Carnivore Chewy July - 31-day Challenge - 2023

(Judy Thompson) #141

Ok AND, she was 70! Years young! At least Mom was 89.


I quite like we have seasons… Variety! But I still would like better if summer would be a bit cooler… Winter is fine, I can’t ever even use my coat, not cold enough for that. (Sometimes we have -20C but it’s super rare and I don’t go out then. Normally it’s light frost or warmer, a jacket and a shirt is enough as I don’t stay put.)
And I am surprisingly okay with my less than normal sleep lately. And I am this chill because I am in a cool house most of the time. Or outside when it’s not too hot. I would suffer horribly if I had to live in a hot room for 2 weeks, I did it before, I was whining and almost dying all the time.

I like the cello cabinet :slight_smile: And the wall. I LOVE natural materials, wood, stone… Metal for accents.

I never experienced any brain changes when I drank (except in extreme cases but then I am not conscious. usually sleep. but it was in the beginning when I was inexperienced) but drinking is for relaxation and no responsibilities for me… So I wouldn’t mix it with work either.

(Karen) #143

Loving the shelf Judy i love anything a bit quirky … if i saw that in a shop i would probably buy it x

Yes hopefully Raymond out either tomorrow or wednesday. He has diverticulosis and it was pretty grim but they have dosed him up with medication to stem the flow of blood in his poo, which by all accounts was quite a massive amount and every 20mins or so. He was over the painful bit by the afternoon yesterday… prob drugs kicking in but it seems yo have affected his shakey leg again and so he isn’t too mobile. Nurses said they will help him walk about with the zimmer this afternoon to see if he can get moving again. It knocks him back when he has to remain in bed as he just loses his mobility altogether. No doubt he will bounce back … fortunately the dancing motivates him greatly and we have the weekender in Harrogate September!


Tucker Goodrich has an interesting story about how he cured his diverticulitis.

It was by avoiding inflammatory, industrial seed oils, and seed oil/margarine containing food products.

Now, anyone can try that, I think.

(Judy Thompson) #145

One would think. It’s amazing how much of what we have researched is unacceptable to so many people.


Part of my food today.

I ate between 16:30 and 18:50… A too huge eating window I suppose; I overate a bit. Oh well. I had my upper body workout anyway - not like it’s much, just 3 exercises and only one muscle group is big… Still, if I do my workout, I want to eat enough, to be safe :slight_smile: I need to do my best for muscle gain and eating is the easiest part of it by far…

I had no appetite or hunger today (except a tiny hunger towards the end of my eating window), I just felt some tiny weakness, it’s my “need to refuel” sign.
It doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy my food but definitely no as much as with appetite.

Guesstimation says 148g protein and 160g fat (over a pound of meat, all pork) but I pretty much cut off the fat from the pork and my scratchings got meat so I suppose the fat was a bit less. The carbs were high due to the dairy I ate today, it wasn’t little… It will be way lower tomorrow.

I didn’t eat all the fried pork on the photo but I had scratchings (as I fried all the cut off fatty parts, it was gloriously crunchy with a tiny meat as I like. I got plenty of lard! I needed it) and sausage, even a bit cheese. And milky coffees galore. With a bit of whipped cream… Not my simplest day.

It’s too hot in my room. Sigh. And I start to have enough of the fruits and their pressure canning every day. But it’s that time, it can’t be helped even if tomorrow is my birthday! We will do something in the weekend (I realized we still have 300g deer in the freezer… so it probably will be goulash, it’s just too tiny to make into some very proper meat dish*… and it’s July, it’s not like I can stick to carni for long), tomorrow I just eat leftovers and cook something simple for Alvaro. We almost run out of eggs but we have plenty of whites so I will make the usual cheesy fluff. Alvaro can’t get bored of it, great protein for him. There are so many whites that I can make my beloved jellied fluff too, the luxury version as I carefully left enough whipped cream for it.

*But if anyone have any idea to combine a tiny deer with much pork (and dairy and eggs, possibly)… Once we did it with beef and the pork pieces were disappointing (and it’s odd as I LOVE pork and it’s fattier but I like beef too and that’s some exotic luxury rare thing for me).

(Karen) #147

I got him eating butter instead of spreads (which he thought were healthy cos thats what the tv adds advocate) and he doesn’t fry anything so doesn’t use oils in that respect. He tends to just use his slow cooker or microwave and steams his veggies. Let’s put it this way … He aint no chef :joy: so not sre what has caused it. I did ask him to ask the doctor what he thought might be causing it, food wise, or drugs he’s taking perhaps? Idk!

(Karen) #148

Dnner last night became chicken livers pan fried with added chicken stock and water. Very nice. I have decided that i will eat this once a week… i have 4 more in freezer so will have to keep eyes out for more in Company Shop. The pack is 400g and i eat the lot…! It is very tasty! Anyway i think 400g per week of liver is plenty and i don’t want to do what i usually do and eat so much i get fed up of it.

T’was a bit hot when i took the pic lol! Not a bad meal for 50p !

This morning up at 7.30 and 50 flights stair running up and down before coffee and books in lounge as it was wet outside. Didn’t stop me running to CrossFit doing a great wod and then doing a brisk walk home via Long Eaton town centre.

Brunch about 12.30ish 1 beef burger with 1 salmon fillet.

4 chicken thighs for dinner. 2 left over and put in the fridge for tomorrow.

(Geoffrey) #149

This morning was just some eggs, hamburger and liver.
This evening we were invited out to dinner. There wasn’t much that I could eat except a filet minion. Our server asked me several times as though confused, “Are you sure all you want is the steak”? I finally asked if they had real butter and when she said yes I told her that I’d have a side dish of butter then. Poor young lady just didn’t know what to think of me.
I was hoping to melt the butter on the steak but it was so cold that it wasn’t possible so I just sliced a little off with each bite of steak and it was delicious. Since the filet has no fat the butter was the perfect complement.


I was a vegetarian who disliked and pretty much avoided salads and steamed veggies. Boring.
Simple food is okay, I usually eat like that just because it’s perfect that way… And I suppose some people enjoy steamed veggies… Still odd. It reminds me of cheap bufets as my family didn’t make such things, ever.

Yeah it’s too much, apparently so I usually try to eat this amount (or 500g if Alvaro isn’t interested. chicken liver comes in 500g packages here) only every second week but I could eat it more often. But I have other organ favs…

No, I don’t look up how RIDICULOUSLY cheap things there are (as I don’t know how much 50p is. but it’s very very little). It makes no sense economically. Chickens need feeding and whatnot, they can’t be raised for almost no costs! Liver is one thing but you often write about impossibly cheap chicken meat too… How do they do it? If it’s not money laundering or something… Maybe they have those items to lure people who buy the things bringing profit?
Chicken liver is cheap here too but not THAT cheap. Oh well I look it up. Yes it’s crazy.

:rofl: :+1:
This is something I can imagine myself doing… Good choice :wink:

Nothing interesting in the next part, just down to memory lane, mostly.

DARK day. Rainy, it’s one thing but it’s unusually dark. Not a pretty birthday but I will consider the weekend my birthday anyway… :slight_smile: I am 47 now. In 2.5 hours, actually, I was a polite baby, I was born on Sunday and started to come out in the (not early) morning. Mom worked on Saturday still. It was an interesting story with dangerous adventures. I was fine, Mom was fine, the medical staff was horrible. Not like anyone was near during my birth (thankfully… the doctor was usually drunk) so that part was fine. But it ended well when one of the better persons quickly took me out of the incubator (that is a dangerous place, I could have go blind, they said and I didn’t need it at all). And Mom’s yelling was vital too. But I stop, it’s actually a very very long and convoluted story with all kinds of horrible things :slight_smile: Why she went there I don’t know, they didn’t believe she was pregnant, they assured her that even if she is, it will be a stillborn and they didn’t even have a bed or sheets for her. And then they did nothing during the birth, thankfully (as there was another birth. I hope the kid survived the drunk doctor with heavy hands)… And then they couldn’t feed me or give me to drink it seems (Mom had no milk and I had standards) just let me getting lighter and weaker until Mom started to jell. I was 1700 or 1750g at that time.
It changed quickly, I was already chubby at 2 (no idea about 1) and it stayed with me all my life. This far.


I never heard about that (I don’t watch tv since decades and the radio usually has medicine ads. sometimes chicken ads, that’s better), not like it would matter, it definitely depends on what goes into the spread, right?

I just watched a video from one of my favs on YT, he makes really lovely food historical videos, great visuals, suitable music, nice warm voice and he can enjoy his food immensely :smiley:
He made a spread now though it was about old preservation techniques and that thing lasted for some decent time… Just weeks I guess but still. The spread had beef, butter, spices… Well it was cooked in cider but otherwise it was carnivore.
Spread is such a very varied group. And I barely ever use any. But maybe I should. I already felt something missing yesterday. I have no processed meat for variety now (except sausage but I am bored of it. still use it in need and it’s tasty but I am just not into it anymore. Alvaro eats more dry sausage than I do nowadays).

And I just had to look up things after he put the spread on toast… And one page said “toast is an essential food”. What. I didn’t get the memo, we never even had a toaster I think :smiley:

(Karen) #152

I have had to do the same thing so many times when the meat is too lean. Ilwhrn i am in restaurants i will usually ask for a ribeye or sirloin as they usually come with best fat. I do ask for butter otherwise. Mind you whrn my daughter and I take my son for his yearly trip away (He’s Autistic) my daughter will always source the restaurants as she has to eat a specific way for her PCOS and me for carnivre and Ben will eat whatever is put in front of him lol … he does order for himself but we have to alloe him to see the menu well in advance so he has plenty of time to decide … my daughter will download the menus for him to carry about with him through the day perusing the meals and making his decision :rofl:

Fortunately i have a great understanding patient daughter who wouldn’t dream of booking a restaurant where i couldn’t eat anything much. For my birthday she books the all you can rat wotld buffet restaurant and i can eat as much meat and fish as i want yay xxx


I ate early today. I had no hunger as far as I remember but once it was so gloomy and I was in the kitchen and could eat… (12:30) and then Alvaro had lunch so I had some food too (16:00). Both meals seemed pretty small but they probably was just right together as my energy need is so small and I want to lose fat.

I had leftover fried pork and scratchings, fried cheesy fluff (Alvaro managed to make 3 meals from 12 tiny muffins nowadays but now I ate 2… and fried the liquid part, whipped egg whites doesn’t stay all whipped for long but no problem, I just fry it), it was unusually well fried, lovely! Scrambled egg, cheese, jellied fluff and several tiny coffees with whipped cream or milk.

It wasn’t really simple but simple enough to track easily. Even if I am lazy now. I ate collagen peptids too, to help with protein as my meat was little and I realized all possible protein sources are just too fatty (if I don’t want to open another cottage cheese. I don’t). I couldn’t even PLAN a lean enough day so I just try to get away with below minimal protein…

I had a longer walk today, about 11km, throught the wildlife park, after rain. It wasn’t very great, HUGE mud and humid air but I needed to buy more green ham (almost 1kg. 1 kg is so stupid limit, it’s such a tiny piece! still helps me out for 2 days). And I got milk again. Hopefully it just gets better from now on as it’s hard to imagine me being more addicted to milk than I already am… I changed, now I strongly prefer milky coffees over creamy ones, it was the opposite not long ago. Another good reason to quit coffee (oh I won’t quit but at least limit it somehow? I already don’t drink too much but it should go lower).

Oh, great numbers, fat and protein both below 120g, it will be tricky to get away with it and my early eating window, the macros are one thing but I had little meat (only half a pound as I had that much left)… But maybe I will have luck (and determination, maybe. or I just eat some lean pork, that can’t mess with my day). I didn’t eat herring in the end as I promised pizza for Alvaro with it and now I want one for me too. As it has mustard sauce, it will be sour cream based for both of us. The sauce is already non-carni though not too bad (yolk, sugar free mustard… and then a tiny bit of sugar and whatnot. I just can’t buy proper tinned fish or if I can, it’s super expensive and very limited, I really will buy some mirelite hake next time it will be on sale. it often goes on sale and I can wait, it’s not one of my favs and it’s too expensive already… pork is so much better… but fish is different and Alvaro likes it) so I want to keep the crust full carnivore. So it probably will be an omelet. Or… I will have ground lean pork, I can try to mix some into it…? Anything pizza like is just too complicated to bother with it unless I fancy playing with food.

I looked up the Asian all-you-can-eat restaurant in a not too far away city… It still exists and people praise it. Good tasting food, polite staff (though most barely speak Hungarian but that’s no problem, last time we just grabbed interesting meats and vegs and said the name of a sauce and they fried it up quickly and immediately) and the cheapest seafood, they say. And they have a robot waiter now :smiley:
So we will come up with something to see nearby and eat there soon. If it’s true and there are octopus and crab and whatnot there, it will be so wonderful… :heart_eyes:
They have crocodile meat, a reviewer says. Probably in the menu and not in the all-you-can-eat part where one grabs stuff but still :smiley:
People have problems with the low quality of the desserts but I don’t care about that :smiley: (But if it’s the same place, we ate ZILLION tiny jellied coconut cubes back then, that was tasty… )

(Karen) #154

Up 7.30am and 50 stair runs before coffee in the garden in the sunshine with my books. Ran to CrossFit, weight lifting first then a short 9min gassy wod… managed to complete 4 rounds with literally no seconds to spare! Really enjoyed it. Coffee at the box and then a brisk walk home.

The wod doesn’t look much but the gtoh (ground to over head) i did as a snatch as we had option of that or clean and jerk and the wall walks are killers straight after the 200m runs and then straight back into snatch!

Ate brunch, the 2 leftover chicken thighs and then went outside to read some more. Sun was shining and nice and warm until the clouds came over and it was threatening rain so headed back indoors.

Dinners was a ribeye steak, very nice with 4 rashers of streaky smoked bacon… nice and crispy. Followed that with a dessert of tuna mayo… just a small can and just now had a beef burger because it needed eating… sat it on top of grated cheese. I don’t have a grill and don’t know how to use the oven grill :roll_eyes: may have to invest because i do love melted grilled cheese on top of burgers.

As you can see i nearly forgot to take a pic of brunch so also put the pic up of the ones i ate yesterday hahaha.

My oriental lilies are still blooming so i have put on another pic of them… they smell beautiful, the fragrance wafts up when i walk passed them.


So beautiful lilies… Now I have nothing particularly interesting flower wise… But it’s okay, I appreciate my tinier, less showy flowers as well.

I am still not hungry and the weather was wonderful after the rain, 20C! :smiley: So I aired the house and my room isn’t hot now.

I decided to change my attitude and try to eat as lean as possible for me. Without the “comfortably” word though as I am a hedonist even if not nearly a perfect one (that would be great) and I prefer fatty stuff, the two are often pretty close. This is just for an experiment, short term and we will see.
I really need lean protein sources. It’s annoying when I am really fine with lean stuff, I just can’t find such things at all. Everything is fatty. Tinned fish, chicken, eggs… But not quite everything, actually so I need to be careful and get enough lean supplies. I start to miss chicken liver at this point… We go to shopping by bicycle on Saturday and then the price caps come to an end… I wonder how much green ham will cost, now it’s one of the cheapest meats and it’s lean so it’s good for me. Without it the cheapest pork is shoulder and that triggers overeating fat unless I focus real well and I don’t even like it as much as green ham. I just tend to eat a ton of it for some reason. And it’s not bad at all just not one of my favs.
Of course, lean protein is just one side, isn’t enough. I need to avoid the unsatiating fatty items as much as possible. Especially dairy, they mess up my numbers and I am actually trying but it’s just way too easy to eat a ton of them.
Scratching is another thing, it’s lovely and I rarely can buy really fatty meat (the 70/30 one) as it produces enough lard to cook for weeks (it would be a way longer time without chicken liver as I just don’t need added fat for many things and the others usually require butter). And I can eat up the side effect scratchings pretty quickly. But some nice fried not too lean, not too fat meat is about as nice. Almost? More if I am hungry I suppose. Scratchings are the best snack. Or side dish for some leaner meat.


It’s borderline COLD outside! :smiley: Okay, maybe not now but at 10am it was way below 20C I think…

I slept for too long, it’s the first since weeks but I was super sleepy/tired/IDK at my normal waking time. What’s wrong with me? Or the weather affected me, it rarely does but sometimes happens. We probably had rain again at night but now there is a little sunshine, perfect weather for a walk and garden work. I should be outside before we the hot summer comes back.

I was so out of it and got hungry… I had a night meal too. I should learn I can’t eat some little thing when I am borderline hungry at the wrong time. But I had no ready to eat meat (and I won’t start to cook at night). I always should have meat but HOW if I can only buy these tiny slabs, I can’t store any of it, I eat it all up… I understand I can fry 2 slabs or still put away a little but my mind just doesn’t work that way, apparently. And sausage just isn’t good enough anymore, I need proper meat.

I will get as much meat as I can on Saturday, now I have 2 pounds of very lean pork. Not super lean, it does have a tiny little bit of visible fat so I cut off those pieces with a lot of lean meat nearby and fried it on some lard. After I ate sausage, cheese, milky coffees and 3 eggs. It didn’t really help but a few pieces of fried pork on top did the trick. So I will go for an early eating window, TMAD, again. With way more meat and protein than yesterday so I am hopeful it will work. Just fried pork for today - and the fish of course but I already ground up smoked pork hock skin and lean pork, half a boiled egg yolk (we have a serious lack of eggs, my boiled eggs happened only because I was so desperately hungry without meat to eat - but I started to miss my eggs anyway. it was a long time I had hard-boiled eggs and I enjoyed them so much despite it’s one of my least beloved egg dishes. it’s way better when still warm and that was the case now) and I will have meatballs tomorrow!

I am unsure about the weekend, I planned deer but Alvaro wants to make something with a package of chicken breast. I forgot what. It’s not curry so it probably won’t have a ton of vegs in it…
We probably will have both. But if Alvaro does something with the chicken, I want a carni deer dish. Using 300g deer. I still don’t have a good idea. It’s so tiny, it needs some additions but I don’t like mixing it with some more usual meat… :thinking:

The bird webcams got very few, the only really exciting is the barn owl. She laid 11 eggs, quite many for a barn owl but it happens… And the 3rd chick hatched today :slight_smile: Oh it will be fun, the barn owl chicks at certain age are incredibly ugly! While the adults are beautiful. The tiny babies are cotton fluffs with beaks but the oldest one already starts to have its barn owl chick face…

(Karen) #157

Up 7.30, 50 stair runs, coffee/books 8n the sunshine and drove to CrossFit early as i needed the car straight afterwards. Deliberately got there early so i could fit in a mile run prior to the class starting.

Class went over by nearly 10 mins … unusual … but i then had to dash to Beeston to my dental appt. Spent am hour there and then home and had brunch, a cheese omelette.
Popped to see Raymond this afternoon… first time using my bus pass yay! I am now back home waiting for my chicken wings to cook and i think they might be ready now :grinning: i am hungry and ready to eat.

(Geoffrey) #158

So far just three fried eggs and some venison ham. It’s been a while since I’ve eaten any fried eggs and I had forgotten how good they were.


I have this with so many food after a while :slight_smile: That’s one good reason for me not to eat cheese all the time :wink: It often happens with egg dishes.


Fried eggs are so very tasty. I had bacon and eggs for breakfast. 2 eggs.

Then I drove home from the city for 3 hours. So, I made a butter and egg omelette. 4 eggs. If you feel hungry you are allowed to eat on this plan.

I reckon the driving is stressful, which activates cortisol, which lifts blood glucose, which generates an insulin response, and that can result in a hungry feeling. It can be why people eat when they feel stressed. And if a person feels stressed all the time, they seek food and eat all the time.

One of the great freedoms of low carb eating, including carnivore, is freedom from hunger.