Carbs in thick/ heavy cream?

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I only just found out there are quite a lot of carbs in heavy cream. Even though it dosent say so on the label. How sneaky!! Won’t be having that again. I cannot believe all the sneaky carbs that are out there. It even lied about it in my carb app. What the freaking heck!!

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It’s not a lot! It’s 3.3 grams of carbs per 100 grams. Whipping cream, or as it’s called in the USA heavy whipping cream, is a great source of fats and nutrition. It is well worth the modest carb tax. I would eliminate 3 grams of vegetable carbs for 3 grams of whipping cream carbs any day!

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Oh phew, thank God. God some sights can be misleading. Time to have my coffee than :grin:

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I buy 40% fat heavy whipping cream. It has trace amounts of carbs. You can buy different levels of fat in the cream. The more fat the less carbs.

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It’s food labeling laws that enable producers to mislead. Instead of requiring food producers to list nutrients per 100 grams, they permit ‘serving size’ instead. If the ‘serving size’ contains less than .5 grams of something the producer is free to say 0.0. That’s why you see the ‘serving size’ of cream as tablespoon.

Pro Tip™ if the ‘serving size’ of anything is something ridiculously small, look it up on the USDA database to get the real numbers.

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It’s not a trace. It’s 3.3 grams per 100 grams. Even Devon Double Cream at 48% fat has 3.3 grams of carbs per 100 grams. You need to be aware of that and account for it in your daily carb intake.

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I stand corrected. I’m getting trace amounts of carbs since I only use about a tablespoon a day in my coffee. But if I consume more, I’ll take it into consideration in my carb count.

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I have two teaspoons in mine. So yeah a tablespoon. I still track it but that’s because I’m pedantic :joy:


It’s still negligible if one uses a little.
I used a carbier, not heavy at all cream in all my 8(?) coffee today, generously from my viewpoint. About 1g carbs, fine with me.
I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Ridiculous Amounts! (At least it’s the case for many carby substances).

But yep, as a substance, it’s carby. A significant percentage is carbs, from a ketoer’s viewpoint.

And some people uses a huge amount, even drinking it galore. That’s a lot of carbs (sugar, at that) - and fat and calories but that might be the point.

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Sure. If that’s all, great. You’re undoubtedly consuming a trace.

On the other hand, I use a lot of whipping cream. I measure it by the gram every time I use it because by the end of the day I will probably consume 75-100 grams of it, and some days more than that. The problem is that many folks think a tablespoon here and a teaspoon there only amounts to some inconsequential ‘trace’ of carbs that can be ignored. A ‘tablespoon’ is 30 grams, a teaspoon is 10 grams. A couple tablespoons and a couple teaspoons and you’re into real numbers. Lots of folks don’t measure/weigh they just guestimate. My definition of guestimate is wishful thinking.

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I use heavy cream in ice coffee, my dessert, defense against diet fatigue. I’ve been doing 40 net carbs or less for two years. It’s not such an important number for me because I do 2 x 1 hours of low heart rate aerobic training daily which burns about 1100 calories. That sweeps up extra glucose pretty fast. Exercise contributes to weight loss indirectly by making everything else work better.

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I’m a “rare” type who drinks 1 cup of heavy cream daily. I’m not in this to lose weight, but keep my glucose low for theraputic cancer purposes. I’m a fairly thin person, so its the best way I’ve found to get the extra fat in (without lots of protein). Although I could try with bacon…Hmmm, I may have to do that. But I still need 80g of fat to replace the cream (or I could just do 1/2 cup of cream and some bacon).

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:joy: :joy:

Definitely true in my case! I’m going to start measuring (once I buy a set of measuring spoons)… and I think I’m in for a fright.


great reply on the board

So to Aimee, only other thing is about dairy. How one does on dairy? Some are very sensitive and some can easily use it and do well on it. So personal call on allowing more or less dairy into one’s life as they need.

but heavy whipping cream makes my homemade fabulous alfredo sauce I use on my shrimp! Love it.

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I love my heavy cream. I cannot STAND black coffee by itself. God I gotta learn some sauce recipes!! Alfredo sauce, yum. I’ve been craving seafood all day. Gotta get some tomorrow. I friggin love shrimp!!


yea shrimp is a mainstay for me.

I love to use a tiny bit of cocktail sauce but I call that a ‘dirty carnivore’ day but in a blue moon I want that horseradish hot zing to my shrimp…but I can get a zing using just hot sauce and butter, buffalo sauce on my shrimp also.

but if I go all in carnivore only I use my alfredo sauce very thick with fresh parm cheese as my shrimp dip sauce.

Have you tried ‘Linda’s Low Carb Recipes’ website yet?

she has tons of sauce recipes and more. I used her site a ton back when I was eating more foods than my carnivore plan now.

give it a check out when ya can…it might help you a bit if needed.

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I wanna go carnivore SO bad!! I wonder how long I have to wait. I’m practically only eating animal products now, except for two teaspoons of coconut oil and a little handful of lettuce. On Xmas day you know what I ate for the whole day and nothing else. Shrimp in a big bowl with seafood sauce. It was sooooo good. The seafood sauce would have sugar and crap in it though but yep I love shrimp. As a kid I loved calamari and oysters too. Raw oysters. What kid likes raw oysters!! I still love calamari but now i only like oysters cooked. I made the mistake of looking inside a raw oyster once and that was it, I was done :joy: I will check out those recipes. Thanks xx


Not many LOL but cool you did and NO you should never dissect one and look inside…ruins ya HAHA

Carnivore, you are kinda there but don’t put any pressure on yourself to go all in just yet.

Get a handle on how you like to eat. Get that ‘flow pattern’ on how you eat thru the day, how you want to eat this with that and have some allowance like with Keto Plan to just change how you feel on food, take time to learn about carbs and all. Some info just soaked in helps one find their best eating path.

Carnivore is truly simple LOL eat the best darn meat and seafood ya love all the time watching very very tightly anything extra you add. Like some still just use regular old mayo on their tuna if that is what they allow and do well on it. Some might use cocktail sauce like I do rarely in small amts on shrimp. So we can use a few ‘condiments’ to make us happy in our meal plan.

But it is best to walk a little in the very low carb world. Find that footing. Learn the why behind some things and if you are that type, and you sound like a carni to me :slight_smile: you will walk that way naturally.

You can be whatever food person you need to be for YOU. You are doing SO darn good right now, chill a bit and just let the changes come over you and thrive!! You got this!!

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Awwww thanks F, your so sweet :blush:. Yeah I thought so, best to learn the ropes first and ease into it. Can’t believe it’s already been 16 days. Time has flown since I been doing this. Even though I sleep less, how strange. I find I have to go to bed later otherwise I get up really really early. It happened last night. I get 6 hours if I’m very lucky but usually it’s like 4 :sleeping:. That’s also from quitting the pain meds too though. It’s been 5 weeks and I’m still copping it a bit. My partner sleeps like a rock. Yes will keep the low carb keto until I’m well adapted. Xx


Yup…it is important because we read how well others are doing on their plans and how they eat and thrive and we wanna be right there…hey that is natural.

but one thing I learned thru years of changing me in my eating…you must keep you in the focus and forefront at all times.

Your timeline path to change will never be the same timeline another person’s great results you are reading is on :slight_smile: So always remember that the comparison can be that thief of joy. Yea soak up the info…but always be mindful of where you are in your personal journey.

hey I had to learn all that crap the hard way HAHA You just chill, change what you need, work thru the demons you must on your schedule and all will be great for you!