Cacao Butter - the Super Butter

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Take a gander at post # 4
Again, mine was 2 lbs for $22. Should last a long time.

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I was adding cocoa butter to my coffee or melting it and pouring it over berries to harden and form a sort of white chocolate crust. I’ve been tiptoeing slowly toward carnivore though, so I’ve been adding bison tallow to my coffee instead. The smell of the bison tallow coffee really reminds me of a doughnut shop, I’m guessing because some places, at least when I was still eating doughnuts, would fry them in tallow.

I can’t find information on the fatty acid profile of bison unfortunately so I’m not really sure how it compares. If anyone knows how much stearic acid is in grass fed bison tallow I’d love to know!

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I use this sight often. Looks like 50% of sat fat and 20% of total fat. Very similar to beef tallow. Never thought about putting tallow in coffee… might try that!

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Cocoa butter has the clear smell of chocolate and the faint taste of chocolate but sometimes I get the feeling someone is talking about COCOA not cocoa butter or cocoa nibs. Completely different things.

I have it in my coffee every morning now, about 16-17g total, along with some quality cacoa, heavy cream, and some unsweetened vanilla almond milk to lighten it up some.

I don’t have to blend it. Unlike butter or coconut oil it does not leave any oil floating on the surface of the coffee. At least, the brand I have.

But it IS super pricey.

I’ve talked about this on three thread in the last week lol but I will mention it again here – if you melt the stuff in a pan you can pour it into silicone molds, or melt cacoa into it and pour it into molds, keep those in a ziploc in your freezer, and then toss them in coffee in the morning. Since its original form is a bit cumbersome.

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If not bought a a local butcher
Link please?:grinning:

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Please link to the product. I’m missing it on Dr Jockers site. Thanks.

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The only one I’ve seen around is EPIC’s bison tallow. I’ll put a link below to it on Amazon, but I wouldn’t get it there. It’s $11 if you order online from Thrive Market, and they have it at most Whole Foods for $12 or $13.

Don’t know why it’s so much more expensive on Amazon.

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2 lbs for $21.94 shipping free

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I found some at my local grocery and bought a bag. It is the nearly white stuff in chunks, that is not quite as hard as candle wax. I found it great as a supplemental fat during my recent 48 hour fast, for when my body seemed like it really wanted something. I just broke off a very small piece and let it slowly dissolve in my mouth. Not a particularly strong chocolate flavor, but the fat seemed to help reduce a desire to just end the fast early.

It definitely wasn’t something that I think I would ever develop a craving for, but it was not unpleasant. Which is ideal, really - a food that delivers energy, does not boost insulin, contains good nutrients, and is not likely to trigger overeating. Exactly what I need sometimes - a snack that turns off the snacking signal.

When I want just a pure chocolate, that has the full chocolate taste (minus sugar) I go with an actual chocolate that contains the cocoa solids as well. Like Monetzuma’s 100% Absolute Black or Guittard 100% unsweetened baking bars. A little goes a long way there. I will nibble on a square of it along with coffee. Takes me a while to go through a whole bar - days to weeks. I treat it less as a food and more like a supplement.

I got this stuff. It was on sale:

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I don’t know how, sorry…


FYI everyone, being that there are child labor and enslaved labor issues with some cacao plantations (in Africa at least), look for the Fair Trade association of the supplier.

Today I used just a tblsp of the raw cacao in my coffee, and it wasn’t as bitter, it was quite nice (though still not as ecstatic, I’m now wondering if that neurotrophic high experience was an initial response that can’t be repeated quite with a daily intake - life’s like that sometimes). :coffee:


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I posted a couple of days ago about having more energy my first day with cocoa butter… I tried it again yesterday and it seems to have worked again. I got more stuff done and did it without forcing myself (like I often do for Sunday chores). Just a peppier feeling in general. I think I was also less annoyed by minor annoyances.

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Did you buy some of it? My wife and I are enjoying it. I’m going to eat quite a bit of it the next few weeks, then check my lipids and how they’ve improved.
How many miles did you get in on your bike this week?

Breakfast with Bubba
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No. I’m still eating my way through the 1 pound bag I bought last week from one of my local health food stores. I’d prefer to purchase locally if possible. There is an African market in Vancouver that has both cocoa and shea butters - cosmetic grade. I want to check it out because it might suffice if it’s not adulterated with other additives and will be cheaper than health food store prices.

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Zero! The view from my balcony. It was -6°C overnight and is -5°C now. I’m a fair weather biker. The last time I rode in sub-freezing temps I ran over a patch of ice, went down instantly and broke the handlebars. This occurred on another recumbent I owned previously.

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I tried it in coffee, but don’t really like the taste. Chocolate and coffee are both fine, but I don’t want to mix them :slight_smile: I started to make some mean chocolate though. Cocoa butter, some lecithin, inulin, cocoa, a bit salt as base recipe, maybe a touch of stevia. Mix with crushed macadamias that’s just like Reese’s, but better. Chili/coconut is good too. Will have my first go at white chocolate tomorrow :slight_smile:

As posted in the other thread I’ll try palm oil though. Palmite should work almost exactly as stearite from a protons point of view.

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This could be cocoa butter’s new slogan.

Cocoa butter: You’ll be less annoyed by minor annoyances. :grin:

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I bought one of these to grate cocoa/cacao butter. Makes it much easier to mix with other stuff, like my 20% yogurt. The only downside is the thing’s made out of plastic and static electricity attracts the butter particles. So, small accessory brush is needed. Also, good idea to grate over a large bowl. Guess how I know.