Can you do keto without coffee? Why not?

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Maybe, but it works great :slight_smile: In fact, I pretty much do this every Sunday morning when I wake up in my car, and cant make “my version” of my morning coffee… 22oz, double strength, premium blend, with a good shot of heavy cream, 8 drops of sucralose, a tsp on 2X vanilla extract, and a 1/2tsn of maple extract. (out of maple right now though… Urggg.

Drinking this right now, and WoW ! I love this every morning :slight_smile:

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I think coffee like any other stimulant affects different folks differently. How’s that for the obvious statement of the day?

Am I addicted to water because I drink it every day? If I stopped drinking water I’d suffer severe withdrawal symptoms and in fact would die within 3-4 days. But, you counter, coffee is not necessary to maintain life, whereas water is. True. If I stop drinking my daily coffee I’m not going to die, although a lot of other people report that they feel like they soon will. I do not experience any symptoms of anything if I don’t drink my coffee daily. I’d miss it because I like my keto coffee. I’ve expended lots of time and effort experimenting to get it where it is today. But I don’t need it like an addict needs a fix. And to describe it as such is just nonsensical.

So my answer to the OP is “sure”.

Question from first timer
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I used to be a coffee fiend, now just a cup in the morning with my neighbor to be sociable. I have heard all about the health benefits of coffee. However, I have started measuring and my heart rate goes up from 75 to 90 after one cup. When I had my atrial septal defect repaired, my cardiologist cautioned against coffee.

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Sounds like you are being prudent.

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I should cut out the last cup. Maybe decaf? The tannins in tea give me a stomach ache. Was really enjoying cutting the coffee with HWC but ended up drinking the cream out of the container. :rofl:

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Okay that is very enjoyable. I’ve given un HWC because I think it contributed to my stall. N=1

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It was a replacement for my beloved whole milk. But I have found I can drink a glass of whole milk daily and still stay in ketosis, per the blood strips. Not my strict keto 1.8, but around .5, which apparently still counts.

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I only have one cup each morning too, only my cup is 22oz, double strength :wink: I use about the same amount of grounds for a normal pot.


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The bumper sticker on a truck in the 1980’s “Red Dawn.”


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I’m in this whack situation where I cannot do without coffee or tea but it seems like hypercarnivore has made it impossible for me to have a lot of the stuff. What a day.


If you’re eating “carnivore” to try for some tweaking on a keto diet, then drinking roasted coffee plant seeds is probably OK.

But if you are going carnivore as an elimination diet, to eliminate anti-nutrients from plant foods, or immune reactant plant bits, then a sad, slow but gentle ‘goodbye’ to coffee may be needed (via the de-caf door to ease the withdrawals).


The ketogenic diet can be high in a plant anti-nutrient known as oxalate.

Cooking, ‘activating’ (as the hippies call it), fermenting, pre-digesting food technology has long helped humans cope with the potential toxins in plant foods such as lectins.

Unfortunately oxalates are resilient and resist a lot of that detoxification preparation.

This thread needs some clarification on coffee in regard to oxalates.

Still, there are two solid scientific reasons to believe that coffee is very low in oxalate. The first is that all reputable testing to date has demonstrated that coffee is low in oxalate . The second is the real-world experience of low-oxalate dieters who have maintained a daily coffee habit with health benefits and without signs of oxalate-related symptoms. Other beverages, including hot chocolate, black tea, and green tea, have consistently been found to be high in oxalate and tend to trigger oxalate-related effects (the effects are variable—e.g. night-time irritable bladder)… I have a suspicion that the rumor about coffee being high oxalate originated in confusing reports on the oxalate content of instant coffee powder, which led to misinterpretation of the results. Instant coffee is indeed very high if you eat a whole cup of the undiluted powder.

Done with carnivore

I suspect I would do better without coffee. I can tell my stress levels are better without. It’s just really hard to stay off coffee.

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I call it “carnivoroid” or “hypercarnivore” for a reason. I don’t feel the need to eliminate.

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Me every morning: oh crap, I’m awake. OH! I can have coffee!

Yes, I could live without it, but why would I??


Some days, I do go to bed excited because I can have coffee in the morning…

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This morning I was training fasted (leg day too) and I’ll admit the thing I was most looking forward to afterwards was a big mug of keto coffee.

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I think the final view on this is “you can, but I can’t because I can’t do anything without coffee”

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I lost and held a 4 lb loss. Damn coffee! :cowboy_hat_face::coffee: