Can you do keto without coffee? Why not?


I was listening to Dr. Salad. The carnivore doctor who says ‘radical’ a lot. One gets a lot of free radicals when listening to him.

Dr. Paul explains how coffee and tea can also deliver net negative results, especially in sensitive people. In here:

There is also this on a search of the keto forums:


I drink a Diet Mtn Dew most every day, drink coffee a few days each week, and have lost over 60lbs since June 1 of this year.

n=1, but you can take my caffeine out of my cold, dead hands

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Well okay then…Excuuusse me while I look for the body fat I unjustly lost drinking espresso everyday. By the way Franco, doing a BPEspresso Fat Fast this weekend, it’s too hot to cook and eat during my window anyway. I will check back in to tell you how many pounds I didn’t lose!



I sort of guessed the coffee drinkers would defend their favourite food drug. I enjoy a coffee in the late morning with an eggs based breakfast.

But there is more to learn, isn’t there? Didn’t we go low carb to break a food addiction, possibly manufactured by the processed foods industries? (and maybe the government to keep us as foggy brained drones?)

Again with the long-term outlook there are some concerns of using coffee as a staple, or a long-term support for ketogenic eating.

Surely we, for our sustainable health, would look at having coffee breaks? That is breaks from coffee. Maybe coffee cycling is more palatable, at least to consider, than cold turkey?

Exactly at 11m:00s Dr. Saladino notes his biochemical concerns in his reductionist and mechanistic approach to food: A bit further on he talks about tea and coffee as being a source of the oxalates plant toxin.


Steady on :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I just had a coffee.


Then you should definitely give it up! :grimacing:

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I’m not addicted to coffee. When I skip it nothing happens, no headaches or the typical caffeine withdrawal stuff. I just enjoy bitter dark things in life. Embrace the bitterness! :grin:

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I do not like coffee; I have tried it a few times on Keto, since everyone seems to love it. I don’t like anything bitter though, never have. I don’t like sour either. Since Keto now of course I don’t have anything sweet; however, things like cauliflower, or cabbage fried in butter now taste sweet to me =).

I love Tea though; green tea, and flavoured teas, both caffeinated and herbal (no caffeine) ones. I can easily drink tea plain now; but I often add Fats to them if I am having them at Lunch or Supper to increase my fats. If I have them outside of my eating times, I usually have them plain or with a tad of my almond milk.


I’m histamine-intolerant so I avoid all teas, I say as I lift my morning coffee and take a sip :slight_smile: Some have had issues with coffee and/or coffee brands, I think Carl noticed a brand spiking his insulin and Feldman mentioned coffee can have an impact on trigs, etc. I don’t know what it does to my body, I don’t test anything, but I know I love my morning coffee ritual :slight_smile:

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Agreed, and why I don’t eat spinach. But we have to draw the line somewhere! :wink:


As do I. Unfortunately I am by nature all sweetness & light so I require exogenous sources of dark & bitter :sweat_smile:

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Wish I could say that. When I skip it, I get an ugly headache every time. But I don’t actually have to drink coffee. I can pop a couple of caffeine tablets along with a few ibuprofen, and an hour later, bam ! I’m good as new :slight_smile:

Totally addicted, and do not care :wink:

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Of course you can, I’ve done it before and will be going back to it for a while when I’ve finished what I have. I don’t need scientific details as I know I’ve had success with it before.
Coffee is my only vice but I’m wise enough to know that time without it is good for me.


I have my coffee goggles on and I reckon there is an unhealthy amount of coffee drinkers in the keto forums. I am intrigued. And I wonder if it relates to that first step of giving up so many (false) carbohydrate friendships that make us hold our coffee cups closer to our chests.

I did try drinking tea. My wife returned from the United Kingdom as a tea drinker (and she is Italian!). It tastes like water with plants in it. The Indian spice chai teas are an interesting experiment as well.

Trust Dr, Salad to come along and try and wreck some more relationships. But as we proceed even our warm beverage friends may all eventually be usurped by bone broth.


That sounds a lot like a college/uni hangover cure

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Humm, It’s early and I’m rambling. Need more :coffee:

@FrankoBear Seems like you like poking a sleeping giant. Or in this case an awake giant. I’m open to the upside and downside.

But I’ve given up drinking wine to a point that I actually rather not but do occasionally have a glass and then wonder why I did that. Sounds like an addiction.

So I have an addiction to coffee and tea and look forward to it almost every day. I do go for a few days without it every 3 months or so.

I’ve cut plant consumption back but not given it up. I try to avoid spinach and minimize significantly how much plant material I consume. But dang, I still love my coffee.

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On these forums, one learns two very important lessons about coffee:

  • Coffee is helpful on keto, because it stimulates ketogenesis and fatty acid metabolism.
  • Coffee should be avoided at all costs on keto, because it inhibits ketogenesis and fatty acid metabolism.

Make of these what you will.

Note, however, that the word used is always “coffee,” never “tea” or “caffeine,” so the chemical(s) involved in the relevant effect of coffee (whatever that be) is/are something other than caffeine.

Since I regularly drink about a pot of coffee a day and lost sixty pounds with no effort on my part since starting keto, I don’t see that coffee has a deleterious effect. BTW, I’ve gone caffeine-free several times over the years, and after about two weeks, the addictive effects (mostly headache and irritability) vanish.


On the 2KD podcast with Amber o’Hearn she mentioned the interaction she’s seen with coffee drinkers, regular and decaf, affecting the lipid profile/LDL best I remember.

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And that’s the reason that Dave Feldman requests people not have coffee before the blood draw, if they want to report their lipid numbers to him.