Carnivore Muscle Experiment Goes...High Carb? Natural Bodybuilding


Can’t “weight” to see that dude! My gym (unless I got scammed on Amazon) SHOULD be here in the next week or so. Grabbed one of these, from a couple home gym suppliers I checked it should cost a little over $3k! Got it for $500! Said “Used” but during check out also said new in box, I don’t know (think it’s probably a return or messed up packaging or something) but I’ll gamble at this point! Between that and my bands with bars that I’ve got I should be able to do some damage. I’m with ya though, I’m not “depressed” or anything, but my mood is taking a huge downswing and it’s being noticed at home. All I’m thinking is lost gains and seeing the scale creep up a little, not enough to matter but if it’s a trend in progress It’s only going to make me more insane to push that much harder!

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That looks great! I would love to spring for a setup like that, it’s got almost everything you’d need ever! Lol unfortunately I don’t have the indoor space is want to devote to it, my stuff has to be outside for now too. I’m going to try to make it close to 4 season, but not too sure how possible that will be or how much I can stand it lmao.

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:slightly_smiling_face: Ha! Well done, indeed.

This is a heck of a deal, ain’t it? :neutral_face: (Speaking of ‘lifting heavy’ - I better get my butt up out of this chair and do something.)

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Yep, better get on that!


Neither do I! The office (where my wife is working) is getting “cleaned”. Wait till I rip up the carpet and put in the rubber floor! She doesn’t like me now so I’m screwed either way. But I’ll have a gym!

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Soooo my power tower was JUST delivered, I’ll be assembling it tonight. Need to get some tarps, poles, and line for a rain cover but I’m 90% done when this thing goes up!

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The gym is still in pieces, getting the right materials has been a bitch and a half! At this point I just need some good tent stakes to get the canopy finished - my bench is still not shipped, and I was unable to cancel it (thanks Amazon-err, thanks HOARDERS OF ALL THE FUCKING EQUIPMENT YOU WON’T USE).

Anyway, I am still continuing to have ridiculously great workouts. Here’s some photos from pull day with all of my lifts.

Apr 15, 2020 - Back, Biceps & Shoulders

Bent-Over Dumbbell Row
Set1. 80 lb x 24 Reps
“40lb each hand, both at once”
Set2. 80 lb x 20 Reps
Set3. 80 lb x 13 Reps
Set4. 80 lb x 11 Reps
Set5. 80 lb x 14 Reps
Set6. 80 lb x 13 Reps

Set1. 10 Reps
Set2. 10 Reps
Set3. 10 Reps
Set4. 7 Reps
Set5. 6 Reps
Set6. 5 Reps
Set7. 5 Reps
Set8. 5 Reps
Set9. 6 Reps
Set10. 5 Reps

Dumbbell Curl
Set1. 22 lb x 30 Reps
Set2. 22 lb x 16 Reps
Set3. 22 lb x 12 Reps
Set4. 22 lb x 12 Reps
Set5. 22 lb x 12 Reps
Set6. 22 lb x 15 Reps

Banded shrug
Set1. 150 lb x 30 Reps
Set2. 150 lb x 16 Reps
Set3. 150 lb x 20 Reps
Set4. 150 lb x 18 Reps
Set5. 150 lb x 18 Reps
Set6. 150 lb x 18 Reps

Band Reverse Fly
Set1. 50 lb x 20 Reps
Set2. 50 lb x 20 Reps
Set3. 50 lb x 17 Reps

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400g of carbs.

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(Chris) #50

She holds up to the rain quite well! I am actually waiting on an ez up as a more permanent shelter but this tarp+PVC combo does not suck!

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So as a little diet update, yes. I am eating high carb. I am finally taking a week to determine what my actual baseline TDEE is, and I think I’ve got it, it’s about 3000 calories. As far as macros I am hitting 1g per pound of protein, 2g per pound of carbs, and filling in the rest with fat.

Food looks like isolate shakes, oatmeal, lean ground beef, white rice, peanut butter, and a gatorade intra workout (where has this been all my life, btw?)

So right now my protein hits about 180 to 190g, carbs just over 300g, and fats between 70g and 115g. I pretty much eat the same meals every day, because for me that’s the easiest way to guarantee adherence. Trying to configure new meals every day to fit the macros, though not overly complicated, is an added stress I don’t want - I know this statement is part of the reason many of us go keto in the first place, no matter how misled that decision might be.

It’s working. Very soon I will be adjusting fats up by 250 to 500 cals in order to mass.


Your plans working alright dude! Depending on how much of your protein is coming from the shakes since you’re not afraid of the fat might as well just save some money and buy either blends or concentrates. They’re cheaper, taste better, and you get some of the good dairy fats, especially if you buy grass fed stuff. has been having some ridiculous sales lately, I’ve probably got 5 tubs right now. I’m also playing with upping my good carbs some more than they are. I’m around 50-60g now most days, probably gonna bump it to 100g now that my gym came and I can lift again.

(Chris) #53

I tried the blends, they digest like a brick. I can’t do it! Isolate is where it is at for me, I’m just glad I figured it out. I do 2 shakes a day right now.

Costco sells ON very cheap, I’ve used dymatize isolate to, and I just bought a 200 serving bag 11lbs from myprotein which I’ll be opening tomorrow, I think. Taste is not a huge deal, I always go for chocolate and even if it’s bad you get used to it fast.

(Gordon) #54

Costco is where I’ve bought my weights and other installations too! I’ve started buying all of this stuff at home while being on quarantine, and was right by doing so as we haven’t had access to gym for a long period of time… It would have been hard for me to stop exercising after such great results. I even participated at a competition where I’ve used a fake urine to pass the test (I’m not proud of that fact, but I had no choice) from which really helped me out then. All in all, I am pro natural bodybuilding now!

(Chris) #55

The carbs are working better than carnivore. None of my issues have come back, either. Amazing.

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(Edith) #56

How many carbs a day now?

(Chris) #57

Depends on whether I’m bulking or cutting, or if I have a very physically intensive day but it can be from 60 to 80g all the way to 600g.

(Bob M) #58

Right now, I can’t find plates anywhere. Would like to get 4 10 pound plates. Nowhere to be found, unless you want to pay $30/each.

(Edith) #59

Do you time when you eat them, or is it just spread out amongst your meals?

I would say with the 60-80g, you are most likely still keto with all the working out.

(Edith) #60

Weights are expensive. You may want to try and find used ones.