Carlshead or Fathead Dough used for other recipes?


(Stephanie Pratt) #1

I am looking for other recipes to use this dough for other than pizza. I saw on the FB group one time that someone tried to use it to make a calzone but I can’t find it. Can you please post here your different variations of using this dough?


I have made crackers with it and they were so good dipped in pate! I didn’t use a recipe. I made the dough and rolled it into a rectangle. I sprinkled with salt, garlic and onion powders. I scored 2in squares with a knife and then baked according to the original recipe (lightly browned). I let this cool a bit and then broke them up. I put them in my dehydrator for a few hours to make them crispy. I stored them in an airtight container. They were delicious…tasted like cheez-its. They only stay fresh for about a week so you have to eat them fairly fast.

(Kelly LeBlanc) #3

Stromboli -

(Kelly LeBlanc) #4

Cut into small circles to use as bread for breakfast sandwiches.

(Kelly LeBlanc) #5

Garlic knots -

(Stephanie Pratt) #6

Those garlic knots!!! GET INTO MY BELLY~

(Michelle Neves) #7

I have used it to wrap around hot dogs and sprinkled with a mixture of minced dried garlic, dried onions, poppy and sesame seeds. Everything bagel dogs.

(Dustin Cade) #8

i’m looking to try making “Hot Pocket” type items for the kids, something they can take to school with them… maybe ham and cheese, or whatever meats and cheese…

(No I'm not mad - that's just my face) #9

I’ve made hot pocket-like things. It works well for that.

These are good: Also look up low carbon bagel dogs. :heart_eyes:

(Kelly LeBlanc) #10

@Bahrutile, YES!

(Stephanie Pratt) #11

@Janis_keto_beetch-- Keto Bagels OMG!! Thank you!

(Kathy Meyer) #12

I use a muffin top pan to shape into everything bagels. Or roll thin and shape into crackers or tortillas. Roll a little thicker and shape into bread sticks with parmesan cheese and garlic. It’s more about the rolling and shaping, I think – then add whatever spices and additions that are appropriate. I like to use parchment paper and thin disposable gloves to give everything a light touch.

(Angela F Murphy) #13

Sausage wraps using fathead recipe plus 1 tsp xanthan gum. Heat 375 for 20 minutes. Really good!

(Stephanie Pratt) #14

@AngieMurphy Do you use hot dogs? I need to find some low carb hot dogs and make these next week.

(Angela F Murphy) #15

@RVAStef I used Little Sizzler type sausages, but hot dogs would work. You might need to increase cooking time a little.

(Jamie Hayes) #16

This won’t be popular but here goes.

I think a good keto/low carb idea is to avoid or minimise any food choices that you can eat with your hands. eg sandwich, bagel, roll, pizza, hot dog, cake, cookie etc…

Make meals that you eat with a knife and fork off a plate.

Let me go off topic now.

Then eat slowly, always putting knife and fork down between mouthfuls. If you watch overweight/obese people eating at restaurants, you’ll see a high proportion never stop until its all gone, never putting down their knife and fork. They don’t give the food a chance to hit their bloodstream and so overeat.

(Brian Miller) #17

I exclusively eat bacon with my hands.

(Kelly LeBlanc) #18

I eat almost all foods with my hands. Even salad. And I don’t think you need to put a fork down to be mindful.

(Kathy Meyer) #19

I just rolled some out fairly thinly and used a plate to make a circle. Baked for 5 minutes and used for taco shells. Next time I’ll make them smaller, bake, and then lightly fry to try and get them a little crispy. They tasted great and were able to hold a lot of taco filling.

(Julie Crowell) #20

Do they carry Boars Head where you shop? They make a delicious zero carb beef hot dog.