Bulletproof Coffee

(nicolerecine) #41

I like coffee black but I do have blended egg yolks and MCT oil mixed with hot water everyday. For me, it prevents weight loss because I am generally not hungry enough to maintain weight based on hunger. This is an easy way to get fat calories when I am not hungry without feeling too full. I would tend to discourage drinking fat drinks for weight loss unless it was truly replacing a full meal.

Drinking fat just to raise ketones if your goal is fat loss seems counter intuitive. Correct me if I’m wrong?

(Anna Hermsdorfer) #42

This! This is my new (old) favorite. I tried it on my early days of keto and kind of forgot about it. Now it’s my new treat.

BPC is okay, but primal egg coffee is my fave.

(Jeanette Peterson ) #43

Thank you! That was really interesting and informative.

ETA: this was supposed to attach to the insulin index link!

(Antony Collins) #44

I just like the taste of it anyway. I have one each morning with coconut oil, MCT oil, Grass Fed Butter and heavy creme…its delicious. Normally I dont eat breakfast after having it as I make a large batch.

(Dustin Cade) #45

I drink coffee every morning with butter and coconut oil, I have had this just about every day since I’ve been Keto, i find that it keeps me satisfied all day. I’ll eat lunch like once a week, so i really just have my BPC and dinner… I’m not hungry, I don’t get jittery, I feel clear headed, alert, and i’m able to work all day with out needing to go find food. I will have a few pickles or olives during the day, just to get salt…

(Keto in Katy) #46

Same here, no butter but I do add some heavy cream. It is like rocket fuel for me, I feel energized and alert for hours. Hardly ever eat anything before noon.

(suzanna) #47

This is what I’ve been drinking for breakfast -modified unicorn fuel. It’s wonderful, and let me tell you that I HATE, despise even, any kind of flavored coffee. So this is huge for me, better than hwc and really can’t say that about much in this world…,

Suzannas version of unicorn fuel:
2 cups coffee (16 oz)
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 tablespoon grass fed butter
1 teaspoon cacao
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon turmeric
pinch of cayenne

Zip in the vitamix til frothy and drink! I’m happy til 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon


I lucked out and found the best way to blend it every morning.

A Cuisinart hand blender fits perfectly in the mouth of a 18oz Yeti Rambler. Everything mixes better, you have more control plus you don’t have to clean anything like you would with a vitamix. Just splash the blade attachment under hot water for 2 seconds. The ridge around the top of the Yeti keeps all the liquid in when blending and when your done the yeti keeps it warm all day. I have the larger size too and it works the same.

I keep my recipe pretty simple

Hario V60 / Bonmac PourOver or French Press Coffee (1:15 ratio)
1.5 Tbsp Grassfed Ghee
1.5 Tbsp C8 Oil (KetoMCT or Brain Octane)

(Greg Trantham) #49

Same here, I’ll have coffee with heavy cream to keep from snacking, or to replace a meal. It’s a tool in my keto toolbox.


My version of BPC has evolved into:

  • one strong coffee made with Aeropress
  • a spoonful of mascarpone
  • a splash of hwc
  • and a “whatever I feel like this morning” -sized swig of mct oil.

Put in Mason jar and shake vigorously then top off with no-sugar almond milk.

(mwall) #51

@carolT if the coffee goes in the jar hot how do you shake and not have strong pressure spewing when you open it back up? Also do you think cream cheese would sub for the mascarpone? Interesting twist. :wink:

(G. Andrew Duthie) #52

For the heat, you might just open it over the sink.

Cream cheese has two downsides:

  1. It’s harder to dissolve, so you would need to blend rather than shake.
  2. Cream cheese (in my experience) has a higher carb count than mascarpone. Something to be careful with.

Would probably be quite tasty, though. :grinning:

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #53

If this tastes as good as it sounds I’ll be in heaven. I have 6 containers of mascarpone in my frig waiting for inspiration!

(G. Andrew Duthie) #54

Yes, it really IS that good!

(mwall) #55

Thanks for chiming in Andrew. Yes, duh, over the sink. BUT the problem is
the pressure spews HOT so just wondering if there’s some trick I’ve not
thought of.

On the carbs… the marscapone is .6 per ounce and the cream cheese is 1
per ounce if you use the 1/3 less fat version. So yep, more carbs. :frowning:

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-Erich Fromm


The jar doesn’t build up much pressure at all from the shaking. It doesn’t expand nearly as much as a real blender. You can also press down on the center of the lid while unscrewing the ring slightly then letting it vent.


I find the taste of mascarpone to be very close to hwc and it enhances the coffee flavor more per serving. But try the cream cheese and see if it works. I let the mascarpone melt in some hot water while I’m making the coffee.


Hmm - I think his is good stuff here. I to am put off by the mess and menagerie of making this happen, but you have simplified the process. I know I am whimpy and should just get over it - but I need simple and this is the best I have heard yet. The hand blender and yeti combo could be cats meow.

I also fear this because I like hot coffee in the morning… I am fearful any of this will make it tepid. I know I could nuke it but not in a rambler.


(Doug Morris) #59

Ikea sell a battery powered milk frother for $3.
They work great for making BPC and clean with a quick rinse under the tap.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #60

You can also get them on Amazon cheap (though I didn’t see any for $3).

I use one frequently, though I tend to break out the immersion blender if I’m using coconut oil or MCT, because I find those harder to get blended with the frother.