Carnivore Chewy July - 31-day Challenge - 2023


Stupid wonderings with mentions of fruit as we have A TON now and I had enough of working with them… :sob: It’s all fine until it gets too much.
I lost my ability to abandon comments so I just put this warning here.

It’s true for all I am willing to do :slight_smile: And it’s not just hedonism. It won’t work if I stay hungry. That’s for my SO. But since he eat smaller breakfasts (only 1000 kcal, IDK how he manages the next 9-10 hours without more food) and makes sure to exercise enough, he keeps his 69kg weight. It’s a tad much for him (why most people’s bodies have no idea about distributing the useful tiny extra fat well?) but still pretty good.

Meanwhile I pathetically struggle. More like I forget about rules and just eat whatever and that’s not little… I try it AGAIN. A pound of meat and a few eggs FIRST. And the first meal should be a later lunch or dinner… It suits me, it’s easy and good when I do it, I just somehow mess it up lately. I have found myself hungry without meat to eat last night again. I had my leftover meat for second dinner but it wasn’t enough. Of course not, it was too tiny. My protein was probably quite high… Why I can’t seem to get satiated without a decent amount of meat? I did that zillion times during my life. I had zero meat on the vast majority of my days and it worked. But it’s fine, what isn’t fine is that I totally forget to cook enough meat or keep some in the freezer for some reason.

Oh well, today I cook up all the pork and it will be all well. If I keep myself from overdoing dairy, I do that too lately. Cheese is lovely is super easy to eat galore, it’s not like it satiates me well (or any? no idea. but it should a bit)… So I should avoid it.

I go for a very proper carni day, then take a birthday weekend let’s cook everything I want to cook break and I get back on Monday, hopefully the fruit seasons end already. It was so great not to find much fruit in half of the garden (zillion round fruits vs a garden with high elevation… they are just rolling and rolling and rolling… sometimes, at least, most don’t go too far, thankfully), I really had enough and I needed Alvaro’s help yesterday who skipped picking the other fruit (and I don’t go near the thorns)… It’s great we have a lot from something at least even in this bad year, Alvaro really needs fruit every day all year round so it’s very helpful and I have my fun with it - but I dislike the intense times. I am a bit happy we will have very few pears this year as I had enough, that is intense too (every year except this exceptionally bad one)…

I want chill. As always. Need to catch the saboteur inner self lurking in me I guess.

I wish. I am hungry way more often than I was on high-carb (even though I lost the sharp sudden hunger and that is something I greatly appreciate, the only benefit I got from keto)… Not like it’s fair as I ate a ton of fat there… :smiley: I know how to be very satiated all day on any diet: eating A TON especially protein and even more fat. I did that all my life and I probably have problems due to it now.
But if I do it right (MUCH meat. even if the slabs are tiny and the meat is lean so I need tricks and can’t just fry up the whole thing… I try to remember), it’s great. Satiating meat, getting rid of hunger-inducing carbs, it really works as long as I don’t overdo the non-satiating items and can avoid meat boredom, I still have times when I am hungry but don’t want meat. It’s not as bad as in the past but still, there is room to improve.

BUT not being hungry ever is way, way more. I need my hunger sometimes. My cute fat adapted one, at least until I am well-fasted, it gets more vicious later, still soft but near unbearable so I obviously never even try to bear it.

Now I am very satiated but can’t get off my mind from food… It’s worse than usual. I blame to fruit canning (I reorganized the jars on the cupboard tops, they always get mixed when there are too many to put them to the same place but now I can do that. I have found stuff from 2018) and my obsession with the topic since I went low-carb.

I hope Alvaro brings many eggs. I have 2 left and I fancy eggs today. And meat, sure but eggs too. With just a little bit of cheese, maybe…


Hi all! Its been a minute, eh?! No way to catch up on all the posts here- but scrolling through- it looks like you all have been ‘eatin’ good in da neighborhood!’:joy:

@Geezy56 … My girls are going full throttle too! I came home from work one afternoon last week, and lo and behold, there was a choir of chirping chicks running willy nilly all over the back of the coop! I got my daughter, as it took two of us to get all eleven of them together, and now they are happily growing in a pen with the baby turkeys.So those little babies will be added to the main group in the next month or two.
After the last batch hatched out of the incubator, I’ve really lost count of how many chickens there are.

Work has been busy with folks out sick, and out of town. Working waaayyyy more hours than the foot wants to. Just for kicks, I applied for a job with the county- (more of a desk job , but in line with my education and past work experience), and landed an interview last week. It last well over an hour. They are still interviewing candidates, so I won’t know anything until next week. But, given the parameters of the job, there is no way I would be able to hold down both jobs. It would take up the main time frame during the day 8a-5p, but, there wouldn’t be any evening shifts- getting home at 10pm, and no weekends.
Been working in the garden a decent amount. Tried out the electroculture thing, and woweeee! There’s something to it. NEVER grown cabbage, cauliflower and brussels sprouts up here before. Tried, but failed miserably. This cabbage is the size of a basketball. In one night, the broccoli doubled in size. I don’t eat veg very often if at all- but I am quite giddy watching it grow like this!! LOL! There are tomatoe plants and basil plants just exploding now, and the sweet potatoe vines are over a foot long. (There are some on the front porch in big pots- that aren’t nearly as large, but, they also don’t have the copper wiring either. Might cut some wire and pop it the pots to see what transpires.
The thunder and lightening storms have been magnificient as of late. Just geeked at all the amazing produce and animals around here!
We have a bull scheduled for the butcher mid-August, so, working to clean out the frezzers and process meat as much as possible. The dogs are enjoying ground venison with their kibble each day, which is what was intended. I’d really like to get them off kibble all together, but the one doggie has tummy issues and the meat has been a little too rich all on its own. I’m gradually decreasing the amount of kibble and increasing the venison to see if she can be weaned off the kibble slowly. Its funny to see how much longer they go now in between eating.- somedays, they’re OMAD. I watch and wait, and think to myself…carnivore works for them too! LOL!

Eats have been more beef and chicken and a bit of cheese here and there. Been selling eggs bc we have so many, but I eat them a couple times a week - plus the hardboiled eggs that get chopped and added to tuna.

Going to do a few quick chores- mop the floor, fold some laundry, and then get ready for work. 4th day in a row on this bum foot - it is very unhappy. But, it is what it is. I’ll get out at a more decent hour anyway.

And, can I just say how very glad I am to not eat cereal anymore! It’s $6.79 for a regular sized box of that garbage! And, what kills me- is PEOPLE ACTUALLY PAY THAT AMOUNT for the garbage!!! Sugar and flour held together with questionable seed oils and food coloring- and some other little nuggets of sugary crap. For that price, one could buy at least a pound of ground beef, a pack of chicken or fish…or several tins of sardines, mackeral or tuna.
Goodness. So thankful for the carnivore WOE!


Never even heard about it… I will look it up later. Not like I am very interested, my tiny veggie patch has flowers and a few vegs, it’s enough for me :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s so good to see how our plants grow and improve!
This soil can’t do wonders (only fruits and decorative plants/trees love it to bits, not the veggies), not even with all the help I give it but I am elated when it does anything at all. I learned which useful vegs I can grow. If I can just buy them for cheap (well… as cheap as vegs can be. I consider most of them expensive but I am biased. quite a few really are though) or if they are too much work or space, I don’t bother.

WHAT. I can buy so much meat with that money!!!
Now you made me curious about its price here. As I never considered it food (how anyone can? I don’t get it. and I do love crunchy. but being crunchy alone isn’t enough*), I never followed the price. I know even the price of sugar and sunflower oil better as I get curious here and there and compare things.
I looked it up, the cheapest ones are half as much but it’s not informative without the weight. I don’t even have the vaguest idea what weight the average kind has here or elsewhere… Oh, the bio or hellokitty one has double price, some triple… But we have supermarket brand bags in various sizes, those are cheaper.
But even they costs as much as a small lovely package of deer… People are weird, I always say :smiley: And we are all different, yep. And not even everyone has a mental capacity or right attitude to think about these things. Oh it’s colorful and quick food, let’s buy it. Or IDK. I will try to look up how many people here eat stupid things like cereal for breakfast. (Sometimes I pretty much intolerant. I just can’t to be open minded with this thing.)

*There are those little crunchy pillows with vanilla filling. I actually ate those a few times, they came in small bags. As these things arrived here late and I was slow at noticing them, I (especially my body) already chosen low-carb when it happened so it was just a few off days, knowing they aren’t good but well, tasty and crunchy and I can handle them occasionally. The non-filled ones never hold my interest. Especially if they were colored. Maybe that’s for not properly raised kids (my intolerance again…). I do love colors but not that way…

Not even not tempting but the cheapest stuff together! And the result isn’t even cheap… I get it, people seem to love it so they pay the price, of course the sellers keep the price up… Still.
but there are so many such items. Like those overpriced tiny chocolate (well often just cocoa covered sugary something) bars. I would rather buy a banana, cheaper and better. But making my own dessert is above both, by far, of course… I need my nutrients anyway, I merely eat some of it as dessert. Not some crap on top, that is wrong on many levels.
Of course I wasn’t nearly this smart as a kid… Though it seems I never was as bad as some adults. At some point one is supposed to think. Even with the hardships regarding getting good info about how we should eat, we can guess a few things and know at least about the absolute worst technically edible items…

1-1.5 kg of pork here… If it’s a really good sale, 3-4 kg chicken (with bone but still)… Maybe 30 eggs? But if one wants carbs, 3kg split peas and that has protein and satiation effect (at least with some nice animal protein on top, I never tried in any other way)… And 3kg legumes make a HUGE pot of food. 12 kg or more?

But people doesn’t work that way, I know. They even pay big money for coffee… Oh, worse, WATER. Too fancy water. I understand not everyone have access to good tap water or they want bubbles. But there are levels.

I had a decent carni lunch, guesstimation says 166g protein, 120g fat, I had 580g pork, some eggs and not nearly as much dairy as yesterday…
I just kept eating as I was so, so hungry. I still am but this should be enough and I run out of meat long ago anyway (only sausage remained so I ate some of that. and eggs).

I blame the carbs in my immediate past as usual. But usually OMAD and a bunch of nice meat helps. Not today.

It was quite lovely! :smiley: It turned out smoked pork hock skin is very potent, I used twice as much pork and it was still too powerful. Next time I will double the pork!
I ate it with the lean mince (only half of the whole thing in the photo). I used butter but the taste doesn’t show it so I won’t do it again (as long as I have lard at hand).

This thing underneath gets worn down so quickly… But it hadn’t the pattern I wanted anyway. It should have meat - or some green to help with colors. Or flowers, maybe but subtly.

I had much more coffee jellied fluff (my milky coffee often has that very pale color too ;)), of course I ate that up too. It still was a small portion, I only used 2 whites and 1 yolk and this time milk and butter. Ideally it’s cream but I rarely have that but I always have milk nowadays. I wish to lose it soon, actually but milk is totally irresistible to me now. I will try to resist next week.

I miss meat now and how crazy is that after eating 580g meat, yesterday I had over a pound too… It is highly unusual. I experienced various things but never that as far as I can remember. Even carbs don’t do that to me, not on the day when eaten and not the next day. Maybe milk doesn’t do good to me, I will try to moderate myself in the shops, that is only a few minutes a week, shouldn’t be hard. But quitting coffee is virtually essential if I want to moderate milk. I will hid my coffee again. Not like it helped before…

So yay, a carni OMAD day, probably. Not counting the tiny milky coffees before. Even with the milk, my carbs weren’t high. It’s one of my best days in July. And no overeating at all just high protein but what’s new? :smiley: I so love this leaner pork. It wasn’t too lean the way I made it.
A few more days and it loses its price cap, I am excited to see the new price! I guess it will be at normal pork price like pork chuck or loin. So I won’t be resist to buy the way cheaper pork shoulder… OMAD will be more important than before… And as pork shoulder gives me enough lard (or almost?), I will stop eating the lovely 70/30 “scrap meat” (I will do it here and there, it’s good :wink: and variety is important), the other cheap and nice fatty item I like.

And now I browse the ad papers of the 2 supermarkets we will visit soon. I really need some variety, I barely had anything left. But I really don’t want most of my old beloved processed meat items… I better make my own. But I don’t even have some organ meat now.

But I have found some mystery meat in the freezer! I think I didn’t write that yet. I must have put it into it not so long ago so I am supposed to remember what that was. I don’t. It seems leanish and obviously pork. Whatever it is, I fry it up tomorrow!

(Karen) #164

Up usual time , no stair runs but managed to get in a bit of reading wth a coffee in the garden… ever noticed i am a girl of habit lol … my daughter picked me up a 8.45 on the dot, bless her and drove me to the door of the Treatment Centre at the Hospital so i was there nice and early for my MRI scan. The staff were super lovely and complimented me on how still i was throughout the scan … i commented that my fitbit is always mistaking my laying still to being asleep lol i was in and out within 25mins. Hopefully nothing sinister is found.

After the scan i went up to visit Raymond who had been moved to the surgeries ward only to be told they had changed their minds about the procedure he was to have and wanted him to spend 2 to 3 months at home first and then if the issue continued he would attend outpatients! He wasn’t impressed.

I managed to chalk up about 12 flights of stairs while at the hospital! All was not lost :laughing:
Raymonds lunch arrived so i made a move and got the tram to Beeston. Did a bit of charity shopping and other bits and decided as it was warm and dry to walk home. Ended up walking nearly 5 miles today altogether so not worried that i didn’t make it to CrossFit this morning. It looked a great, my kind of, workout as well :roll_eyes:

I was pretty hungry so stopped at Iidl on way passed and picked up some cooked plain chicken breast and nibbled some as i walked the last leg of my journey home.

I checked the post box and low and behold the formal response to my complaint to Civil Service Pensions was waiting for me!

They have upheld my complaint/appeal and had included the pension quote. They agreed that both parties were wrong and offered gratia from both! CSP had wrongly interpreted the regulations and when i let them know how i want the pension they will back date it to last september. I can’t believe it’s suddenly nearly over after all this time! The gratia isn’t a fortune but it was never really about compensation, i just wanted what i had paid in and i reckon if i was money oriented i could hold out and get more but i now just want it over and done with. I have been so tired dealing with it and just don’t want the prolonged head pains… hopefully they will ease off a bit without the stress of it all and actually that is what the gratia from both parties is for.

Dinner was the leftover chicken wings that i hadn’t cooked up yesterday followed just now by a small packet of anchovies… they were reduced in Lidl and they were lovely. Bed now yay. What a day!

(JJ) #165

Thanks for another good month.
I have now done 2x months ZC and am switching on back to a more keto WOE, but still probably heavily ZC influenced.
I feel okay, but hit the nausea /tachy point with solely ZC that I hit a few years ago when I tried it strictly. Not feeling outstanding, so will switch it up a bit.


Jules, is ‘tachy’, tachycardia?
I had the surgery stitches out yesterday. The nurse commented, “You heal up fast.”

(Karen) #167

Briiliant news … of course you are what you eat … no wonder you healed fast! X

(Karen) #168

So up a little later after a wakeful night… when i say wakeful, it usually means more wakeful than normal :wink:

Pottered, hanging clothes, waterng plants then out reading with a coffee. Started to get ready for the afternoon tea dance in Lichfield and had a pretty easy drive there… bit slower en route back home. Great afternoon albeit i went alone, still danced non stop as there were 2 available men spare lol. Great music and company at that venue.

Before going i had a small bowl of leftover chicken that i was nibbling on walking home yesterday, added some mayo as it was the really cheap brand and was a bit dry. I have to add not all the cheapest brands are dry but that one was. When i got home i had 4 slices of cheese, 2 on top of 2 pork burgers, very nice.

feeling relaxed now.

(Judy Thompson) #169

Lord, it’s Friday again already!
Our schedule was cut this week and for the rest of the summer so now only the steakhouse, 2 hrs performing on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s a relief to me. I got mechanical pegs on the violin this week and I’m so excited! Easy tuning from here on out. The climate, humidity and heat, switching from outdoors to air conditioning, have really done a number on me!

A good ZC week, sous vided a chicken early in the week that lasted us 2 days, then a day on burgers and today the 3 day chuck roast was done. Thought that would go 2 days but now not so sure. If not I can throw on some eggs or shrimp to accompany it tomorrow. ZC is so easy!
For me the key is to never waver. My fear :scream: is that one bite and I’m down the rabbit hole! Instead of “I used to love Mexican food” I just admit that I do love it. And so many veggies that I love with all my heart! But I don’t love them as much as I love this lack of inflammation and clarity of mind. I hope someday all the weight I want to lose will be gone - but I’m not ready to make big changes to my diet and risk blowing what I’ve accomplished this past 18 months.
The ice cream is wonderful. I put out toppings for hubby and make it all sans sweeteners. That works! Egg yolks have lutein for eye health so I’m planning to make ice cream 2-3x/week now.

By the way in looking up macular degeneration, I read that there is only one marker for MD - if one or both of your parents had it you are susceptible. My mom had it, as well as hubby’s mom. The lady I read about who reversed her MD through a carnivore diet went heavy on the egg yolks - 6 every morning! So I’ve vowed to get more yolks into our diet.

Here’s some food. Yesterday I had a burger patty and slices of cheese as well as chicken salad with eggs in it. As @SecondBreakfast once said, I covered all the Carnivore food groups! :rofl:

(Judy Thompson) #170

My phone froze up, had to start fresh.

Yesterday I took out the 24 hour yogurt. I use this for hubby’s morning smoothies but zero lactose means it doesn’t smell godawful to me… I still have that side effect from the covid I had 2 years ago.

This is the all-food-group meal from yesterday.

The ice cream. What a treat! Pint of cream, 6 egg yolks, a little vanilla. Stirred. In ice cream maker. We split it.

Wednesday we ate in San Antonio, I got these wings - that’s a side of mayo in lieu of the ranch or bleu cheese that comes with it. Restaurant food is never as good as home food but they were ok.

Seared the chicken after sous vide. This was Monday and again Tuesday.

Tuesday I covered this chuck roast in lava salt and smoked salt, popped it in a bag and fired up the sous vide at 130°. 72 hours later I took it out and this is what I got. Perfect and tender!

Have a great weekend all! Catch you on the flipside!


@JJFiddle, your food looks amazing especially the chuck roast and the ice cream! I will try that super creamy ice cream too (with one yolk as I can’t afford eating cream galore and I probably prefer my eggier stuff too. but it looks nothing like this. but part of it is that I don’t have an ice cream maker and never will).

My eating is chill and great, I feel so very well, perfectly satiated too but I am very far from carnivore now. Still low-carb, that’s pretty important but I didn’t try that, it just happens naturally.

Tomorrow is shopping day! A small bycicle ride (I am rusty, pretty much neglected cycling), 35 kms, I need some more leanish pork, chicker liver, some dry sausage and a little dairy. August must start carnivore and I plan to stay very close all month. July had no chance but August is another matter. So I need supplies. But I need pork anyway. How much I changed in the last few years… And I hope I will change much more this year.

See ya all next month!

(Judy Thompson) #172

Enjoy your bike trip @Shinita! Fun to pick up groceries on the bike, I used to do that.

(Judy Thompson) #173

I have another thought for August names - how about “No Angst Animal August?”
No angst is exactly what I experience on this woe!


Thanks, I did :smiley: Except here and there when the uphill ride in sunshine was a bit much for me… But I could do it, no problem. Got mentally tired though or IDK how to explain it… I am not used to cycling now but 35km isn’t much and there was plenty of nice scenery!

I filled my cooler bag with meat and dairy! :smiley: We have enough for weeks!
We bought 2kg chicken breast, about 3 kg pork green ham, some dry sausages, some grill sausages (a mix, there are beef ones too!), a tiny little turkey pâté (I really should learn how to make similar ones), quark, mascarpone, various cheeses (grated too, Alvaro doesn’t mind a very tiny starch in his fried fluffs and Grana Padano is hard so it doesn’t need added starch. they had a good price and it’s always nice to avoid grating cheese though I am pretty much used to it at this point…) and sour cream!

So I am very much ready for a quite carnivore-ish August! :slight_smile:

Oh and we have found some -50% sale for a cute lil package of salmon! It will be just a lil bit for us two but it will be a nice treat, we eat it today. I was fine with only 2 soft-boiled eggs after shopping (at 2pm). I didn’t even try to eat very low-carb but it happens :smiley: I am improving, it’s good. I know very well it’s important how I do my off days as no way I will just don’t go off for a long time… So it’s important those are decent.

(Karen) #175

Rotten wakeful night, up twice and back downstairs to mindless tv just to clear my jumbled head. Took 2
Herbal sleepers and ate 2 hard boiled eggs as i was starting to think maybe a bit of hunger was keeping me awake… anyway it did the trick and i eventually dozed off.

Up just before the alarm went off at 7.30 and 9nyo stair running, for all i hadn’t slept the stair running felt good and i just did 55 before coffee and reading in the sunshine. Then grabbed my shopping trolley and ran to CrossFit. Bit of a pain dragging it behind me while running but as it was empty of shopping it wasn’t too hard.

Great wod though i was in team of 4 with 1 lass who has only been coming a couple of months and 2 girls who were doing a drop in class… they belong to another box in some other part of the country. I had to slow my running right down to almost a walk which didn’t really do me any favours but everything was either in team or synchro pairs. I never mind newbies joining me but usually its maybe 1 or 2, having 3 meant i had to pair and go to the slowest person. Again it wasn’t really an issue and i still got a bit of a sweat on but wasn’t able yo comoletely go all out as i normally do. This isn’t a rant, we all have to start somewhere. Anyway they all thanked me for helping and encouraging them and maybe they did me a favour as i was quite tired from no sleep.

Well after a chat i walked back via the shops and of course a lottle trip to see what goodies The Company Shop were hiding! Picked up 4 small sirloins for a tenner, some M&S piri piri chicken wings, and a couple of other bits that i can’t remember right now. Had some other shopping to do at the chemist and Aldi’s and managed to get a couple of melamine salad bowls from the centre aisles that i will put a couple of holes in the bottom and use for the succulents, they are just the right size and will look nice on the slate.

Came home and ate 4 red leicester and jalopeno hot dogs that had defrosted from the freezer and i have just had a ribeye steak. It wasn’t as tasteful as 8 like but it was cheap hahahaha.

Going dancing to Tamworth this evening, picking up a friend of mine on the way… he can drink while i dance lol. He may get a bit bored as he isn’t really a dancer but he had the choice of coming or not coming so I am not going to worry about him. Long g9ne are those days!

Sorry forgot to take the ribeye pic :roll_eyes:

(Judy Thompson) #176

Home late last night as usual for a Friday, fried eggs and sausage (no pic) and to bed at 2. Only up once and right back to sleep, then Mimsy got me up at 7. This kind of day we both need a nap but luckily no Saturday students right now!
Hummingbird feeders we’re all empty this morning so after filling them I boiled 8 qts water, added 8 cups sugar, for the next few days of hummer food! I have never bought this much sugar in my life but made a commitment to keep up with these birds this year :laughing: Hanging plants all need daily watering in this heat. It’s a nice start to the day, when it’s only 74 degrees, then we drink our coffee and sort the problems of the world. Mimsy gets treats.

For lunch I fixed the rest of the roast with blue cheese and a lb of cold shrimp. Coffee later.

A girl called from Houston to hire us to play for her wedding which will be near here in October. Our side business from the restaurant work is coming right along. We like it because it’s always just our duo and is very simple to do. I talked to her and sent out her contract and tune lists.

I ordered a Kindle Scribe on Amazon Prime Day and it finally came yesterday. Fun to write on with the digital pen. I started a notebook and drew monthly calendars for the rest of 2023. I’m not into journaling but do like to keep records and notes. More like a factual diary when the mood strikes. Good to have all in one place and know where it is!
I hung onto the kindle copy of Dr Kiltz’s carnivore book which is borrowed, so I could transfer notes and highlights before sending it back (Kindle unlimited). The Scribe will keep those pages as pdfs so I don’t have to keep taking elaborate notes.

Tonight is the last night of the Stable Bar where we played for 6 months this past year. There will be a million people crammed into it. We’ll stay as long as hubby will allow. He doesn’t even want to go but I do. It’s a very tiny, very special meeting place that will soon be demolished. The manager is a 27 year old kid we’ve become close to (we gave him that cello cabinet.)
Lastnight we brought the instruments in and played, so tonight in the crowded room we probably won’t. All the owners and influential people will be there. We’ve done our bit :heart_eyes:


Dinner out at a rural town eatery. I had the beef short rib. Unfortunately it was dry.

Eating out is always a maze to find one’s way through.

Fried squid and pulled pork were extracted from surrounding salads and carbs. The chicken wings were slathered in a chef’s sauce that thankfully was not sweet. I wiped off as much as I could. Soda water was the drinks. The others had wine and beer. I’ll be driver again, then. It’s like they are almost expecting it.

On the drive home I got heart palpitations. Might’ve been the sauce? But I also had had some drugs.

Got home and made salty beef bone broth and started loading magnesium tablets. It only lasted an hour but it was not fun. Before dinner I had taken some tablets for a cough. They had antihistamines and pseudoephedrine in them. The pseudoephedrine could have kicked up a heart rate fuss.

Spent a few hours at the beach today getting some photographs. We are in the sunshine lull between winter low pressure systems and cold fronts.

Mrs. Bear went to start a breakfast fire and a parrot flew out of it when she opened the wood box door. It shook her up. Poor thing flew at an exit, but didn’t understand about glass. It died of head injuries. It was a hen bird that was likely looking for a nesting hollow in a tree and got into the chimney flue.

Breakfast was an old, left-over fillet steak I found in the fridge from a cook up the other night featuring lamb chops and supermarket steaks. Left over steak happens when you have dinner guests who eat salads and crackers with cheese. I added two eggs to the fridge find. Steak and eggs for breakfast is very satisfying.

For the first time in living memory we are out of eggs. It’s like finishing a book and not having another to read.

Here is another winter postcard.

Sounds good.


I just put this here now :slight_smile: My beautiful salmon (fried by Alvaro. salmon is so easy. I prefer it fresh and raw but no way I get that so we just fry it up quickly). Originally it had skin too but it got disconnected from the main part. No problem, I ate it first, all crunchy and lovely.

The sky was interesting yesterday:

@JJFiddle: I watch a hummingbird webcam, hummingbirds are so so cool…
Not as cool as say, vultures but… Almost? (I LOVE vultures. We don’t have them except when one just fly here occasionally. But someone shoot it down then. There was a wolf wandering in Europe with a tracker, people were excited to follow… But it entered Hungary and someone shot it. What’s wrong with people here!!! I mean, even more than European in general :frowning: I would be HONORED to see a vulture and others just kill it :sob:)

I go away before I write a wall of text again.

(Judy Thompson) #179

We have vultures and turkey buzzards here. The buzzards sit on top of light poles surveying for carrion. @Shinita you’d love all the creepy animals in Texas and the southwest US!
The little bar closed its doors lastnight. It was humming with activity from long before we got there at 10:30 and still going when we left at 1:15. We had our eggs and got to bed at 3, but the puppy woke me at 7 per our agreement that she waits until it’s light out. Took her out for a stroll and now enjoying a slice of cheddar.

@FrankoBear so sorry about these heart events! But glad you’re one step ahead and know how to keep them at bay. Life occasionally throws us a sauce… It’s unavoidable. Maybe karma?
Poor bird. Lovely photo. She misstepped into the glass but is now digitally immortalized.
(good reason I don’t wash my windows too much :rofl:)

(Geoffrey) #180

That’s definitely something to look out for. I haven’t given that sort of thing a thought but I will now.