Bulletproof Coffee


Lol. Yes I hear you. I have had a huge argument about carrots before!

(Scott Shillady) #22

baby corn is so much better

(Kevin Gormley) #23

BPC works great for me. Breakfast is the toughest meal for me to fix as I wake up and run out the door. I have read/watched all the info on coconut oil being great for brain health. I put coconut oil and a little heavy cream and I feel awesome until lunch time. If ~ 70% of nutritional intake comes from fat AND fat does NOT raise insulin much, BPC gives me a few more hours of low insulin state and once again I FEEL GREAT. If someone eats breakfast and gets too many calories from things like BPC then it makes sense to limit it. A Well formulated Ketogenic diet is important but having a personalized plan that can be ENJOYED for the long-term is important too. I enjoy BPC and wake up happy with great anticipation of my beverage.


I think a lot of what you see are recipes for keto treats in keto groups. Because, well, you need a recipe for them. No one posts a recipe for a salad or a steak, or a can of sardines, which is what they likely ate before the keto cookie for desert. If you just browse through the pictures then it looks like what the diet it’s based on. Many people need that keto bread when they get started to make the diet less restrictive feeling.

I vote for having another thread for “What we actually eat” very soon. Where we take pictures of our meals and snacks for a typical day and make a collage. @Daisy

(Alix Hayden) #25

I like this a lot @carolT. I’m kinda over treats. I was never a baker or treat maker before keto, and after about a year I was like - I hate “baking”!! So I gave up and just eat boring keto. Literally, no sarcasm. :slight_smile:


Daisy started a Facebook post for the daily meal pics a month or so ago. It was great, but it got buried in about 2 days.

(Richard Morris) #27

it got FaceBooked :nofb:

(Terri) #28

@1Secondactcpa I have stopped putting anything in mymornibg BPC other than MCT/coconut oil to avoid insulinogenic response. I was under the impression session that buttter or HWC may still cause an insulinogenic response, so I skip them until I am ready to start feeding for the day. Have you read anything specifically about this?

(Genevieve Biggs) #29

I find BPC doesn’t fill me up like it’s supposed to, so I treat it like a treat. I don’t have it everyday.


Marty Kendall has a chart of the insulin response to foods here:

Butter is in the lower left corner and near-zero.

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Ahhhhhh @carolT, I’m starting to feel at home in the Forum with red cardinal posts on articles. I have too many of your article posts bookmarked in FB and unread because it’s a pain to search through. I’m looking forward to the reading library building in the Forum & I can delete the FB bookmarks :tada::sparkles:

(ketohealthclub) #32

Maybe when I’m no longer trying to lose weight I’ll drink BPC. For now, it’s a tremendous waste of calories (and non-nutritional). There wouldn’t be a point in my drinking it in my current condition.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #33

Except, for weight loss, it’s not about calories. It’s about burning fat. If you want to fast, that’s one thing, but if your goal is weight loss, the formula is:

  • Reduce carbs to minimal levels (20g or less - though it varies from person to person)
  • Sufficient protein to maintain lean body mass
  • Fat to satiation

Nothing about calories. And the assumption that BPC is non-nutritional ignores that if you’re using pastured or cultured butter, there are some nutrients to be had there.

If you don’t want to drink BPC, that’s totally your call. But I think calories aren’t a good reason to avoid it.

(Terri) #34

Thanks @carolT!

(ketohealthclub) #35

That’s cool. I definitely disagree and don’t find adding kerrygold et al to be enough to make BPC valid in my regimen. But there are as many variations of keto as there are ketoers! We learn from each other. I find I learn as much from those I disagree with as I do from like-minded people.

EDITED to add, in all fairness, I do drink coffee with heavy whipped cream. It has lower calories, but certainly doesn’t offer a slew of nutrients).

(ketohealthclub) #36

Exactly! What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. So rather than bash, I always explain why something doesn’t work for me. My coffee w/cream habit isn’t too far off from BPC. LOL!

(Scott Shillady) #37

I find having 400 calories in a bpc, a lot more beneficial to weight los than eating much more than that in a breakfast and lunch.the fat in my bpc keeps me totally satiated so I only eat one meal a day

(Kevin Gormley) #38

@Marty_Kendall I was going to answer Terri’s question above using your website but someone beat me to it. My question Marty is do you have data on heavy whipping cream? I know there are heavy cream and heavy whipping cream with the former being better and easy to test but our Costco in Tennessee only has HWC. Any comments based on research would be appreciated about Heavy cream’s (and/or heavy whipping cream’s) effect on insulin response. @Terri

(mwall) #39

The difference is the amount of fat. Whipping cream is less so the result is lighter and fluffier for topping things. Heavy cream (same as ‘heavy whipping cream’) IS whipping cream but with more fat so the result is denser and heavier. :yellow_heart:

(Mark) #40

Tried it ,couldn’t handle the taste I like coffee flavored coffee not buttered flavor