Carnivore Chewy July - 31-day Challenge - 2023


Listening to Dr. William Davis who has concerns with ZC carnivore long-term changing the gut biome in a detrimental way. He is trying to recolonise us all with Lactobacillus reuteri.


My mom’s was basically stew meat in goulash sauce. She served it over potatoes, and it was still mostly meat. I can do without the potatoes, and I really should try to find a recipe that sounds like what she made and try it.


So, I’ve ordered up some smoked seafod products to try, in small quanities.

If I like I’ll buy bigger (and considerably cheaper) for the fridge and freezer.
I find seafood, whether shellfish or sardines/mackerel/salmon, is ideal for brunch especially when out and about when looking to avoid the fast food outlets.
EEl, trout, salmon, prawns ordered up…all smoked.


Love smoked eel, they don’t seem to have it in the US.


Same here, yet we are the major producers of the atlantic eel from Lough Neagh (Northern Ireland).
They all seem to go to Europe and far east Asia.

LN Fisheries Visitor Centre - Lough Neagh Tours

(Karen) #66

60 stair runs this morning first thing. Drove to CrossFit as i needed to pop to my daughters house straight after. Great wotkout and Sian turned up last minute to join the class so we got into a team of 4 together.

Went off with her to her house and she cooked me a cheesy omelette. Only wanted a small one so 2 eggs and a bit of cheese. It was enough to fill a hole!

We sorted out her tax business and then went to do a bit of shopping in The Company Shop. Ot was busy in there but i still managed to pick up some bargains And 7 packs of chicken livers! So pleased i saw them as i have been looking out for them ever since i picked up the pack a few werks ago. 50p a pack! That’ll do nicely!
Also got some chicken wings, bacon, burgers, mayo and a whole roasted chicken and 2 small packs of cheese. Then off to Asda and they had some 8pk petunias so i got 2 packs. I have been waiting for them to be in stock. We are have very intermitten weather … supposed to be raining all day but the sun keeps breaking through. The wind is very gusty though.

When i got home i cooked some wings that i had defrosted as i didn’t have any intention of doing shopping today. And just in the last half n hour eaten some of the roasted chicken and that is very juicy tender. Boiled up the bones for a chicken stock drink.


Hi Karen.

Just wondering…I always thought The Company Shop was something to do with your place of work lol.

Is it more like the Co-Op?
Some good selection and bargains. We don’t have it here as far as I know.


Never had smoked (or any as far as I know) eel but I have wonderful experiences with smoked fish…

Super hot time of the year :frowning:

I still have plenty of stew and some roasted pork chuck (I plan to bring a photo tomorrow) but I will put some more pork chuck and a huge chicken leg into the oven tomorrow… So I will be pretty prepared. I keep underestimating my meat need, rarely but it happens, I don’t have ready to eat meat in the freezer at the moment (I am kinda bored of sausage now) and roasted meat takes its sweet time in the oven (at least 2 hours) so I can’t just start when I get hungry… And I can’t predict when I will get hungry, it varies a lot now. Today I had my stew with egg dumplings at noon, yesterday I had a few bites and then a meal at 6pm…
And I can’t make fresh pork for noon or 2pm because I will eat then, these things are hard to resist. So I will cook in the evening.

(Karen) #69

The Company Shop is just a midlands company i think. It sells all brands like M&S Waitrose Acado and others like Tesco Aldi Lidl Morrisons etc. All stuff has short use by date so the veg is very cheap as it needs using up straight away which is great for the likes of my daughter who eats copious amounts of it lol However, for me it is is meat factor as it all goes straight in the freezer. They also do processed stuff and jars, tins and whatever they get in … stuff you have to get there and then as it might not be back on the shelves in a while. Nothing to do with where i worked. When they first opened membership was only open to police prison service Fire etc and some logistic companies but its opened up to benefit receivers and you can also nominate family and friends.



A good idea, our service people should be rewarded and supported. I’m all for it :+1:

And, of course, others too related.

Keep showing me how to eat well without spending a fortune buddy!


I buy much used meat staples from restaurant supply places in big lots. There are some online, but the shipping leaves you with too many boxes. There is one in the area now that is served by instacart, which is super convenient, no extra packaging needed. They carry every kind of meat, including beef liver which can be hard to find here. They also sell fresh produce in larger lots - I tend to buy the Portobello mushrooms which I love, and they keep a long time if stored without any wrapping in a drawer in the fridge. Plastic wraps make them rot, when I buy those in another store, that comes off asap. I buy most all my meat basics there, it’s called the “chef’s store”. A couple online are webstaurant and foodservicedirect.


Yep. We have to be smart these days.

Thing is, the majority of people on here are smart (I hate that word!)…I mean switched on.
They know what to do if x happens. They want to learn and change habbits.

Some people I bump into IRL, they are very away from that mentallity.


Portobello mushrooms! Yep!


I am retired and on a budget, so I do watch for good prices more than I used to. The quality at the chef’s store is excellent, and the portobellos are shipped fresh cut and not cleaned. Which is how mushrooms keep best.


I eat well too.

And, dare I say, before this inflationary price nonsense, I wouldn’t have bothered with price checking or bargain hunting. It is quite false and forced, inflation.

But needs be. Only on rare occassions will I pay premium again.


fast post

alive and ZC kickin’ as usual. so so strange to be off the thread as much as I have been~~but I sure am not leaving, just need a bit more time to get ‘life in order’ LOL and back to fun times posting, my gosh us zc people, we can chat so much, can’t even pretend to try to read all the posts I have missed, yikes.

all good and hope everyone is very well!! chat up later, zc all the way baby


Queen of meat is back!


(Geoffrey) #78

Ate four eggs scrambled with Mexican chorizo today around noon and that was it.
I normally eat two meals a day but I just never got hungry again after the first one.
I wonder if that may become a trend.


Eat what you want, but no processed or carb sh*te.

I like meat…I can tell that you do too.

This should be a walk in the park for you bro.


Eggs are very nutritious. Home grown?