Carnivore New Challenge starting for new year....and


Nice to ‘see’ you - I’ve read plenty of your posts when I’ve been reading the archives. :grinning:

(Robin) #22

OOOOMG! Girl! You look fabulous. Love the photos! I wish I had before pics. But I ditched all proof! I was at 218 and now 158. Exactly 60 down. In 17 months. First 4o went fast, then the last 20 have been way slow… but that’s A-OK.

(Liz ) #23

Thank you! That’s lovely to hear :blush:

(Liz ) #24

Thank you! I got some nice body recomp with carnivore but no further movement on the scale. I’ve been as low as 158 (I’m about 5’7 1/2”) but now hover around 162. I prefer to be a little leaner but I wouldn’t consider it “the last five pounds”. I could stay here or lose 15 more, it’s all up in the air.

Your achievement is fantastic! Congratulations!! I hear you on no photographic evidence. I wish I had weighed myself at my heaviest, but I was too upset to know the truth. I assume I was 260 but I might have been bigger! Anyway, I was beautiful large and I’m lovely slender, I’m just so much more comfortable and that’s what I really care about.

(Robin) #25

MANY years ago, I got up to 250. I lost a lot of weight doing Atkins…down to 175. It lasted for a good long while but I eventually fell off then yo-you’d up and down for years. Stupid. But it is what it is. Keto has removed any cravings for me. It’s been 17 months and I’m just on cruise control now. THAT is a first for me. I’m probably the same height as you. And I’m 67. We are BOTH doing great. If we feel good emotionally and physically and we are strong… it’s all good. We got this!

(Sammy J Shuford) #26

Is this also a accountability thread?

(Robin) #27

In my mind, they are all accountability threads, if that’s how we roll. Every time I share, it’s part of my staying accountable and reinforcing my healthy habits.

(Marianne) #28

Count me in!!! I would like to lose ten more lbs., however, I seem to be holding steady where I am. I wasn’t sure how to do it but your idea about eating lean protein 2-3x/wk. makes sense to me. Unfortunately, I detest most seafood, although I could make some scampi and enjoy it. Would also enjoy scallops, but you have to take out a loan to buy them, so not doing that. Seems like eggs are a leaner option, too.

I’m excited!

(Marianne) #29


(Marianne) #30

Truth, girlll. What a deliverance.


Ain’t that the truth! My beloved snow crab legs are off my plate also. Price jumped so high :frowning:

Once thru these holidays and new year I am going after my few lbs, be it slowly tho :slight_smile: but darn I am getting them gone LOL and you will too!

(Marianne) #32

I saw there is an online place that ships King Crab legs. They are humongous, although they are (at least last year), $70/lb. with a three lb. minimum (!). :pleading_face: I think shipping is “free.” :laughing:


Girl — can ya give me a loan?

3 lbs minus the shell weight? I am still starving, so if I can get a loan from ya, get 3 orders shipped to me please :smirk:

pay ya back when I can :star_struck:

I was ALL over shipping crab to my house and believe me I was ‘shell shocked’ and I mean that in the SHELL dept of the darn thing I was trying to buy … heehee

(Doug) #34

For a splurge I got some king crab last May. The big ones, 9 to 12 pieces in 10 lbs, $23.50 per lb.

Now that same box of crab is $493.90. :astonished::neutral_face:

(And as usual, you’re paying for the shell, too…)


yea it is frightening on what only the 1% will be willing to purchase easily without thought and won’t ever be within income range for any of us anymore…we all see it coming and damn if it ain’t here :frowning:

The foothold is going down on it all…be interesting for all out there in the big global worlds’ futures!

(Edith) #36

I think I am going to join your New Year challenge. I have five to seven vanity pounds I would like to lose if possible.


Cool…and we got a year to do it :slight_smile: we aren’t rushing the DOWN trend as we bob and weave our ZC to fit us and get some slow good results.

Lean and Mean in 2022!

(Edith) #38

Hey @Fangs, are you considering chicken breast for this challenge or chicken thighs?


chicken breast definitely.

I ate so many thighs in like year 1 and 2 I can’t even touch another HA

I might opt for wings also if in the mood, but that mood kinda disappeared but skinless boneless chicken breast is a good ‘lean day food’ for me and I do well on it, 2 breasts do hold me good for a meal so I think that will definitely be in the mix.

(Bob M) #40

Roasts. Top round, bottom round, eye of round. Relatively lean, easy to cook and eat (low and slow is best, via sous vide or oven).

If you can stand turkey, turkey breast is on sale in the US. Best way is to sous vide it for a while. Brining can help too.

Ham is good, though the carbs can sometimes get higher. I eat ham a lot, as an “I’m still hungry after dinner” part of the dinner.

If you can do dairy, dare I say that non-fat yogurt is good?