Carnito with a twist of ADF

(Deborah) #41

Decided to fat fast during my fasting times, this video is good, and I believe it will help me get to fasting with water only, but babysteps. Thyroid doesn’t like it. But I believe it will like this CO fast. Since CO is good for the thyroid.

(Deborah) #42

I actually liked the fat fast. So I broke it this morning ate a big meal and gonna start fasting again. I ended up taking 4 tbl. of oil and one being Cod liver oil. This next time I’m also going to include some flax seed oil. What the heck, I never do these oils thinking about the calories and my doc wants me to do both. So now I will. I’m just planning to do them when I get hungry, that way I will be expanding the time of pure fasting as long as I can.

(Deborah) #43

I lasted 36 hours with the 600 calories of oil Last night I experienced what appears to be candida die off. Itchy, stomach all over the place growling. Achy. Demanding I feed it. Ok, in some of my research I had heard Candida is killed off by Coconut Oil better than antibiotics that they sometimes become resistant too. They actually fill up and explode, :open_mouth: Wow, what a visual. So I also am adding a few drops of oregano oil in one of my ginger tea, CO concoctions. So that is bringing in the big guns. I was going to just keep going for a long time, but with last nights episode, I thought I better just convert to ADF with Oil and stay there a while.

(Deborah) #44

5 Days later, I am still fat fasting every other day as I can and experiencing die off or something for 4 of those days. As tired as I could be, even worse than the harshimoto tired. Oops Freudian slip on the word hashimoto. But for those who have it, I know it sounds appropriate.

Yesterday, I felt better and today I feel great. Gonna take this slow and still do the 600 more or less oil on the fast days. Enjoying all the reading I’ve been doing on the Palelithic Ketogenic diet. It seems my plan could fit easily into the PkD except for the Dairy and only eating fats on the fast days. But it is working for me now, so I will continue.

(Deborah) #45

well an official 10 pounds down for the month. My fasting time is turning out to be about 24 hours these past few days. But anywhere from 24 to 48 I’ll take. My reactions to the candida die off has been a bit too noticeably for me, so I’m backing off the essential oils and just keeping in the coconut oil. I’ll play around with this as my body is throwing off the candida at a more gentle rate. I’ve wondered how much candida has been a part of the reason, if not the reason for the Hashimotos.

(Deborah) #46

been all over the place with eating for the last couple of weeks and thought Vday would be a nice reintro back into my plan. So starting fast at 12 and eating again at 12 sunday, but will do oils to help me readjust to this. Also, if I must eat, then a can of sardines. Afterall I most likely need to babystep back into this. I’m up a few pounds also!

(Katie) #47

Hey there! Way to go getting back up on the horse so to speak! I stayed pretty solid carnivore since the beginning of the year but haven’t seen any losses on the scale. I started my first 5 day fast on sunday night, and plan on doing a 5 day fast, 2 day refeed schedule until I finally drop the weight.

(Tabania Crockett) #48

Good luck with that, @Kaliko81 Katie. Been carnivore since about the 3rd week of January. Have dropped about half a pant size. I had some new pants I could squeeze into with too much hanging over the top. As of this morning I feel comfortable wearing them.

I tend to play around with my fasting. My eating days I do 18:6 or 16:8. I’ve decided rather than Alternate Day Fasting, I’ll do two days eating and two days fasting. Then I’ll do next month’s ZornFast.

(Tabania Crockett) #49

Deborah, @CarbFree
I hope you don’t mind my butting in on your journal, but it just seems like a perfect overall topic for where I’ve more or less “settled”, at least for now. If it is an issue, just let me know and I’ll take the plunge and start a topic (gasp).

(Deborah) #50

NoWay 25,I could use some motivation here. What’s your plan. How are you doing?

(Tabania Crockett) #51

Was going to write a LONG story. Short story is in about 4 years I’ve dropped about 120 lbs. I started a carnivore way of eating about 6 weeks ago, coming from a few years of Keto.

When I was doing Keto I was doing a monthly 4 day extending fast, along with 18:6 IF. I’m finding the extended fasts a bit tougher since I’ve been doing carnivore. Even ADF is tough right now. So for, I’m just going to really listen to my hunger, period. My thought is since I’m just eating to satiety and my body is making for efficient use of the fuel, fasting just doesn’t work.

I’ve watched a video or two of long-term Carnivores who no longer fast. For example,

Would like to get back to more extended fasting for autophagy, stem cells, BDNF and all that good stuff. Either way, I’m not going to worry about it. I’ll just keep an eye on it and adjust as needed.

(Tabania Crockett) #52

Realized what I meant by “struggling” is I was getting really hungry at 4:00pm - 5:00pm on fasting days. I used to be able to power through those with ease.
So I’ve set my timer for 44 hours for my fast to end at 4:00pm on Tuesday. On fasting days, instead of doing my workout first thing when I get up, I’ll save it until early afternoon around 3:00pm.
And let’s see if I can get back to some 44 hour fasts a few days each week.

(Deborah) #53

Hi Tabania,
Thanks for sharing about yourself. You’ve already accomplished a lot! So I like your timer Idea. I just set mine for 24 hours. I ate last night late so i’m 6 hours in. If I make this fast, that will be 30. I may need the 500 calories as a crutch on the fasting days to get me in the swing of things.

I just totally agree with your attitude. I do have a goal of just living the ADF, but with flexibility for health and social reasons. So no beating myself up about any slip ups.

(Deborah) #54

Here’s someone I just found and am interested in her healing path with her thyroid. She also has had a lot of oxalate dumping since she recently went from keto to carnivore. So she did an interview with Sally Norton, that is full of info on that subject. I even suspect oxalates to possibly be the reason (or at least one of the reasons) for my thyroid issue. Here’s her into to her channel

(Tabania Crockett) #55

I use the Zero android app for my timer. DO what you gotta do, Deborah.

(Tabania Crockett) #56

Welp, 5:00 and struggling. Tea isn’t helping. Walked down the hill and FINALLY got my 2nd shingles shot. Dancing around the apt. But this is genuine hunger. Watching cool (REALLY cool) 4K aquarium, no help. Trying not to hang my head in shame.
One thing I might be able do is OMAD. Even on my 18:6, I often end up not eating my first meal before 3:00pm, and sometimes as late as 4:00pm. Since I try to close my window by 7:30pm at the latest, I ended up squeezing two meals into 3-1/2 hours.

(Deborah) #57

Hi Tabania,
reporting in as a successful Carnie day yesterday, but I didn’t make the fasting part. Too high on calories to have stayed in that 500 number.

So are you gonna try and work towards OMAD for a while? I’m just taking this one day at a time. I notice I want to eat more when hubby is around. We have been eating buddies for years…Thus the problem… LOL

(Tabania Crockett) #58

Hi Deborah!

Keep going one day at a time, my friend.

I did do OMAD yesterday. Have a NY steak out to get to room temp. Haven’t eaten today yet and just starting to feel a bit, so OMAD looking good for today.

(Tabania Crockett) #59

Learned a lesson tonight. If I’m going to have just a steak as my OMAD, it had better be steak and eggs. :joy::joy::joy: I can already tell that steak will not hold me for another 16 hours. But I’ve already cleaned up the kitchen, so.

(Deborah) #60

Hi Tabania,

Sounds like a great eating day. I had some crispy chicken and my eat something again before 12 then start the fast. Even 16 hours is good My friend.