Carnivore Chewy July - 31-day Challenge - 2023

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Sounds all busy busy as per usual Judy but also fun. Do you get much time to do a bit of socialising at these gigs.

Yes i am feeling less stress with the end in sight. I knew right frm the start that God would look after me and this would be resolved and He has. The tax rebae came at the right time and saw me through to my State Pension starting and now this will be back dated and i will be able to afford all the dental treatment i need to get done over next few months, i was starting to think i may need to juggle this and juggle that to pay for it but all is coming together. Also have the bigger bills coming up like car and house insurance, a dance weekend away and holiday with my son and daughter and car mot tomorrow. Got the car serviced yesterday. The big things usually come at once don’t they but fortunately i have been paying monthly for the service.


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