for someone to lose fat quicker and I mostly heard that from heavy men (who was lucky too, some of them can’t lose fat quickly).

@Fangs: And it was semi-sweet wine, I can’t even imagine what sweet red wine may be like (I remember my nice sweet white ones, they tasted like honey). It’s just once in a year, I am not a big wine person, I wouldn’t drink it often even if I hadn’t this consumption before expiration problem. But the slight buzz was nice so maybe I will buy a bottle of cheap dry red wine in summer too…

IDK what is with me this year but I ate early again. I thought maybe a small meal will be enough for the first one but nope.

1pm: Scrambled eggs (2 eggs and a white, worked well. I often have leftover egg whites and now Alvaro can’t eat them as cheesy puffs as usual as he uses smoked pork hock for that role now), sponge cakes with dry sausage slices and tiny mustard, egg milk.

2pm: 250g chicken liver (no idea how to eat even less, it was just a few bites), a cute piece of pork chuck roast, egg milk.

I will track later, I don’t even know if I will eat more today but probably…? I ate very early.

Very gloomy weather, my energy and mood is very low. I need to do something with the former as I am very low energy even on sunny days. Still couldn’t bring myself to exercise and without my workouts my energy will drop even lower if that possible.
Hopefully carnivore and whatever else I do will help.