Bourbon / whiskey recommendations


(Steve) #61

Just about everyone on my father’s side of the family are rum drinkers. Can’t stand the stuff myself (but I would have a rum & Coke when my Grandfather would offer it, out of courtesy). He did eventually catch on…heh…he should have earlier (my Grandmother drank scotch & soda).

Whiskey is like food - people need to try as many varieties as they can, so they can find the ones that most suit their pallet. Me, I usually pick up a bottle of Glenlivet, but will occasionally splurge for Glenmorangie (my current favourite).

I’m a little odd that I also like Irish whiskeys. Not just in my coffee either. :slight_smile:

(Andrea) #62

That Glenlivet is a whisky without the ‘e’

Source: am persnickety Scots woman :wink:

(CJ Young) #63

I have three whiskey’s on hand at all times. I have my cheaper stuff for cooking/general drinking which is either bullet rye or whatever’s about 30$ or under a bottle and looks interesting. Maker’s Mark (45$) is one of my all time favorites so I usually have that around as my mid bottle. Also, Japanese whiskey’s are taking off and I like Kaiyo (65$). My very favorite is called Whistle Pig, it’s out of Vermont. Might be hard to find elsewhere but it has won a lot of awards. I don’t drink it often because it is 100$ a bottle but I always have it for special drinking occasions. I go through maybe one of those bottles every year/year and a 1/2 or so. They do also have a special reserve version that’s 250$ a bottle that I’ve always wanted to try so I might splurge on that next time. These are just the rough prices where I live, might be different where you are.

I should add that I’m an American Rye lover for the most part. But I only figured that out after going to a spirit’s tasting. You should see if there is one near you or if you have a friend in the restaurant business they might be able to take you to one if you ask.

(Peter) #64

Hi Crippie,
Love your choices. I have been a Scotch neat drinker (among other things) for many years and could never enjoy Bourbon neat until a recent trip to New York where I visited Kings County Distillery. Wow, loved it instantly. Sadly, I live in Australia and can only get more at double the price of what I paid at the distillery. Give it a try.

(Mark Carrigher) #65

Big islay fan. The smoke is where whiskies at IMO


This! Lagavulin 16 is my favorite scotch.

For bourbons, I’ve enjoyed the following (no clear favorite yet):
Rabbit Hole finished in sherry casks
Bulliet (Target carries this. super convenient when doing Target runs)
Maker’s 46

(John) #67

If you liked that, another similar bourbon is Amador Whiskey Company Double Barrel Bourbon which is finished in wine casks. I had a glass of it while traveling a while back and bought a bottle when I got home.

(Andrea) #68

Oh…I just bought a Lag 16 for one of my Christmas drams. Can’t wait! My other Christmas dram this year will be Edradour. It’s amazing - it’s the smallest distillery in Scotland. Never had a whisky like it (I’m ~40 into a tasting goal of tasting whisky from all ~120 Scottish distilleries). It’s almost like it’s spiced. It’ll be an absolute winner at Christmas. I’m salivating even just talking about it! :smiley:

(Karim Wassef) #69

Anyone have experience with whiskey or bourbon while on an extended fast (multiple weeks).

(Trish) #70

I discovered a new source of yumminess. I was in the bush and met this Irishman…wow, that sounds like the start of a bad joke LMAO. Ok, honestly, I was in the bush…archery tournament…but I digress. So anyway, the German lady (me) and the Irishman start taking whisky and I mention that I like my whisky with a little added flavour, (see my earlier posts…Crown Royal salted caramel, Fifty Creek Spike, etc), and the fellow tells me to try Irish Mist. I did. I loved it. End of story. :smile: image

(Bob M) #71

Interesting. I have never seen Irish Mist in the US.

(Trish) #72

I happened to have been in windsor area at the time and the LCBO there had it. If you’re near Detroit then windsor is just across the river. :wink:


Oh bourbon, how I adore thee. Let me count the ways.

Colonel EH Taylor, Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, Blanton’s, Weller SR, Weller 107, Weller Antique, Bookers, Bakers, Woodford Reserve, Woodford Double Oaked, Makers Mark, Makers Mark 46, Four Roses Single Barrel, Four Roses Small Batch, Evan Williams Single Barrel, 1792, Elijah Craig, Chattanooga Whiskey 1813, …

I’m sure there are more bourbons out there I love. I haven’t turned down many examples of America’s Spirit.


Bacon + Bourbon with a side of avocado

(John) #75

@shallimar Irish Mist is a liqueur, made with honey, and has 11g carbs per 1oz serving. I would avoid that if you are concerned about carbs.

(Trish) #76

Yup. I made sure to finish all my spirits before I jumped back on my keto wagon so I wouldn’t have it in the house and be tempted. I typically can’t be bothered to go the 1 whole Km to the liquor store but when it’s right in the house that makes it a bit tougher to abstain lol.

(Walt ) #77

Jameson Black Barrel is a divine Irish Whiskey. Very, very smooth.

(Stickin' with mammoth) #78