But what if I want low fat cheese?

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Please, keep in mind that I’m a beginner, not very educated about how “low fat” products affected the Keto diet or not, I just started to learn very recently… that’s why I made a post asking about it. Some of you are judging my post with a very defensive attitude. Try to see the things from another perspective and try to understand what I mean…I FEEL ENTHUSIASTIC about the fact that I CAN FINALLY eat a lot of cheese. For now, as a long time cheese lover’s mind, too much cheese it’s not enough! Explained the reasons several times.

I’m adjusted to a 1,240 calories deficit, 100 grams of FAT per day…I bet you, as a man, with your body composition eats way more than that, can’t compare (even thought everything is relative) NOT all the fat that I include in my 1 and ONLY meal a day is composed out of cheese, there’s my heavy cream in the coffee, coconut, almond flour, meat (avoid butter to not overpass) nuts, coconut oil, Omega 3, etc… and sometimes I have to lower some of these food quantity from my food diary to not overpasses my macros. DISCIPLINE and SACRIFICE with my macros and calories intake it’s what have take me here almost 40 pounds less and totally FIT…honestly BEST SHAPE IN MY LIFE!!

I see my calories and macros like :moneybag::moneybag:, I have it to spend it on ingredients and food without getting into debt. Most of the time I want to BUY MORE but run out of CASH!! By now, I want to enjoy and squeeze the great things in this way of eating (which is totally NEW for me) at least for now as I’m starting this new way of feeding.

I feel like a Fcking kid with a new toy, as I said. Beginners makes mistakes. Help, don’t judge. Understand.


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And my question was clear: Why would a cheese lover want to eat the crap that is low-fat cheese?

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Idk…maybe because I’m pretty cheap and not a cheese expert? Keep in mind that I come from YEARS of eating a high carb diet, always incorporated low fat cheese into my diet as per restriction and 'balanced" diet, because I come from a ingrained paradigm which TOO MUCH cheese could give pretty bad cholesterol and pimples with the size of many planets …it’s a matter of habit…or what do you think? that because I’m a cheese lover I’m used to eat “Pule” and “Camembert”??..and even those full fat cheese that you (or maybe only me) eat from the local supermarket are CRAP compared to high class cheese made out of holy french and Italian donkey’s milk.

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Time to embrace proper cheese then, high fat and low carb, especially now you’re coming to realise that the “balanced” diet rules you’ve previously lived by are lies.

It’s true what others have said about anything labelled as “low fat” meaning higher carbs and that’s really not what you want to do.

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How many grams of protein are you consuming each day?


I would challenge you to keep total grams of carbs under 20, eat OMAD, and try to gain weight.

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For what its worth, ever day for 16 months I’ve eaten cheddar, blue and cream cheese and it works for me. I’d eat other types too, and to original poster, I too love it!

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I am truly entertained by this thread. Man…you really love cheese don’t you. Substitute cheese for eggs. https://youtu.be/VHzVHmmHHPk

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The original poster is still very new at this. It takes a while to get the appetite worked out for many. It did for me. There was a time when I was hungry and wanted to eat a lot of food. And then the appetite dropped way back and I didn’t want to eat 3 full sized dinner plates at every meal.

This stuff takes time. In the beginning, I think it’s way more important to keep the carbs low and maybe a little secondary focus on getting a reasonable amount of protein. Not being afraid of good fats is also a good thing and has a lot of variation depending on where a person is coming from. I’m also wondering whether the one meal a day was because that’s what the OP thought they were supposed to do or whether that’s just their natural inclination. I know when I first started, I wouldn’t have been satisfied on one meal a day.

My perception may be off but it feels like someone who’s eaten keto for a week wants to have the experience of someone having eaten keto for 6 months. It just doesn’t happen like that. It takes time.

It kinda reminds me of those “news” articles where some reporter tries to eat keto for a week and declares to high heaven how horrible it is and how it didn’t work for them. Um… they never really got started.

No offense intended if I am misreading. Good luck!


I’m going to try to eat 2 pounds of cream cheese today for science.

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If that were inside of salami wraps with pickles I’d be ALL IN!

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I should try that with bacon.

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I think you are misunderstanding @Juice. Any low-fat anything is crap IMO. And to satisfy the low-fat dogma that has been pushed on us for decades the food companies add all sorts of other stuff (sugar, chemicals) to get the low-fat levels.

Not talking expensive or exotic cheeses. Just full fat cheddars and other regular cheap cheeses. Whole milk mozzarella is harder to find but so much more creamier.

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I think you are misunderstanding him. While I love an exotic Euro cheese for a special occasional treat, I eat mostly what I can find in my local supermarket. The house brand cheddar cheese is a major ingredient in my keto bread.

You are new to this, in time the hunger will get less and less, the full fat will help that process along. It sounds like you have already lost a lot of weight, well done. . Unless you are very short, under 5’1", you are at a healthy weight. Maintaining should be your focus now.

Good luck on your Journey to good health and fitness.

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65 grams of Protein…and I keep net carbs at 18, maximum 20. Never overeat net carbs.

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65g of protein of cheese or combined?

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About the only time I reach for a cheese that’s not full fat is when making fathead dough of some kind. The recipes that I have call for a part skim mozzarella cheese (bought in a block) and not the soft stuff that is more commonly sold as a ball in a soft package. I don’t buy the already shredded cheeses. What I don’t know is if the “part skim” is actually “low fat” or whether it’s just a part of the process of getting mozzarella into a block rather than something too soft to make a block out of.

I recall being told that the softer mozzarella cheeses don’t work so well for fathead. If I’m wrong, please do tell, I wanna know.


I think that’s quite unusual for keto WOE. Quite normal for SAD tho.

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Everyone is different. I’ve never gotten the “you wont want to eat as much” feeling.