Carl's Baked Chicken Wings

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Carl’s Baked Chicken Wings I am usually one to deep-fry chicken wings. I had heard good things about baked wings, and gave it a shot. They are much tastier than deep fried wings! When you deep fry, all the chicken flavor goes out into the oil, and all the oil flavor overwhelms the chicken. Sure,…

Ketoing for over a month, still confused
(Mark Bousquet) #2

YUM!! Going to try this!!


(Stephanie Pratt) #3

I agree! My only complaint is it took them a lonnnnng time to cook.

(bulkbiker) #4

Try them confit… slow coked in duck fat on a fairly low temp… for about 2 hours… temp about 140 degrees C/ 285 degrees F. mmmmm

(jketoscribe) #5

If you have a pressure cooker (i.e. the instant pot) you can cut the cooking time down by a lot. I add 1 cup of water and a tablespoon of butter and then dump in a whole bag of frozen “party” wings. 10 minutes at pressure (yes, it does take some time to come to pressure). Then I fish the wings out of the broth, put them on a rack over a cookie sheet, brush them with melted butter and garlic (or Frank’s Hot Sauce, or a combination) and put them under the broiler 3-5 minutes per side. The pressure cooker makes the meat tender and moist and the broiler ensures crispy skin. DELICIOUS!

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I will be trying this!!!

(Carole Campbell White) #7

I cook mine like this all the time - I could literally live on them they are so tasty

(Pete Shearer) #8

You had me right here! Totally going to give this a shot.

(Mark Bousquet) #9

We like things simple! :smiley:


I really love Smokey Bones smoked wings. My feeling is they use sugar in their rub. I have looked at their nutrition info on line, but they only give calories.

So, would love a good keto friendly smoked hot wings recipe.

(Marcie Budden) #11

I make my wings in an appliance called an actifry and I cook them with either lard or duck fat.

(Bacon for the Win) #12

I’ve made these and they are amazing. Parchment paper is definitely the key to an easy clean up.

(Patty W) #13

I feel like I’m doing my own personal version of America’s Keto Test Kitchen…all turning out surprisingly excellent. (My batting average for on-line recipes is somewhat hit or miss). However, with my newfound culinary confidence, I’m thinking this coming week shall include Ms. Zorn’s tuna melt & chocolate mints.

Past week’s exploits have included my 1st Carlshead Pizza, oven bacon, BCD, & of course the latter led to the Baked Chicken Wings. They were outstanding! I’ve never been a wing fan before, but I’m a true convert now…this along with the BCD…a perfect meal.

It’s good to be keto!


I have to try this after I break my fast! I almost bought some wings on sale today…would have put them in freezer for later.

(Roxanne) #15

Please tell me “tuna melt and chocolate mints” refers to two separate recipes, not something for dreamed up by a crazy pregnant person!

(Roxanne) #16

If you wanted to make them hot wings, would you skip the cheese, bake as instructed and then toss with a hot Franks/butter sauce?

(matt ) #17

Yup…exactly that.

(Bacon for the Win) #18

@roxanne I’ve done that and they are so good! Just finished the few that were left in the fridge. Even good cold.

(Patty W) #19

Excellent question! A well placed comma would have helped I suppose. However, now that you mention it, that would be an “interesting” flavor profile. :grin:

(Jen H) #20

Made these tonight, was skeptical (being from buffalo and having high standards for wings) and they were awesome!