Carnito with a twist of ADF

(Tabania Crockett) #61

New Dr. Berry video with Dr. Paul Saladino

(Deborah) #62

I’m gonna get that Book!

Ok, today I’m doing a down day. I’ll report tomorrow how down I get! Hope your day is going well. What’s on the menu?

(Tabania Crockett) #63

I’m doing a down day myself. I had a cauliflower pizza crust left in the freezer and decided today was a good day to get rid of rid.

As for Carnivore Code, here’s my two cents. It has GREAT info, but is a very tough read. Dr. Saladino is the child of two doctors, and it shows. Instead of interpreting studies, he just drops in quotes. He always uses the scientific term and sometimes doesn’t even define it, or if he does, sometimes uses it a chapter later, as though once was enough.


  1. This is a MUST read for every primary care physician, and
  2. He does a great job of tearing down the value of epidemiological studies.

I may go back and read it again.

(Deborah) #64

I appreciate that critique of the book. in that line of thought, I bought both of Dr. Fungs books, the obesity code and his fasting book. But I never got around to the Obesity Code, which is more about the why we’re sick, rather than the how to get healed. I like listening to tubes the best. Tks

(Tabania Crockett) #65

Dr. Fung has a new fasting book coming out next month. I preordered it on Amazon a couple months ago. Realized I still haven’t read Dr. Berry’s "Lies My Doctor Told Me’.

(Deborah) #66

Well, i’m gonna go ahead and continue from here. I thought to start a new thread, but I have the same goals with same topic. I’ve been through alot of stuff this year. I’ve been eating the stress, but got my focus back just recently and my

restarting weight is 180,I was pushing 200
goal weight is a muscular 140

I know it will take me a bit to get to the 48 hour ADF, and 24 hour will most likely do for a while.

So here I goes! I also can have up to 100 carbs occassionally, but not usually.

(Deborah) #67

Well doing ok, but I think I need to babystep this by just getting regular with the 6 hour eating window every day, then shrinking my everyother day window till it’s down to one meal or no meal. Thus 24 to 48 hour fasting every other day…