Carlshead or Fathead Dough used for other recipes?


(Robin) #41

This is a great bagel dog recipe as well. I’ve made these a few times now, putting grass fed sausages inside and they were AWESOME. They also freeze well!

(Lance Edwards) #42

Has anyone swapped out the almond flour for psyllium husks


Has anyone made fried empanadas with the fathead dough recipe?

(Allie) #44

I keep meaning to try this…


Here are a few links


I know this old, but Hebrew National has 2 carbs.


Thank you! These look so yummy. :grin:


I’ve made baked empanadas but never fried. Something new to try. Baked ones came out great, by the way.

(Michael Shahan) #49

Hi all…I’m new to the forums and was thinking about this very topic the other day after making my second pizza.

At first I tried dinner rolls (not pictured), which I think worked well. I also cooked a bit in a panini press, which made it more like a big cracker.

Next I divided the recipe into 4 parts, brushed some melted butter on top and baked them until brown (about 16 min at 375)

Next I tried cinnamon rolls :):grin:
These came out OK…I didn’t have enough cut rolls to fill the pan, so they spread quite a bit. I’m thinking about trying it again and baking them in a muffin pan.

Didn’t use a recipe, but if I can figure out a good one I’ll post it. Basically just added extra cream cheese, cinnamon, and sweetener into the dough (with and egg too), rolled it out, spread a mixture of butter, cream cheese, cinnamon and sweetener onto the dough, rolled it up into a log, and cut it into rounds. The dough was a bit sticky and soft so I also put the log into the freezer to firm up a bit.

Along with trying to perfect a Fathead Cinnamon Roll recipe, I thought about trying a “Monkey Bead” version too?