Carbs after Keto

(Youssef Shahin) #1


I am wondering what are the effects you have seen of eating carbs after being fat adapted?
I have been on Keto for 5 weeks and cravings have stopped. I went for a KFC breaded dinner and saw some side effects of the carbs.

  1. Dehydration
  2. Little Craving
  3. Bloated


(Jeff Ryan) #2
  1. Hard to sleep
  2. Get dizzy two days after running out of gylcogen so back to the keto flu.
  3. Lots of guilt lol
  4. Bloated

(Tony Sheldon) #3

I’m too afraid to find out.

(Guardian of the bacon) #4

Soak up water like a friggin sponge.

(Cathy) #5

In my first year of keto, if I consumed foods that were not part of my usual plan, I would become ill as sure as the sun rises. I am talking gastric rejection. It would begin a couple of hours after consumption. One memorable event was a half of a small organic beet.

This learning curve demonstrated to me just how damaged my digestive track was. I can now (7+ yrs later), tolerate small amounts of inflammatory foods (i.e. starches, sugars, grains) with no reaction. In fact, I stay in ketosis quite easily but this is after literally several years of total adherence.

My belief is that the body does heal and during the initial period, it rejects the inflammatory stuff (carbs) with force as it is like a toxic substance. Over time, the over reaction subsides due to a healed gut (as opposed to a leaky gut). I would never put myself in a position of re injuring myself so it is still a rare occasion that I allow much off plan. Just not worth it in my mind.

(RavenRed) #6

Mine are similar too. Poor night’s sleep, fatigue, brain fog, bloat… Brain Fog is the worst. I can’t get the damn words to come out of my mouth. And depending on what my indiscretion was, sometimes my stomach muscle feels tender and sore and the soreness travels through my intestines and can take 3 or more days before I don’t hurt anymore.

(Youssef Shahin) #7

Wow, didn’t know that it hit people that bad.
I’m not sure if that is tied to people being pre-diabetic or diabetic.
I am not either and fortunately for me, the worst of the matter is the bloat, thurst and a little headache when i dont eat carbs for a while.

Thanks for sharing.

(ianrobo) #8

did this over Xmas, whilst eating food was nice, and brain fog not an issue when off work, frankly it was horrible (or at least felt it) back in ketosis within three days and killed it at work today.

(jketoscribe) #9

After 5 years I can tolerate a single indulgence fairly well, but they accumulated the last two months starting with my birthday in early November, two kids’ birthdays and various holiday indulgences (and I really don’t go overboard with that). I felt like dirt for weeks. GERD has been really bad, sciatic pain comes roaring back, joints ache, muscles stiffen, I get moody and difficult to be around. I’ve been really strict since the 1st and I feel SO much better!!!

Why do I have to learn this lesson over and over again, even after five plus years???

(@CubanBarbie) #10

I identify with many of the effects listed above. I also noticed my reflux coming back…weird…and OMG THE FATIGUE…so bad that I started to wonder if I was actually getting the flu…I didn’t even really totally get kicked out of ketosis. I just raised my carb load to about 50-60 grams per day…and still tested at about 0.7 mm/l in blood ketones…but I COULD FEEL the change. Not worth it.

(kovack) #11

I gained a few pounds and my shoulder ached after eating Chinese food (no rice, but I’m certain there was sugar in the sauce). So, not worth it.

I love the Keto lifestyle.

(No I'm not mad - that's just my face) #12

One item or meal of indulgence: not a huge problem, unless it’s something like pasta. Then i get immediate bloat and mild headache.

Prolonged off plan eating:
Horrible reflux
Sinus congestion
Achy body
Messed up periods
Very prolonged off plan eating:
Pitting edema in lower legs (inflammation, anyone?)


Absolutely the worst! Actually, it was terrifying when it happened. I wondered what the heck was wrong with me then I realized. . . . Christmas carbage ( teeny tiny bits of an apple pie)


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This is interesting. One of the main benefits I get from Keto is that it has completely removed an ongoing (chronic) sinus issue that I had. I felt like one part of my nasal sinuses were inflammed everyday and I was in at the doctor every couple of months (steriods, antibiotics, sprays) and nothing would fix it. my doctor suggested that surgery might be the only option left.

Then, after starting Keto all my symptoms disappeared. Symptom-free for two months, then dropped off Keto for a week (Vacation) and symptoms returned. Was symptom-free again within days of re-starting.

And I can’t put it down to any particular food (bread/gluten/wheat etc) as I’ve tried dropping each of them individually previously.

When I told my doctor, he said he could see no scientific reason why this should be the case.

I’m putting it down to a general reduction in inflammation, in an area that is prone to inflammation.

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(Shirley M) #17

You are right totally not worth it. I started keto June 19th and have been sticking to it 20 grams of carbs and lost 5 lbs. Wish it was more but I feel thinner, well at least I did until two days ago. I had a few tortilla chips which was 16 carbs two nights in a row and it threw me out of ketosis. I thought I would be okay since I was still under 50 carbs maybe my body needs to stay under 30 carbs daily which is a bummer because I was looking forward to increasing my carbs to 50 a day to give me a variety of foods to eat. Sometimes I get tired of eggs, meat, salad and cheese. I have also not been drinking my water the past two days so not sure if that is causing my serious bloating right now. I feel horrible and guilty for eating those chips :confused:

(Jeff Ryan) #18

Do you do any form of exercise?

If not it would be good so you can have that cheat snack.

(Shirley M) #19

I started to with modified version of insanity max 30 but I was super sore so I gave up. I will look into a different workout. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.:blush: The good news is I am back in ketosis I didn’t think it would happen that fast. So I will skip the chips until I start working out :weight_lifting_man:

(Jeff Ryan) #20

How many weeks did you do it for? The first couple of weeks of any form of exercise is pretty painful tho.