Bulletproof Coffee

(Guardian of the bacon) #61

We bought one (was more than $3) at one of those kitchen gadget stores at the mall. It has 3 AAA batteries instead of the standard 2 AAA and a bit more aggressive Whizzer head than the cheap one we had before. It is much more powerful and aggressive.


It’s a bit of an investment but a lot of kitchens already have a hand mixer (200w vs 300w mixer, i didn’t notice a difference) and the rambler is $30 but it will turn into your daily drinking vessel. Even with blending the coffee is still hot and stays hot due to the vacuum. I’ve used vitamix, multiple frothing wands, whisks etc but this way.

(mwall) #63

I use my ninja cup blender bought second hand for $40 if I add an egg.
But if I make it in a cup I just stir by hand and use a lid so I can keep the mix stirred throughout drinking. One BPC in the morning lasts me through the day until the very last cold drop early afternoon. :wink:

(suzanna) #64

I’ve been using the vitamix and it’s quick and efficient. After pouring “unicorn fuel” into my mug I add two drops of dish soap to vita mix fill half full water and buzz on high. Quick rinse and it’s clean and ready for next use. Super easy. I want to mix my own spices and Cacao so it’s super easy to take on the road
already posted my version of excellent “flavored” coffee above

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Amen! #Keto4Life!


After you premix your unicorn fuel - how much do you add to coffee - a couple tsp?

(Dennis Herrera) #67

I’m a bit let proof drinker myself. Each morning have two cups loaded either butter, heavy weight cream and coconut oil. This keeps my body happy until late afternoon where I Jay feel a tiny bit of hunger but I can always hold until dinner. I’m 6 months in.

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Good idea. I use a hand blender in this four ounce beaker but the Yeti would be more efficient.

(Larry Ozenberger) #69

I meant four cup https://www.amazon.com/Catamount-CG4489-Glassware-4-Cup-Measure/dp/B008POOFIG/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1483718218&sr=8-3&keywords=catamount+glass LOL

(suzanna) #70

I haven’t premixed yet. Gotta do the math and figure out a ratio!


I have drank bpc since starting keto. I typically use it as a pre-workout and breakfast in one. I usually add mct oil, coconut milk or heavy cream, zero carb protein powder, fiber supplement, creatine, and glutamine. I sometimes add a raw egg. I workout at 430am so this is perfect for me and most days I don’t have my first meal till noon.

(Laura ) #72

I used to be a drink my coffee “the way it was born please, black - thank you” until I made my first BPC. it’s become my morning ritual to start the coffee maker and drop the butter, coconut oil, HWC, and a small splash of SF Torani coffee flavoring into a mixing container. (Favorite so far is vanilla or hazelnut) I’ve started experimenting with the ingredients just a bit, substituting with small amounts of coconut manna, or cocoa butter and I Love LOVE my cuisinart immersion blender for this! Best part is, I’m good until after noon or so, with zero hunger pains. Bonus: the coconut oil is great for my lips while I’m enjoying it!

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I don’t have the Ninja cup blender, just the regular pitcher type. The first time I used mine for BPC it melted the gasket in the lid! Now I use my immersion blender.

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I look pictures of my BPC process this morning. (Home for a snow day!)
Ingredients: 2 K-cups, Kerrygold unsalted, coconut oil, cinnamon, egg, optional sugar free flavoring if I’m in the mood.

Dump everything but the egg in a large mason jar:

Brew 2 cups of coffee:

Add the egg and blend with immersion blender. I wait to add the egg so that it does not cook when the hot coffee is brewed over it.

When I open a new block of kerrygold, I slice it into eighths so that I don’t have to guess each day.

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Some people are just damn organized…wish I was more like that. :weary:

(I like to post memes!) #76

Nah, but I take pleasure in making perfect slices!

(michael) #77

I put half a teaspoon of Stevia - Erythritol sweetener, 1 teaspoon of instant coffee or 1 shot, 1/4 cup thickened cream and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and blend then pour into large cup and it is like a latte with a creamy after taste. I usually have a cup afer returning from the gym after work as I get home in the morning as I do night shift. As far as nutrients it is just a good way to add fat to your day if you have not got enough in for the day or just a hunger stopper. My family can see me losing weight but they think I am stupid and will cause me to have a heart attack but I am healthier than they are so I will Keto on.

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I love Penzey’s Cinnamon!

(mwall) #79

Whaaaaaaat??? WoW I’ve not had any problem at all. Did you contact them
for a replacement?? They will certainly help you with that. BUT, how in the
world did that happen??? I mean if you were using the locking lid pitcher
blender for a bpc surely it couldn’t reach up that high with that much
heat??? Holy cow! Sorry to hear it!

“Happiness is a man’s greatest achievement; it is the response of his
total personality to a productive orientation toward himself and the world
-Erich Fromm

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@mwall, no I didn’t contact them, I’ve had this for a few years so I’m sure it’s out of warranty. It still functions fine, just all bubbled up. Love using my stick blender, much easier to clean!!