Bulletproof Coffee

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Hi all,

I was keto for about a month…adored it, and then a one week trip home demolished that. Boo. Anyway, I’m bskc on track for a few days now, and was just about to try my first bulletproof coffee, yay!

When I looked up the recipe, this is the first thing that popped up. The overall concern is the lack of nutrients in bulletproof coffee and lack of research. I’m sure many of you have been the website and know it’s generally in favor of this diet.

Here’s the article: https://authoritynutrition.com/3-reasons-why-bulletproof-coffee-is-a-bad-idea/


Bulletproof Coffee or not?
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skip all the way down to the conclusion “All of this being said, I do believe that bulletproof coffee can work for some people… especially for people who are on a ketogenic diet.”

The only danger I see is possibly drinking daily bpc while on a SAD diet

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That’s what I was thinking. I wasn’t sure if it may contribute to the keto flu because of the drop in nutrients.


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Don’t walk into some FaceBook groups drinking one - they’ll tar, feather and ride you out on a rail.

In the early days as I was becoming adapted I drank keto coffees maybe once a week, until one day I found I just didn’t feel hungry at breakfast so I skipped it and I don’t think I’ve had too many since.

As for nutrients, there are micro-nutrients in coffee, and essential vitamins and micro-nutrients in a good butter. I’m not talking about industrial butter, but cultured butter made from the milk of grass fed cattle. Likewise I have freshy made espresso, not folgers crystals.

So it’s not the nutritional wasteland that it’s reputed to be.


Keto flu is usually from people not getting enough salt while they adapt to being in ketosis, FYI. Drink a couple cups of bouillon or salty broth per day and you’ll be golden.


I only have a BPC (just coffee and coconut oil) for breakfast almost every day.
For lunch: meat and salad, for dinner meat and veggies.
This for about 6 months now - though at times I haven’t been as strict with the way of eating. Like for vacations and now during the holidays.
I think you should be fine nutrient wise if your other meals are varied and you get vitamins and minerals from them.


I really enjoy BPC. Most days I only eat one meal a day. I’m almost never hungry when I wake up, but at around 10 or 11 am I’ll enjoy a nice BPC, which almost always will keep me satiated until dinner time. The way I look at it is that its a great way to get more fat in your diet, and since I’m only eating once a day anyway, I’m getting more nutrients that if I was only drinking water.

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For me, BPC is a meal replacement. I saw a lot of posts from people having a BPC along with bacon/eggs/cheese/extra butter. For me, that’s fine as long as it is my only meal of the day. There is so much fat in BPC that you should be satiated for a while and not need a meal with it.

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Keto coffees, teas and other beverages is an effective tool for me and a rich source to too many calories if I don’t pay attention.

I love a pat o’ butter in coffee with a steak and eggs. I also love the info out there on the potential mitigation of dementia development. So I do use a tsp CO most every day.

The point that burning fat in the body begins with the fat you consume is best acknowledged and factored into one’s measures. To ignore such plain truth is to revert back to the some of the nonsensical ways of eating life slipped down my throat the first 50 years of my life. Now I don’t know about y’all but I ain’t got time for that! :yellow_heart:

(Terri) #10

I think that BPC has its place for some folks and not for others. I use much less fat (and no butter) in my morning BPC. I do not eat a meal with it. I like it as a way to get in my MCT oil and my caffeine. I imagine that some folks over do it with BPC and do not factor it in appropriately when assessing their daily intake of food and nutrients.

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I agree with Richard. After a while, I just didn’t need it any longer.


That is true in the case of MCTs, as they are given priority in the liver. As for other fatty acids, they are stored using insulin after eating a meal but are not necessarily the first to be used for fuel. It depends on what the body wishes to pull out of storage and what it chooses to stockpile for later. There’s only maybe 25g of fat in the blood at any given time and it’s all different fatty acids going to various locations and purposes.

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There’s nothing wrong with BPC, but it’s a high calorie low nutrient density beverage. I like the caffeine + fat combo, but I usually don’t go full BPC. I just drink coffee with heavy cream and occasional scoop of MCT powder. There’s also nothing wrong with going “BPC lite”, by halving the MCT and butter.

I also find it’s harder to fast if I start my day with a BPC. Ironically though, it kills my hunger for much of the day.

It might be the liquid willpower you need to get through a workday of sugary snacks and other office garbage.

(Kerri Hines) #14

I think the potential problem with it is within the group of folks that believe keto is all about eating fat with your fat with fat on top and keto sweets and bread replacements and toddler sized portions of protein.
800 calories of “BPC” that actually isn’t because it has cream and cocoa powder and Splenda too, then having 3 chicken wings and soul bread soaked in butter with some peanut butter and chocolate fat bombs for lunch and again as a midday snack before dinner, and then 1/4 lb hamburger with cheese and mayo and minimal broccoli (because carbs) also smothered in cheese and butter followed by another BPC and “keto cookies” before bed.
I don’t know how anyone could sustain that from a nutrient standpoint for very long. Sure sounds yummy though right?!?!

(Larry Lustig) #15

I think you’re confounding three distinct issues here:

  1. People who eat a lot of fat.
  2. People who eat a lot of “replacement” foods like keto bread and sweets.
  3. What the right amount of protein to eat is, if any.

All potentially interesting, but all different issues. Together, they add up to a caricature of ketogenic eating.

(Kerri Hines) #16

Exactly! I think it’s those confounding things that are potentially scary. I see this kind of talk all the time in certain groups.
Three points that wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t being misunderstood as defining what keto is. In some groups these are the key points of “how to keto” and I don’t have anything against the food replacements as occasional foods, I think they are problematic as daily foods.


Who actually eats like that though? Nobody I have ever come across.


YES. A caricature that is taken by many as being the norm.

(Kerri Hines) #19

Unfortunately I see it quite often in some facebook groups. Some groups are fine with the use of artificial sweeteners and keto treats on a daily basis but dare eat a few carrot shavings on a salad and be shamed.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #20

Simple solution for me, when I want to bump up the nutrient content is to use my immersion blender to blend in an egg (I use eggs from a local farmer, so I’m less concerned about raw eggs, plus if the coffee is hot enough, long enough, it’ll “cook” the egg sufficiently).

Add a little cinnamon and nutmeg, and I have a nice eggnog latte, and a good bit of nutrient content.