Carnivore Chewy July - 31-day Challenge - 2023

(Geoffrey) #181

Went to my brother in law’s 60th birthday party last night. Thank goodness the food was good ol’ Texas bbq. Lots of good fatty brisket smoked to perfection. I ate so much I actually put on two pounds, lol!

(Robin) #182

Lovely post, except the bird, but I do love being able to look at their gloriousness postmortem.
Glad you are still riding out the afib. You give me hope. And tips.


Alvaro is a wizard, he made some very delicious, juicy chicken breast. He used vegs as usual but it was just a minuscule amount of Asian veggie mix from a smallish jar so it was mostly meat :smiley: I knew some very flavorful sauce does good to chicken breast but the curried version was just a bit enjoyable, the chicken breast still retained its (not liked by me) texture, it just wasn’t dry or tasteless. But this thing? Lovely meat. Not nearly as good than pork, of course but different and very tender, quite nice for variety on a non-carnivore day.

I had pork and salmon too, it wouldn’t be good for me to eat much of chicken breast when we had a bit less than 1 kg in total… It’s not many portions even with eaten with carbs so Alvaro will finish it tomorrow. But I had to taste it and it was so, so good. And now we need to buy more Worcestershire sauce. We barely ever use it but then it’s awesome. And chicken needs extra flavor. Probably even the best chicken is better with spices and/or condiments. While pork is perfection alone, with some salt, having its own fat to help with flavor. I don’t remember bothering with spices when I fried beef either. And even turkey is fine alone as it’s a tasty bird. But chicken or rabbit (and it’s nice rabbit from the egg lady) needs something extra.

I apparently can’t stay away but I am short for me, at least.

(Geoffrey) #184

So far just a pork chop and three eggs.

(Karen) #185

Well i picked up my friend last night and took him to Tamworth to the dance. En route i could tell he was going to drive me mad … talk about a back seat driver!(He doesn’t have a car but does drive)
There weren’t too many good dancers to chopse from, maybe 3 at the most who were okay. Argggh, i have been too spoilt with Raymond and an ex boyfriend who was very good. Anyway i tried to enjoy what i could but friends of mine grabbed us when we walked on and said there were seats for us… beside the stage next to the speakers!!! My head was bursting and we left about 1045pm… then there was a major road closure and got diverted… well my friend then started to doubt my sat nav and started up his hoogle maps so i had double instructions and i told him in no uncertain terms to turn his phone off and get out of my head or i would stop the car and kick him out to walk home! I don’t think he realised just how much it was messing with my head even though i was really serious when i told him. Never again and i said i wouldn’t be driving him anywhere again! I don’t mince my words :wink: Finally got home about half 12 and after a couple of hard boiled eggs and 3 small slices of mild cheddar i went to bed.

Still a wakeful night… doesn’t matter how tired i am or what time i go to bed!

Up about 845am and sat outside with coffee and books. A bit blustery but felt good with the wind about my head. My daughter borrowed a doggo and went for a walk… i joined her when she got to my house en route and walked just under 8 miles with her… she did about 10.5m. Doggo, Barkley was so so good and wrll behaved. He had a super temperament. He probably slept well after we dropped him back at his owners house. He usually gets across to the park and home again! They have a toddler so don’t get chance to take Barkley on long walks.

Brunch was a small sirloin and 3 rashers of lamb macon which was okay. Steak was good.

Raymond was transferred to the City Hospital yesterday so i went over to spend an hour or 2 with him this afternoon. He has been told all being well he will be going home tomorrow. I returned home and cooked the piri piri chicken wings which i overdid and they were dry and quite hard to eat :roll_eyes: just had the little jar of mussels.

Forgot to mention this lovely Heron on our walk. He was huge tho my daughters photo doesn’t show him as big and doesn’t really do him justice. The canal isn’t very wide and He was balancing on a branch looking very majestic, felt like we could reach out and touch him! 20230730_195456


Oh poor you, it was bad to read about your negative experiences… But you told him! :smiley:

I love herons, I saw the last one a few days ago in the forest!

And the 5th barn owl chick hatched on the webcam I am watching, it’s so exciting! The new chick is so tiny compared to the oldest one and there are 6 eggs left… They soon won’t be below their mom a lot (poor female is struggling but heroically manages to keep 6 eggs and 5 chicks below herself quite often) and things will get more interesting!

(Geoffrey) #187

I’ve had the munchies real bad today. We’ve got six of our ten grandkids staying with us for a few days and while they are fun they eat “fun” food while they’re here. So we have what I consider non-food items in the house such as granola bars and fruits. I usually don’t snack much but in this case I’m having some sardines packed in water to help me.


It’s interesting multiple ones among you consider sardines some nice snack… I would go for some dry sausage myself, so much flavor and fat! I like some fishes but not sardines. But that makes life so interesting, we are all unique!

My mental state is a tad affected from all the fruit canning but the end is near!!!

And the weather is SUPERB. Even my room has a great temperature, not a high one! Yay!

And I do so stupid things like eating too late without ANY proper reason. I was so well and perfectly satiated but I was in the kitchen at night (very central room, can’t be avoided)… My food choices weren’t bad (my carni food is varied and tempting) but it still was a mistake and now I feel worse (I felt very very well physically in the last days, well the part where my food matters, I still was tired and stuff) and cure myself with coffee. I really try to quit tomorrow… I don’t even like it, at all (alone, at least. I use my worst coffees, they need to get used up and I hope it limits my intake. nope, I just add a bunch of stuff to it so it becomes nice as it’s not so bad just bad for black coffee).
Maybe I will experiment with egg milks to handle the emptiness left when I quit coffee… There was a Hungarian keto site in the past, the only one I knew about. some bloggers tried keto too but this one was a purely keto site with recipes only… Erm, not always, the creator had some odd ideas about what keto is but it was almost completely keto. I got some nice ideas from it. And that mentioned various options for egg milks, several savory ones too. I only liked one and that wasn’t carnivore, I used it as soup when I fancied stuff but didn’t want to bother making one or I wanted it in minutes.

(Geoffrey) #189

They were handy and helped with my craving. I must admit that sausage would have been nice but I don’t have any at the moment.


I love sardines. That and canned cod liver are my go-to for snacks. Canned cod liver tastes nothing like the cod liver oil of yore, fear not. It has a very mellow flavor that is hard to describe - maybe like cream?


I always have sausage, basic item! I don’t need it as much as before but it’s a handy item. Well, more than one as I need dry sausage, some softer sausage for scrambled eggs, there is a firmer but not dry special kind that I love, I eat it with mustard… And sometimes we buy fun grill sausages for variety. And there is the raw one that should be fried in bigger amounts and we just eat it all up but we rarely have that. Maybe it’s not clear but IDK how to make it clearer unless I bring photos… I may shot my 4 kinds of sausage soon. The last one is missing as nearly always but the grill sausage won’t last long either, probably.

That’s amazing… But it’s a tiny luxury item (even macro wise, so fatty) that lasts for a few seconds. Great but subtle. I think it reminds me of chicken brain most but better…? As it’s super tender, fatty and has little flavor but that is good. I can’t really describe it but I don’t even remember what exactly it is like. I have a tin for emergencies. When I need some more food, mostly fat but I am bored of everything else (or not but I fancy this one ;)).

Today had too much kitchen work but Alvaro wanted bread, I wanted other things (rich scrambled eggs are wonderful. I like this sausage) and it’s still a pressure canning day (we have a new fruit season, less intense, thankfully)… But it’s the last one for a short while. And never this intense again for a very long time, probably until next June or July.
I walked in the forest, the weather is perfect… I could live with such summers. I should enjoy it while it lasts as the hotness will come back. But not yet. I even slept in my own room! So much more comfy.

I plan some really simple days this week. Alvaro gets eggs in purgatory tomorrow, it’s one of the laziest ideas of mine :smiley: (The ultimate laziest is when I just give him some pork that I made for me in bigger amounts. I will do that too.) I try to resist as I start August stricter :slight_smile: Then we will see but I will really try to stay close.


I went full caveman on the drive to the city for work. Biltong can be presented already thinly carved and delicious. Or you can get the whole hunk of air dried beef, maybe 500g, and slice bits off. But if you are driving, and driving is physiological stressful (read @Karen18’s post), so it triggers cravings in the carb addicted people like me, it’s good to have something to ‘stress’ eat in the car. Ignoring the drooling Labrador the biltong is baton sized raw beef. I just ripped into it with my incisor teeth and fangs as needed. So satisfying. Felt my jaw muscles getting a good work out.

Speaking of @Fangs, we need someone to start the August thread, please. It’s another 31-day challenge for new carnivores, and an ongoing journal for longer termers in the groove.

I’ll be off air, maybe, for two days. So, I can’t start it. Even though it’s 11pm 31july23 here in the future. I’ll look for it when I get back.

(Geoffrey) #193

I’m fasting until this afternoon and then I’ll be feasting. I’ll be going to see my daughter who is cooking up a mess of ribs. I know they’ll be excellent because I taught her. :wink:
Well that and she’s an excellent cook. :grin:

(Karen) #194

Oh i would love a webcam but haven’t actually had any birds nest in my boxes yet… i will kee hoping, maybe next year. A few did a recce of the boxes this year but didn’t take up residence :pensive:

(Karen) #195

@FrankoBear i had my stres food when i arrived hime after that dreadful drive mit backseat driver lol… 2 hard boiled eggs and the sliced cheese !

@Geezy56 ribs sound great … i love beef short ribs with oodles of fat! Hope they were as good as expected.

Cancelled CrossFit this morning, just felt very tired even though fitbit said i had plenty hours sleep! I took life easy, sat in garden with coffee x 2 and books then had a nice bath and hair wash and off to the garage for my annual car service. Meant to take an hour, turned into 3.5 hours. However in that time i phoned Civil Service Pensions to clarify some points from the Resolution letter, they are sending said points in the post, had a gander at the new electric Smart cars and the new SUV smart and i hasten to add i am not planning on buying a new one just yet, i love my little car too much and it has plenty life left in it.

I was ready to eat by the time i arrived home at 3pm so cooked up a packet of fish pie mix… salmon, cod and smoked haddock, in butter and added some grated mild cheddar. Couldn’t really taste the cheese much as it was a bit overpowered by the fish. Nice though.

Had a bit of extra cheese and a little bit more just a while back. I have a small steak in the fridge for dinner but that last piece of cheese has taken away my hunger.

Spent the afternoon rooting out papers with information needed to fully complete the pension forms, including my divorce decree absolute … thankfully i keep everything and managed to find everything i needed, just need to speak to an accountant now for the bits i don’t really understand, it will only end up coming back to me and holding things up if i don’t get it correct. Feeling a lot happier about it all now.

(Geoffrey) #196

Sorry @Karen18 but they were pork short ribs but still very good.

I believe I ate 9 or 10 of them and I’m stuffed or maybe I should say satiated.

(Robin) #197

Cripes, that looks good.


August is here! I never ever made a thread on this forum and these ones need some good first comment (and I am not even a carnivore especially in summer though I never was this good yet, I am improving) so I surely won’t.

It’s a relief to come back to carni, really. Not a huge one as I seem to be able not to go wild now… Or eat stuff that isn’t good for me and I don’t even really want or enjoy it, that was stupid and bad for my pride.

I have a cute lil pork green ham slab. About 1200g. I fry up half of it, it should be a decent base for my hopefully only meal. OMAD would make things more chill, my days more comparable, experiments easier… But as always, no problem with TMAD as long as I get good macros and won’t be hungry for hours in my eating window. I had no such problems in the last days, I didn’t need to eat much to be perfectly satiated virtually all the time so I just hope it will continue.

The weather is perfect, 21 Celsius even at 10am on my terrace! :smiley: It would be a tad cool for summer but it will be way warmer later so it’s right to be cooler at some point. And we have breeze, sunshine and everything!

(Karen) #199

Well they look absolutely mouth watering. I thought i might pop over to morrisons later and pick up some lamb shoulder and some beef short ribs. Morrisons meat is really tasty.

(Judy Thompson) #200

@Karen18 so glad you’re getting so close to the end of the paperwork and meetings! Won’t it be nice to be truly retired from all that and not worrying! Your backseat driver sounds so irritating. I’m with you when you nearly kicked him out of the car!
@Geezy56 yes those ribs are gorgeous!! I love when they season things since I don’t… Such an unexpected treat!

Yesterday we did Monday shopping and breakfast out. This time I got 2 eggs and a hamburger patty. Much more satiating than the sausage.
Back home I prepped a brisket and a chuck roast and popped then all into a big sous vide bath till Thursday night. Saturday I’ll smoke the brisket a couple hours for the party Sunday. The roast is just for us, I’ll sear pieces of it.

We get together for our Enchanted Rock Orchestra lunch Sunday in San Antonio. I have always done deviled eggs but this time decided to get ambitious! Hubby suggested little buns and cole slaw. I found a tiny packet of pickles… There will be no jars of crap in my fridge!

Today, chicken still left from Sunday. There is Alfredo sauce I made a couple weeks ago that is still good. That will work.
Just 1 student today. Setting up craft room and studio. Practicing a little together… Still polishing new tunes and adding more. Hubby is writing music like crazy for the party on Sunday.