Carnivore Muscle Experiment Goes...High Carb? Natural Bodybuilding

(Bob M) #61

In a non-pandemic years, they’re not that bad. But this year, they are impossible to find for a reasonable price. I can jury-rig things, like using my rim/tire combinations for Farmer’s walk. But I’ve been doing some still-legged deadlifts and need a bit more weight.

Mostly, I’m doing body weight exercises, but for some things, like legs, deadlifts, farmer’s walk, it’d be nice to use some weights. I did get a set from Amazon, but they aren’t heavy enough for a few exercises.

(Chris) #62

Used are usually more expensive now.

(Chris) #63

Have you tried york barbell?

(Chris) #64

Most if the carbs are timed around and during the workout, they usually ramp down around meal 5 to 7.

(Bob M) #65

Thanks for that. They have a few that are in stock. Most are not. They are reasonably priced, too.

(Chris) #66

Yeah it’s tough but their prices are reasonable. I love 2 hours away so I got to go there on my birthday this summer. Quite a place! They have a full service showroom and a team usa weightlifting museum. And a statue of ab guy doing a snatch on the roof! Really great staff too.

(Bob M) #67

It does look great, and I believe they used to advertise in some of the magazines I used to get (Muscle Builder, Muscle & Fitness, etc.; back when I was younger and a pseudo-body builder).

Unfortunately, I have narrow requirements (1 inch hole, thin plates), and they only have smaller weights in stock for that. But I’ve bookmarked them for later.

(Chris) #68

Bulking. Calories at about 4000. Macros are 180g protein, 500g carbs, 80g fats. Protein shows up higher in my tracking app due to the incomplete proteins in bread and oatmeal so it shows up at about 300 but I don’t count that really. The 180 comes from meat and whey/casein shakes.

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(Chris) #70

Update: 7 weeks dieting on less than 200g carbs, 180g protein, and about 50g fat. Planning to join up with the NPC and possibly compete October 2nd in Allentown, PA. The NPC Big Cat Classic, lmao.

(Chris) #71

Uh, and we might be putting the kabash on the “natural” part soon. I don’t have any interest in continuing this skeletal existence.

(Bob M) #72

For me, that was always a bridge too far to cross.

(Chris) #73

ABS!! IMG_20210508_082513_459


Wow, very impressive transformation!

Would you explain why you need carbs? What do they bring you?

When you were carnivore, did you have muscle cramps?


More muscle fuel, harder workouts, bigger muscle gains.