Carnivore Chewy July - 31-day Challenge - 2023


I have phases. And unusual days. Other people have the same timing for long periods. I had that on keto, I had 3MAD (IF 16/8) first and it became 2MAD (IF 19/5). But carnivore-ish is crazy, I have OMAD, 2MAD , 3MAD, 5MAD… I think the last one is rare now, I hope so, it’s not chill and very baffling as I always liked to eat big meals and could eat a ton after reaching some simple satiation…

(Karen) #82

Yesterday evening i ended up going out dancing on my own… getting so brave. Had a lovely evening and got home about 11pm. Up this morning to take my son Ben out to another Running Bus Rally with my daughter. It was a local event and we had a lovely day. We had a breakfast in the Heritage centre cafe. Sorry no pics … i had 2 fried eggs, 2 rashers bacon, 2 black pudding and 1 sausage which Ben ate half of after his sausage roll.

After sitting on buses for a couple of hours we went to the local village to Jaspers Cafe where we have eaten before and i had a 4 egg cheese and prawn omelette … forgot to take pic again. Very nice.

Dropped Ben off at his care home and Sian drove me home. I cooked up some chicken livers … panfried then added a chicken stock cube disolved in water which is why it looked like it is in gravy.

Also had a bit of cheddar.


Packed weekend of a trifecta of family dinners. In between each dinner were egg and bacon breakfasts (for balance). 2MAD standard. It’s only when I’m at a big family gathering that people comment on it being ‘weird’. It was a whole weekend of eating out at restaurants and cafes in the city.

I tried to navigate the meals as best I could. No alcohol. But there was a lot on offer as in-laws have normalised it as a daily practice. I get quizzical eyebrows and an offered bottle. At least they have learned not to just pour the drinks without asking.

I left the story unfinished about the wedding a few weeks ago. A similar situation with this celebratory weekend for a family significant birthday. Let’s call it Great Cake Expectations.

The thing about the restaurant dinners is that there is no control over cooking oils and sauces. Both meals out were at South East Asian style cuisine restaurants. One was Thai the other was a Fusion. I spent an evening fossicking through stir fry for tiny nuggets of beef, chicken, fish or pork. The alpha male (my older brother, and eldest brother-in-law) at each banquet having decided a set menu banquet would be easiest. They are both top of pile corporate types who instinctively make decisions for everyone with minimal or no consultation.

This morning I have pins and needles pains in my hands, brain fog, screeching tinnitus a gluggy sore throat and am teetering on the edge of a headache. I’m paying for those dinners despite the alpha males having magnanimously paid the restaurant bills. Maybe I have caught a cold?

I reflect on my extended family and wonder how they can eat and drink like this day after day. It looks like an unending battle. And they add alcohol hangovers on top, which they boast about at subsequent gatherings. Judgemental, I know. The headache made me say it.

This afternoon, after some work meetings in at the city office, I drive home to home in the country side and control of my own frypan and butter.

My 20 year old nephew is visiting for a month after a recent heartbreak. He is a surfer (like me). It’s mid-winter but we are down at the beaches a lot. The water is quite cold, about 19’C. The air temperature is crisp in the mid teens. Billie the Labrador loves the beach. I actually planned to get a black dog because we have local white sand beaches. It makes her easier to see. This postcard is from home in the country territory. Nephew is the surfer.

(Geoffrey) #84

Yes sir when the hens are happy.

(Geoffrey) #85

It wasn’t but a couple of months ago I was doing the same thing, out of ignorance of course. I just thought it was normal to feel like crap all the time. It’s all part of getting old isn’t it? Well I certainly know the truth now and wished I’d learned it twenty years ago.

(Geoffrey) #86

My first meal was just my standard eggs and meat. Nothing special.
My second meal I did things a little different.
I came across some cheese wraps at the store and thought I’d try them out.

These were the Parmesan cheese. They had cheddar also but I’ll try those another time. Picked up a rotisserie chicken while I was at the store also.
So these things are like tortillas except they’re all cheese so I used them as such.
I spread a little Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise on the wrap then loaded it up with some chicken and a dash of Himalayan pink salt. Folded over like a taco and it was pretty good.

I believe I’ll try some with some eggs tomorrow.
Then I decided to work on my Omega 3’s by sautéing some shrimp in butter.

Then following up with some smoked herring.

That was my first time eating herring but it won’t be my last. They were good.

(Robin) #87

Cheese wraps… great idea.
Have you ever made chaffles?


@Geezy56: Herring is okay. Not as wonderful as mackerel but nice. I never saw smoked herring here :frowning: I don’t complain about our seafood variety (and prices) without reason, it’s poor.
But we have smoked mackerel so it’s not too bad. That is one of the best things ever, extremely flavorful :slight_smile: Some things are tasty, yes but not a lot of flavor per tiny bites. But smoked mackerel is great at it so I don’t need very much to feel satisfied for a while.

Habits and possibly a different body that handles it well? If not, a different mind that assures them it is worth?
I lived a high-carb, high-everything (except meat) life for long and it didn’t feel particularly bad (until my body got introduced to low-carb and decided it’s way better and it wants it for life).
And I don’t get hangovers :slight_smile: Not like I often drank much but sometimes I did. I only had a hangover (without any headache. I have headache very, very often and it was way more often when I was younger but after I drank? never) after my first wild time when I drank all kind of booze on offer (and there was a lot. I am sure I had one of the most alcoholic Bloody Mary in existence, the host was generous)… If I just drink a lot of strong spirit, one type and not the most horrible quality, it’s fine. But I never went above 2.5dl so maybe that’s why. But why would anyone drink a whole bottle…? I knew such people but I still can’t get it.
Erm sorry I got carried away and it’s stupid, it’s just past, I drink drops of rum and 15ml of vodka, 2dl of beer at most and even these very occasionally… I blame keto, it started there. I NEVER could enjoy the low alcohol tolerance of ketosis as I hardly even feel anything due to my minuscule amounts (well sometimes I feel something tiny and it’s good as I couldn’t have that with those amounts before).

By the way, it seems I handle carbs much better than before I first tried out carnivore… No wonder, my rested-from-carbs body handles more. My old keto was too carby so it got overloaded way easier. One high-carb day still couldn’t do the trick but a longer carbier time, even without actual high-carb, always did. I am not happy I could test it as it involved bad decisions due to my circumstances being against me and it’s still inferior and not hedonistic… But now I know. Or suspect. N is low and I wish it to stay so.

Isn’t that the best… I quite enjoy I am the main cook. My nostalgic feelings and my garden are bad enough and Alvaro still manages to cook carby dishes I feel some desire towards, sometimes.
But I can practice moderation then. And resistance for a while. And fighting against compulsions if it’s not desire just “I know it’s super delicious due to the sausage and no way I skip that”. Stupid thing, my mind have these bugs.
The absolute worst is when he combines the rare ruminant meat with plants. I feel ready to say no to rabbits even if it’s rare on our table (still regular), it’s not a big deal. Ruminants are way tastier.
And I decided I want mutton for my birthday. Even if we won’t go shopping until then, I am bad with time and not sensitive to the actual date…

Oh, waves… It was quite a few years I went into some water… And I like that. If not this year, we really need to go to the sea in 2024. It’s not even so far away!!! But there are bigger Hungarian lakes too, pretty close. No big waves there but water…

Okay so I REALLY need to come back already. And I need strictness (actually, hedonism, doing what is good for me, no matter the angle) in general. I just look out of my head (I hope it’s an idiom in English too but if not, you still should understand) in this hotness, avoid my room and the outside word both. I do go for walks sometimes but they aren’t refreshing, it may be not too hot in the morning in VERY shadowed forest areas (just a normal temporal shadow won’t do, it’s too hot) but it’s humid since days! :frowning:
I always felt hot weather affecting my mind, quite seriously, how I ever did anything in summer, no idea. It helps to be in a cooler place physically but my mind knows it’s hot summer and gets reluctant to cooperate. I can do simpler things, sure but if I need to make a harder decision or find some solution for something complicated, I have no chance.
But I decided to fight and do what I can instead of admitting defeat. Even if it’s solving things I didn’t even in ideal weather… I used to like challenges.

I roasted the huge chicken leg (over 500g!!! before I cut off the… pope’s nose? :smiley: Never googled it before. Lol. We call it “bishop’s bite”. Ginger ate it. I can eat very many things but not that, ew) and the small piece of pork chuck and totally forgot about them. So they have spent the night in the oven… It’s fine, right? The kitchen (well the downstairs as there are no inner walls) is the coolest place in the house, by FAR… As it’s downstairs, have minimal direct sunlight and the A/C is there…
My upstairs, below-the roof, having big windows looking to southeast and southwest room, on the other hand, well that’s hot.

But I seem to complain only (and didn’t even mention mozzies! I go out to do some garden work in the almost okay temperature evenings and they come even stronger than at noon but I only go out for minutes at noon. still a nice, calmer time, evening. always loved evenings, I function best then) and I don’t even have photos (I think my meat needs more time in the oven, not pretty enough. I gave it 2 hours though… Oh well) so I go now (when I wrote this, my comment wasn’t this big yet). After I talked about the chicken skin that is CRUNCHY. And stuck to the bottom of the oven pan a bit. I cut it off from the chicken, put it back later but take them apart in the end so the skin got crunchy and the meat? IDK but I hope it isn’t dry but definitely has Tandoori Masala on it… It’s not good to put it on the skin as I won’t eat it together with the meat and the meat needs it way more.

Next time I want to try out some marinade… Chicken isn’t tasty like pork, it needs all the help it can get.

I try to quit coffee tomorrow. We will see.

My carni period probably won’t last long, Alvaro has ideas and there are fruits but I do my best to resist as much as it’s comfortable enough. Still, SOME days are loads better than no days. It’s not easy for me in July when my brain becomes a hot mush and I get a worse hedonist.
And we didn’t even go near a beach despite there was a plan… I don’t mind, I just curl up under my rock nowadays, I shouldn’t though.

(Karen) #89

So sorry to hear about your family get togethers. I am sure it is nice catching up but so stressful to have the important stuff, food lol, talen out of your hands. One day you are going to have to learn that it isn’t worth being ‘taken over’ and to put your foot down where your health/ food is concerned. I am sure if they realised how sick it made you feel they would maybe understand you ordering your own food. I must admit i am not a happy bunny in the company of drinkers.


I used to go to conventions, and all was well until after dinner, when they started to bar hop and get drunk. I learned to quietly disappear at the end of dinner. Being drunk may be fun, but being sober among drunk folk is definitely not.

(Karen) #91

Up at 7.30am after a wakeful night but as i had gone to bed fairly early i managed to get just under 9 hours sleep albeit only 28mins of deep sleep.

Strange dreams!
50 plus stair runs, coffee and books in garden and then a run to CrossFit (1.2m) wasn’t as keen on the workout today as i am not keen on bar work… i know i need to do the weight lifting but i get bored with it. Should have gone heavier with the wall balls in the wod as i scooted through the 7 min cap in 3m33s. Then after a coffee and catch up with the peeps i walked home. I had decided to walk home before leaving the house. Walking is good for fat burn even if i don’t really need to burn any and also uses different muscles to running. It just makes a change.

Brunch was the remainder of the roasted cooked chicken from The Company Shop and i decided to pan fry it in butter and add grated mild cheddar. It was tasty.
I boiled up the carcass a day or 2 ago and now have a cuppa of that stock in front of me and it is very nice. Nothing added but water

Been getting a number of burning branding type pains in my head again the last few days… no idea why as i seemed to go a good week or so without any before this. Annoying.

Ohh finished the cup of stock and think i need another , it was so tasty … sometimes i have to add a bit of salt bit this doesn’t need anything! Maybe i added just the right amount of water and kept it on simmer for just the right time! :grinning:

Dinner a bit of cheddar and buffalo chicken wings

Got 2 beef burgers to eat but thinking they may last in the fridge till tomorrow, they’re sealed in a pack.


I know it’s small but something to me… I had a carni day! Fully (if we don’t count a carbier condiment, just a tiny bit! too good with cheese and I had appetite problems and I was very hungry…) as I decided the stew (no lovely chicken hearts in it anymore just liver pieces) isn’t fresh enough, it didn’t smell spoiled, per se but it smelled like dishwasher rag. So I gave it to the cats.
I even picked blackberries and no accidental nibbling! :smiley: Just screaming when the evil plant stabbed me but I cut off parts from it too and that’s more dangerous… I sooo appreciate my many thornless plants after I fight with one of my way too many thorny ones. Even if they grow quickly, unnecessarily and kidnap the leanders (as the grapes do on the terrace. but they climb the highest trees and tries to go into the house as well. still, NO THORNS).

I had 2 meals (this far? it’s almost 9pm so hopefully I am finished but I can never know), no tracking yet, the mentioned hunger with appetite problems. I ate first at 2pm.
Roasted chicken leg, pork chuck roast, several sponge cakes, several milky coffees, some quark with sour cream and jellied fluff. It’s good I had variety as I got bored of pork chuck (! my fav!) in no time. Considering I had no appetite all day, it went too quickly. Oh well.
WHY these things can’t happen at the same time (appetite and hunger), I have no idea.
I did enjoy my pork until I could eat it as it’s lovely and fatty. I have left more than enough for tomorrow, hopefully my appetite will be cooperative, I will have a great and simple meal then).

But I am done with roasted chicken, I will make something else next time, with marinade or sauce or whatever but flavors should go everywhere.

(Judy Thompson) #93

I just finished reading up since my last post, didn’t take as long as usual and great to be home in our little gang. I’m always thinking of this forum even when I can’t make it in here.
@Geezy56 you must have gotten those cheese wraps at HEB. I had forgotten those, it’s been a long time but when I was first carni in early 2022 I bought them every week (I liked them with chicken salad). We’re in Fredericksburg. HEB is THE grocery, lol.
I’ll write more tomorrow. I’m teaching this evening online and have to get back to the grindstone!

(Geoffrey) #94

I’ve never heard of chaffles before so I looked it up and they sound great but I don’t have a waffle iron.

(Geoffrey) #95

Well howdy neighbor. We’re only 189 miles apart but heck, that’s just a Sunday drive for us Texans. Lol!

I’m actually from San Antonio so I’m familiar with Fredericksburg. I’m up here about 30 miles west of Ft. Worth now in the town of Weatherford.

As for the cheese wraps, no ma’am, while I do shop the great H‑E‑B I actually found these at Wally World.

It’s nice to meet you @JJFiddle.


NOT a hot sunny day. It would be wonderful if I could sleep well but first Alvaro wakes me up (as I sleep in the area where the kitchen is when it’s too hot in my own room), then the little doggie interferes with its incessant high-pitched barking… I am a zombie now.

I tracked, oh it seemed little meat but it was well over a pound yesterday too… And I overate protein and calories a bit, I mostly blame the unusually much cheese and my protein always shoot up when I have chicken. But it wasn’t a bad day eating wise, it’s unfortunate I had appetite problems though and I couldn’t get satiated at dinner, I just stopped when my appetite went to the negative and eventually my hunger passed. Note for self, don’t combine not satiating items like chicken and most (all?) dairy.

I trust today will be better. I will have leftovers from yesterday. And waaaaay less cheese and no milk.

Alvaro is still at home, asking me when to cook his carby dish (not today… but I can practice not eating it so I don’t care, actually… tomorrow may bring rain and he will use open fire again, it’s a very common dish for that), talking about all the fruits he ate… It’s good I am not so easy to trigger especially now. Carbs are the last things I want now. Except my inevitable animal carbs, he ate 3 sunny side ups for lunch and they seemed so inviting… But I will be careful with the dairy part of my carbs.

(Karen) #97

Up at 7.30am did 30 plus stair runs … kept needing the loo and time was moving on. To start it was hard breaking through the stiffness in my leg from yesterday back squats and wall balls but after a couple of tracks amd maybe just in to the 3rd they eased off. Coffee and books out in the garden and i noticed the oriental lilies i picked up from poundshop last year had bloomed open and looked beautiful. They didn’t flower last year so chuffed to bits to see them looking and smelling so lovely. All the rain and sunshine we are getting at the moment.

Ran to crossFit did a great workout and coffee and chat afterwards before running home again. The run felt great today, felt really good and much better than yesterday. Went heavier on the weights in the wod using 2 x 13.5kg db’s instead of the usual 7.5/10’s. Yesterdays meh workout just made me think mote about increasing weights. Haven’t used 12.5kg’s since pre covid so although it was heavy and hard it was well worth it and i will endeavour to keep using them… unless it is the long chipper. It was a 16min wod today. Did much better in the gymnastic part too, pull ups were much better. … the holding rig at the top of movement on the 2nd emom was gruelling though my little arms were shaking like a gudd’un.

I have just eaten a late brunch … i cooked 2 big beef burgers only managed 1 and 3 rashers of streaky smoked bacon and 2 large fried eggs. Very tasty. I will eat the last burger later.

I have a small sirloin steak defrosted in fridge for later and also decided, last minute this morning, to get out some more chicken wings as i thought the steak wouldn’t probably be enough to satisfy! :wink:


Good morning all!
Lovely looking eats, everyone! Been keeping things simple here…fresh eggs, burgers, and a little chicken.
While I am sad that the GF grill presses all the fat out of the meat, I do enjoy gathering up all the fat from the pan below and using it to cook my eggs, (and fry whatever else needs frying). Not gonna waste that fat.
We’ve been busy here. Hay season now, so gathering up the round bales from the farm and hauling them up for storage. Poured concrete and leveled it this past Saturday- so the patio area is nice and smooth. There was enough left so, hubby did a slab for the driveway. He likes it so much, he decided to do a couple more slabs this coming Saturday. Then, next up is constructing the Gazebo on the patio. He also ran the electrical and plumbling, incase he should put in a hot tub next year.
Work schedule is a bit wonky this week. But, hoping to change that. I have a job interview on Friday for a clerk position at the courthouse. That would mean being off my feet more, and have some normal working hours. So, praying that all works out.
In the meantime, gotta deal with the wacky work hours. Garden is coming along nicely. Onions are doing well, Basil is coming up quick. Parsley popped through is and is growing. Cabbages are getting large, as well as the cauliflower. Have not seen any brussels sprouts yet, but the plants are HUGE. Broccoli is coming along as well. Beets and carrots for hubby to enjoy. Funny how quickly they shot up after I pulled all the weeds! LOL! Cukes, squash, beans, peas, tomatoes…all look pretty good…just growing slowly due to lack of rain early on.
The army catapillars are destroying so many trees. I think all of the apple trees were infested. Even the sugar plum trees at the farm had them. They left alone the pear tree, grape vines and blackberries.
Going to go clear out the freezer more and chuck some meat in the freeze dryer. I’ll have a whole cow in the freezer in Sept. …so…need to make space.
Have a wonderful, blessed day all!

(Robin) #99

I bought a little mini waffle maker… something like $10.


Fish dinner = barramundi.