Bourbon / whiskey recommendations


(Jenny Andersson Ilgenfritz) #41

Costco is the best!!! Have you tried Willett? Pretty good too

(Crippie) #42

I have not! I was soooooo close to buying a bottle of their single barrel just because of that beautiful bottle it comes in, but held off. Someone said the price was more for the bottle than for the whiskey so I went for something else that time. I think thats when I picked up Hibiki instead.

(Mike W.) #43

It’s not that good. I bought it for the pot still bottle which looks great on my bar.


I second the Blanton’s recommendation, that has to be one of the smoothest bourbons I’ve ever had. At $80 per bottle I have to ration it a little but I cannot recommend it enough.

(Chris) #45

Angels Envy is fabulous stuff. Im a noob bourbon dabbler, so It has really helped get me in the spirit

Fan of the Elijah Craig-Jefferson bourbons.

(Trish) #46

I really like 40 Creek Spike on the rocks.

(Jenny Andersson Ilgenfritz) #47

I haven’t tried that one!

(Jenny Andersson Ilgenfritz) #48

Yes, I do like Angels envy too!

(Nathanael Schulte) #49

My favorites (I highly recommend - they have local stores around St. Louis, but they ship also):
- Smooth: Glenfiddich 15 Year or Oban 14 Year

- Smoky: Bowmore 15 Year Darkest - this one is my absolute favorite. I’m able to find it for about $68/750mL.

And my wife got me this for Father’s Day a couple years ago - quite good!:

- Bulleit (either regular or 10 year, I don’t personally notice much difference)

- Missouri Spirits Bourbon
- Larceny (John E. Fitzgerald) - might be the best taste for the money. I can find it for about $21/750mL

(Nathanael Schulte) #50

Ever tried this one?


Is this in regards to my “peated” comment? You’re saying this might be a good entry level peated scotch? If so I’ll pick up a bottle. I want to learn to like it, and it’s one of those things I’m fairly certain I will enjoy one day. It’s just going to take the proper exposure.

(Nathanael Schulte) #52

Yes, I would say so. My favorite before that was Oban, which is very smooth and not peaty at all. This is a very rich flavor all around, I was surprised how much I liked it when I first tried it.

(Mark Kenyon II) #53

We had a nutrition adviser come to work, and highlighted that alcohol stops normal digestion… so recommended not drinking with a meal, but maybe later.

That said, I like Even Williams Single Barrel bourbon. Watch out that it’s the Single Barrel… not their normal stuff (which is just okay).


For non-scotch whiskey I really love Four Roses and Makers Mark.

(Kirk) #55

Planning a few drams of this for my birthday next weekend. I’ve been dry since new years except for a few minor indulgences in Jamacia on vacation in March. Down 35 pounds since December and keto for a month now. Happy birthday to me.


That’s an excellent whisky!

(Andrea) #57

In a moment of weakness I agree with my neighbour that we’d sample every whisky in Scotland. It’s (at least!) a 5-10 year plan! We’re about 25 down so far and about another 70 to go.

Some that have shone so far:
Springbank 10 - clean, crisp. One of my top 5 whiskies. Plus it’s one of the few independent distilleries left.
Bunnahabhain 12 - AMAZING. Think this has been everyone’s favourite so far.
Glen Keith - one that used to be used in blends a lot so is quite new on the UK market (I believe). For UK people you can sometimes pick it up cheap at Co-op.
Aberfeldy 12 - lovely dram and even nicer bottle!
Benromach, Glenfarclas both also worth a mention.

For an Irish one to try: Connemara Peated Whiskey. For those in the UK you can sometimes pick this up really cheap at Duty Free at the airport (last time I saw it at £23 a bottle which is ridiculously cheap).


What a great challenge!

I’ve got my faves (Ardbeg, Laphroaig, bruichladdich, Springbank) so breaking out and trying new single malts is a problem for me. Good luck.


Can you compare this to the Glen family or McMallan or another top shelf brand?

(Bunny) #60