Carnito with a twist of ADF

(Deborah) #1

Hi, this is my journal. I’ll be starting off with 500 calories on the fasting days and working into zero. The twist is I’m going anywhere between 24 to 48 hours on the fasting part and keto or carnie on the feasting days. Hoping this flexibility will help me stay on plan.

Start weight is 181
Goal weight is 140

(Failed) #2

Best of luck! Keep us posted so we can cheer you on.

(Deborah) #3

thanks Dee I will

(Susan) #4

Best wishes on your Keto goals, Deborah =).

(Deborah) #5

thanks Susan,
I made it through today with carni and hoping to go 24 hours before next meal of only 500 calories. Eventually and occasionally hoping to skip the 500 calories and totally fast at least 36 hours, But baby steps:smiley:


Are you already fat adapted? If not, this plan not be what you expected.

All the best on the weight loss Journey.

(Deborah) #7

thanks Patreon,

I am on and off keto/carni/lowcarb. So I’m probably not to far from fat adapted. But I am thinking I need to ease into this style. I think it will eventually fit me.

(Deborah) #8

Well I think I’m gonna spend this week getting real with carnivore and start the ADF when I get back from camping next Tuesday. Diving into the fasting part has been a little hard right now.

(Bunny) #9

Carnito’s Way with a twist of Pacino!


(Deborah) #10

LOL Bunny! BTW, have you ever had a bunny for lunch?

(Deborah) #11

excuse me pls! I Mean Wabbit LOL

(Deborah) #12

OK,I’m heating up the plan. I made it through camping with no real slip ups and feel I can start the Alternate Day Fasting part. I will eat again somewhere between 24 to 48 hours!

I did eat keto while camping.

(Susan) #13

That is great, Deborah =).

(Deborah) #14

thanks for encouragement Susan,

Well it looks like I need to go slow. Yesterday was a eating disaster. No fasting, no keto.

So today I’m eating to Carnie meals and tomorrow I"m aiming for one…

(Daisy) #15

Good luck!! I’m back on the carnivore wagon myself. Day 3. Once I get a bit further into it I’ll try to start fasting again. Right now I’m doing bone broth in the morning, then just beef and salt the rest of the day. Today I snacked far too much on beef jerky.

(Deborah) #16

hey, daisy,
I’m with you totally!

(Deborah) #17

Hello to All,

I realize that ADF is to hard for me right now, so I’m doing Omad till I get into that enuf to go ADF…

(Deborah) #18

Well checking in and starting over. I am gonna try and make this really work in 2020. Baby stepping my way into the New Year! I will start Fresh on the 1st with a weigh in and do my plan

some days will have a small meal, some not, until I can get into the pure fast on my fast days. My meals will be either Carnivore, Keto and on occasion regular low carb. Wishing everyone on the forum a Happy New Year and a fresh start too!

(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #19

Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

Make sure you easy enough on your big meal days. That should help make it easier when you do fast, and keep up on electrolytes, too.

We can always help with meal suggestions/tweaks, if needed. Hope it works for you this time.

(Deborah) #20

Thanks KCM,

I’m not officially starting until the 1st, but today I just decided to not eat as long as I can and I’m at 10 now. I have a 5 to 6 hundred cal. meal planned if I get too hungry. I’m a nite shift person so I will eat it if I need it to get through the nite. So far so good.

Thanks for Encouragement!