But what if I want low fat cheese?

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So yes, I was wondering, what if I buy low fat cheese so I can eat more of it. I do OMAD, which mean I want to eat GOOD since I fast for 23 hours a day. I was born a natural cheese lover, not kidding, since I was a kid I’ve always eaten cheese like a :mouse::cheese:…but sadly feeling guilty very time I did because it WAS FAT, and I’d get sick, and fat, and acne and one more millions things…BUT NOW, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:I CAN EAT CHEESE!!! I Rejoice on that, really! :partying_face:

Okay, going back to the subject, is there something wrong about eating low fat sour cream, cream cheese, sharp cheese, mayonnaise, etc…on keto?..less calories, less fat, MORE FOOD, equal calories+fat needed!..

By the way, what do you think about the Philadelphia cream cheese? is it keto friendly?

Another concern that I have: I’ve read “corn starch” on some of the ingredient’s label from some products, for example “Hellmann’s light mayonnaise” although it is ZERO carbs it does contains MODIFIED CORN STARCH listed on the ingredients…so does that me that because of that I should NOT eat the product at all?

Thanks, and really appreciate your help and suggestion.


I’ve eaten 6-8 ounces of this daily for the last 5 months :grimacing:.
I also eat 3-6 slices of pepper jack a day.
I also cant live without cheese.


I’m also OMAD and have no problems maintaining my weight eating all this cheese.
Are you finding it hard to hit your goals with all the cheese?

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No, but since I’m a glutton of cheese I want to put cheese on everything. I want more and more, oh, and the nuts, so I can introduce more nuts!!!:smirk: I’m currently consuming 100 grams of fat in my deficit.


Nuuuuuts are a slippery slope for me. Too many carbs in the dump truck worth of nuts I consume. They make me hungry the following day.

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Generally, low fat means more carbs. Just make sure you keep track of the carbs.

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I don’t understand your goal of being able to eat MORE, that seems to have a psychological piece to it that you might want to try and figure out, but when they remove or omit the fat they usually add sugar or chemicals.

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I love the Philly Cheese that you mention. I make great keto pancakes from it…


As a general rule, the ‘less fat’ or ‘reduced fat’ or ‘reduced calories’ versions of anything, means more carbs. Sometimes it can be SIGNIFICANTLY more. So you need to be careful with them. However, you can eat pretty much what you like as long as the totals fall within your targets.

I don’t know where you are in your keto journey but, once you’re fat adapted, you probably won’t want as much cheese (or food in general). If you’re just starting out, don’t worry about the calories in the cheese, just restrict the carbs and let the other macros be what they will, until you’re fat adapted.


I would definitely go with the less processed cheese i.e. normal fat not “low fat”, who knows how they tortured it to make it low fat. Could have less fat but higher carbs and more processing.

If you play your cards right you should be fully satiated and you won’t feel like eating more. But you do have to be sensible because if you eat double portions you will not loose weight keto or not.

Otherwise yeah, after many years on that miserable S.A.D I went a bit basistic when I first went keto. It’s as if I hadn’t eaten food before. To adjust I had to eat less.

Then weirdly I went overboard the other way and tried to survive on 1300 Cals a day, To adjust that I had to eat more …

Yes it’s a juggling act. The main thing is do not go over 20 or so carbs in the early days …


6-8 oz PER DAY :nauseated_face:

I’m sure I’d be sick. I eat 60g of Gorgonzola, 3 or 4 days a week, that’s enough for me.

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Can you post a link to this recipe?

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I understand your problem. One of my big frustrations about the keto way of eating is that I’m not hungry most of the time, and that means I eat much less bacon than I’d prefer. Yeah, sure, I could live happily eating only bacon, but there are so many other good keto foods that I’d still be frustrated.

On the other hand, since I am now metabolically healthy and also sixty pounds lighter, I think I’ll stay with the program. Other people have already explained why “low-fat” anything is not usually a good idea. If you really want to cram in the calories, go back to eating a high-carbohydrate diet. When eating that way, I could eat until almost the literal bursting point and still be hungry for more. Keto satisfies me so much that I have to stop eating long before that point, or I will start to feel ill. On the whole, and all things considered, I think I prefer the latter problem.

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It’s a sad reality we all have to accept. My butcher won’t even look me in the eye anymore…

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You want more fat, not more carbs, low fat cheese is not the answer. If you eat regular fat cheese you will do much better eating this way.

Fat is not the enemy.


I’m noticing the exact opposite. Eat more/crave more.

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Actually I only been on Keto for like, 5 days now.

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I’m a newbie to Keto. Only being on Keto for 5 days or so…I LOVE CHEESE, I’ve been deprived of eating a lot of it for some looong. I lost 35 pounds over the course of 1.5 years, I’m 118 pounds now and I want to squeeze it all… it’s ALL ABOUT to enjoy the transition. I feel like a :man_juggling: kid with a new favorite toy’s model. I do 1 meal a day and FAST 23 hours a day + FASTED 1 hour workout which make me pretty hungry after finishing…I think that’s completely understandable.

Oh yes!!! I want lots of cheese until I just need less of it. :cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese:


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But what’s the point of eating a lot of crap cheese? Surely less GOOD cheese is far better.