Carlshead or Fathead Dough used for other recipes?



I made this today and followed the recipe exactly. It was delicious but it didn’t rise much. The photo looks like the dough rose a little. Is that just the photography or is the dough rolled thicker than I rolled mine? Should it rise while baking? Thanks!

(Kelly LeBlanc) #22

Which recipes did you make, Anne? The Fathead/Carlshead doesn’t rise, but you can get different textures by playing with the thickness.

I haven’t tried the garlic knots.

(Kathy Meyer) #23

I really hate the idea that I was monitored while eating in public because I was an obese person – that just pushes so many buttons for me – is it socially acceptable to watch fat people eat because they are gluttonous pigs? I got fat, not because I ate with my hands without stopping, but because I was eating carbohydrates and became insulin resistant.

(kimhowerton) #24

Respectfully disagree. I’ve always loved eating with my hands. That doesn’t mean you can’t do so mindfully.

(Jamie Hayes) #25

@kim Of course it is entirely possible to eat keto with your hands. I was making a generalisation based upon years of observation.

“If two of us agree on everything, one of us is not needed!”


I made the Stromboli recipe.

(Dustin Cade) #27

Lowest affordable ones I’ve found are 1carb per hot dog, you can spend like 8 to 10 dollars a package for <1 carb… not sure the price per carb ratio is worth it…

(markkloch) #28

Made a Carl’s fat head Stromboli
It turned out awesome!
3 cups mozzarella cheese
3 tablespoons cream cheese
1.5 cups almond flour
3 cheese Italian

Microwave 2 minutes, mix
Another minute, mix
Add almond flour, mix completely
Roll out between parchment paper
Add pepperoni & cheese
Fold over, seal crimp close
Olive oil with Italian seasoning covering Stromboli
Heat 375 for 30 minutes
Rest for a few, enjoy!

(Stephanie Pratt) #29

It was weird, I was looking and it the chicken dogs were lower in carbs.

(Stephanie Pratt) #30

That looks amazing!

(Kelly LeBlanc) #31

I don’t think it rises much. But it’s been a while since I have made it.

I read somewhere, maybe here, that adding a little baking powder would give it a little rise. I want to say I read 1 tsp for the recipe, and I would imagine you would want to mix it with the almond meal first, before adding to the melted cheese.


Thanks, Kelly! I’ll try adding some baking powder next time.

(Kelly LeBlanc) #33

Good luck and let us know what you end up trying and if you like it.


Yes! I will!

(Diana Juridini) #35

I’m going to try the hotdogs tonight.

(Larry Lustig) #36

I’m no longer overweight but this pretty much describes how I still eat. I don’t believe the use of flatware has anything to do with it – I can eat pretty quickly with a fork and there’s nothing to stop me from pausing while eating finger food.

I’m also not sure the “hitting the bloodstream” part makes sense – would that not require a good deal more time than simply pausing between bites? When I eat too much and realize it afterwards, it’s generally forty-five minutes or an hour later.

Nonetheless, I consider my style of eating less than ideal and recognize that I should be slower and more mindful.

(Ashley Haddock) #37

I made Carlshead for the first time (have made fathead a lot). This was much easier to work with and very sturdy - perfect for my grilled sandwiches! One has teriyaki chicken and meunster, the other has roast beef and meunster (with mayo on both). Put them in a skillet with some butter and toasted each side. So perfect. I freaking love keto.

(Robin Gray) #38

I made those garlic knots tonight, they were yummy!

(No I'm not mad - that's just my face) #39

I made breakfast pockets. These would be a great make-ahead for eating on the run or travel / a camping trip. Next time I’ll make them half the size. The little oddball one was extremely filling.

Filling is 6 eggs scrambled with 4 sausage patties and a handful of Chipotle cheddar mixed in. Possibilities are endless. I did brush with egg wash before baking then baked 400°F for 15 min, flipped, then 5 more minutes .

(Stephanie Pratt) #40

OMG those look good!!