Canberra is overflowing with Truffles ATM

(Richard Morris) #1

@jules and I went Truffle hunting several weeks ago to kick off the season

And then the press club had a truffle dinner on last Saturday

And we bought some truffles and have started putting truffles in all the things

#Truffled eggs

All you do is store your cut truffles with eggs and the smell permeates the shells. No less than 2 days, no more than 3, is the magic number.

Then you make a scrambled eggs with the eggs.

#Truffle Butter

This is an extension technique to take 10g of truffle ($25 worth) blend it with butter and have the same effect as $250 worth of shaved truffles.

Take some butter softened in the sun

  • 250g Butter
  • 10g Truffle
  • 1 tsp salt

Cut it into chunks, into a bowl and add micro planed truffles and about a tsp of good flake salt.

Mix with a fork until well blended

It takes around 2 days for the maximum effect of the flavor to permeate the butter.

Most decadent keto snack … a smear of Truffle butter on a slice of salami. Words can not describe just how good it is.

Truffle Mayonnaise

Take a little mayo add micro-planed truffle (not the whole thing like in that photo) - wait 2 days for maximum effect

Truffled brie

This is one of Julies home made Bries - that is why it’s square (we’ve lost our round baskets, so we are using feta molds)

Half way through it’s maturation (as it is growing the white penicillin mould on the outside) we slice it in half and shave some truffles into it

Then pack it back together so it can grow more mould over the cut and no-one will ever know.

We used a Japanese mandolin to get the slices so thin

So who wants to have next years :keto:Ketofest in Canberra during truffle season?

(Wenchie) #2

That looks sooooo nice. I never had truffles so one more reason to come to Keto Fest in Canberra :blush::blush:

(Zoe ) #3

I did a truffle tour of Canberra a year or two ago. I am guessing it was the same farm. The man who handled the truffle sniffer dog had a great story about how he got into it. I think he and the dog initially did sniffing for customs or something and now he does it during the season, possibly during his leave.

(Zoe ) #4

I would love a KetoFest in Canberra next truffle season. At least, a KetoKatchup for Aussies.

(Richard Morris) #5

Yes his name is Jayson Mesman. Samson died a few months ago … it’s been an awful year for dogs

(Zoe ) #6

That is sad to here. My sister lives up there and is loving the foodie options that have opened up in the last few years.
Love the podcast and forums by the way. I have finally got my fasting insulin down to normal. I attribute keto, IF, exercise and persistence. The dudes podcast helped a lot in motivating and helping me stick to keto. Also your guys are so fun.

(Richard Morris) #7

Glad to hear that Zo … KC&KO