Carbs after Keto

(Shirley M) #21

I only did it for two days lol and you are right I shouldn’t give up so quickly.

(Crystal ) #22

IM30 is NO JOKE. It’s one of the toughest home programs I’ve done and I’ve done MANY.
It’s not for a beginner, or someone just getting back into exercise.
I’d recommend good ol’ walking to start, or if you enjoy videos, try another one from Shaun T (he rules) - T25. Each video is 25mins and has modification if needed!

EDIT: also keep in mind that it’s a long road to recovery. In either Keto OR exercise - it’s a life-long commitment. Be patient with both! You’re on the right track lady, KCKO! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Shirley M) #23

Thank you! I will look into T25. I am 41 and sedentary but I don’t want to be sedentary anymore. I have heard of T25 but never looked into it. You are right it is a lifelong commitment. So I will KCKO :blush:Thank you for your encouraging words.

(Jeff Ryan) #24

Lol… Just remember when your in pain it’s the muscle breaking to form a toned look for your physique! Yep don’t give up!! If I don’t feel DOMS the next day I feel so guilty because it means I didn’t workout hard enough.

(Shirley M) #25

Thank you @Jeffryan I will remember that the next time I can barely move :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: no but seriously I will remember that and I appreciate it. I hate being sore…it hurts so much!! Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I need to toughen up and workout through the soreness. Do you think I should rest a day in between workouts or is it good to workout when muscles are ridiculously sore?

(Allie) #26

The only nasty effect I have got is the heartburn / reflux that I battled with for over 20 years comes back. It’s bad enough to keep me on track though. I’ve had rice before, at an Indian restaurant, without any bad effect but it made me feel dirty…

(Jeff Ryan) #27

That’s okay I’m happy to help. Your muscles also need to rest so you need to alternate your workouts from upper body to lower body. The reason why it hurts is because your muscles are repairing making your muscles swollen. So during that time rest that part of your limb.

What type of workouts are you currently doing?

(Shirley M) #28

Thank you! Currently I am not doing anything. I just did the insanity max30 Friday and Saturday one weekend and then I stopped. It has you follow a 5 day week program which works every muscle in your body. I am going to see what else I can do at home. Or maybe continue with the max30 but skip a day in between workouts until I am in better shape. Thanks again for your feedback :blush:

(Zu) #29

What I imagine would happen is that your liver would snatch up the carbs for glycogen productions to the tune of 500g or more, as well as some glycogen for the muscles. It will then proceed to snatch up as greedily as it can 3-4g of water per gram of glycogen so 500g (minimum) multiplies by 3-4 is an average of around 1.75kg of weight gain over the next 36 hours.
This would cause the dehydration, and the bloating, and yes your liver would do something called SUPER COMPENSATION and you would crave more carbs, to over compensate for the limited glycogen… and then the dehydration would cause extreme thirst and when you drink you will retain water adding another 2kg to the already gained 1.75kg
So the whole thing ends up with around 3.75 (or 3-4kg) of instant water weight gained… not to mention now your body is hauling excess glycogen around instead of burning your own fat as fuel.


(Crystal ) #30

No sweat!
Honestly, IM30 is more advanced - I’m not surprised you could barely move!
Start with T25 and start slow. he staggers the workouts to give you a rest, but if you’re more comfortable starting every OTHER day, do that! Just listen to your body. You also don’t want to go so hard out the gate that you injure yourself. Take it slow and listen to your muscles - they’ll tell you when you’re going too hard! :facepunch:t2:

(Shirley M) #31

Thank so so much! :blush:

(Meghan ) #32

Ahh so I myself… fell off the wagon and drank beers and ate carb and more carbs about 2 weeks ago… I felt like crap and my stomach was just bloated. Now I am. Feeling really bad bloat and constipation. I gained about 3 inches in my waist. I’m starting to take a probiotic I hope this helps. I also drink therapeutic ketones I was hoping this will help me but I am still bloated I could float. Any advice? I have omitted dairy from my diet. I am concerned this was my issue, as to I didn’t eat much dairy before keto


I appreciate your post. I’m new to Keto and fell off today…I will get back on starting now but just felt defeated today.

(Debra Boyer) #34

Yes! I believe this as well. I’ve been keto for 3 months now, but have had a few cheats. Any time that cheat includes very sugary foods my intestines IMMEDIATELY revolt.

(Cathy) #35

I am about to post on this subject because of my incredible experience. It takes time to heal the gut but I believe it happens.

(John Citizen) #36

I love the Keto lifestyle and feel so much better when using it. I stay on it for about 2 weeks and then take a day off which I find helps reset my system.

The only problem I have when I consume a few carbs on my day off is my whole body gets cramps at various times - mainly legs, hands and arms. Very annoying and painful.

I am not sure why this happens as I am always very well hydrated.


I’ve been in ketosis for about a month. I’ve been quite strict and have been low carb. Today I have a massive, blinding headache and vomiting. Think i might have a bug. But funny that it coincides with the first piece of toast with peanut butter I’ve had in four weeks…

Has anyone had major symptoms like this from eating carbs after a while?

(Jimmy Trigger) #38

Hi guys, new to this.

Been Keto since september 1st. Tried transitioning back to carb December 15th. I am dog sick :neutral_face:
Comstipation. Headaches. Then diarrhea followed by more comstipation, lack of appitite. Everything bad. This is terrible :frowning: I never never felt as good as when I was doing Keto only problem I was shrinking. I wanted to eat carbs to bulk up again but I feel like hell.
Going to back to Keto and I’m
Going to try figure out how to gain healthy weight too. Any and all advice is welcomed.

(Always take time to stop and eat the bacon) #39

If eating carbohydrate makes you feel as sick as you say it does, why do you continue to eat it?

I hate vomiting; I find it a horrible experience. When I chain-smoked three packs of cigarettes that night in college and got sick as a dog from it, the result was that I never smoked again. On the other hand, occasionally I found that drinking too much would also make me vomit. I hated the vomiting, but I simply continued drinking—room for more, you see . . . I leave you to draw the obvious conclusion.

@Jieth What do you mean when you say you want to “bulk up”? If you want to put on fat, eat carbohydrate. A couple of hundred grams a day will fatten you up nicely. If you want to add muscle, eat protein and exercise those muscles. Your body can’t build muscle tissue without protein, because only protein contains the necessary nitrogen, in its constituent amino acids. Be sure to get plenty of the branched chain amino acids, in particular the essential ones, which are leucine, iso-leucine, and valine.

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #40

This right here @Jimmy_Trigger :slightly_smiling_face: