Carl's Baked Chicken Wings


I tried this last night and it worked great. Only mistake I made was not fully separating the frozen block of wings. The areas frozen together were still raw. I just let it bake at 400 for a few min to be safe and then broiled. I’ll definitely be using this technique again.

(Arlene) #22

We love chicken wings. It’s one of our favorite meals, so I tried this recipe. I did not use olive oil, as I really don’t like the flavor. I put them in a bowl and added a few tablespoons of lard, then worked the wings through the lard and my fingers till they were all coated. More trouble than using a liquid oil, but the flavor of the finished product was awesome.


@Farmgirl That sounds really good. (And I thought I was the only one who doesn’t like the taste of olive oil or olives! :smile: )

(Deb) #24

I made them!!! Yummmm!!! Definitely worth the wait.

(softail925) #25

How in the heck did you keep ur kitchen from smoking up sooo much? Or can you?

(matt ) #26

You can drop the temp a bit to avoid the smoke. But it’s worth it to me.

(John Cotter) #27

Made these in the instant pot last night. Double the wings (thawed) so I doubled the butter/water mixture. Then rolled them in Franks and broiled using a medium roaster pan with a rack (flipped after 5 mins), took two runs to broil all of the chicken. Though the chicken was just starting to dry and crisp I think next time I will broil for 6 min since it feels like it was just on the verge of getting crispy.

End result, awesome wings that were minimum fuss #LazyKeto :wink:

(Ciara Cunniffe) #28

I’ve tried this and they are AMAZING! So much tastier and crispier than fried :yum:

(Chan Cleland) #29

I used Carl’s recipe but added 1 tablespoon curry powder. Excellent addition.

(Rich) #30

These were great! Thanks Carl! A little too cooked for my taste, though. Next time I will cook maybe 15 minutes per side, reduce the salt a little and add some chipotle powder to the mix.