Bourbon / whiskey recommendations


(David Pegg) #1

Hi everyone. I heard Carl say on a recent episode that Captain Morgan spiced rum is practically zero carbs. I have done some searching and found that similar drinks can be very low or very high in carbs, and it is very hard to work them out!

I have really enjoyed the peated whiskeys from Islay. But have hardly ever had any others, or any bourbons. I enjoy a neat drink, what would you recommend?

I’ve seen some chili infused bourbons which look really appealing, but often the carb content is just not listed anywhere. The last thing I want to do is buy a big bottle and take one swig and find out that it is sweet.

(Charlie Kathopoulis) #2

Hi @peggaloon - I have a shot of whiskey at the beginning of each month :slight_smile: Nice way to welcome in the month :wink: No carbs (see pic attached) BUT the liver will stop the metabolism and break down of any other substrate till it deals with the alcohol. So the hard stuff (whiskey, vodka etc) will interfere with the process of ketosis till the alcohol is burnt up by the liver (it stops producing ketones for a short period). Once the alcohol is burnt then coolly dollies we are back into ketosis. So my shot last night has not affected by ketones today :slight_smile: (it’s still 1.6mmol/L) - so to summarise the alcohol will interfere with ketosis but not to the extent that carbs will.

Oh … Ketonians also find that they get drunk easier lmao

#3 has general recommendations on alcohol. Anything not flavored is zero carb (plain vodka, gin, rum, whiskey or scotch). I looked up kahlua myself and found it did have 11 carbs. Champagne and red wine are the lowest, beer is high except for low carb beer. As said above, it can knock you out of ketosis regardless. According to Keto Talk, the higher the proof, the more likely it will knock you out of ketosis but I did not understand the explanation

(Darlene Horsley) #4

I like Four Roses Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.
0.06 carb per 2oz

(Ken) #5

If you like the complexity and peaty flavor of Islay whisky, you should start looking at some of the specialty bourbons now being made in pot stills like they do in Scotland. My own preference is towards the Speyside single malts, but I can appreciate peatier offerings, usually having them during the Winter.

American made whiskey (as opossed the Scotch Whisky, without the “e”) is much more varied due to the different ingredients. Besides Bourbons, there are different types out there such as Rye, etc. that are well worth trying. I’d stay away from ones specifically labeled “American Whiskey”, as opposed to Straight Run Bourbon, as the AW stuff is usually just Bourbon mixed with grain alcohol. Whiskeys don’t have any sugar added.

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Thank you!

(David Pegg) #7

And thank you

(David Pegg) #8

I just wanted to know your favourite brands!

(Ernest) #9

I don’t drink much anymore, I’m a big fan of Oregon Spirit straight Bourbon.
Can’t go wrong with scotch Macallan 18 and Laphroaig Quarter casket.

(Ruthanne Robertson) #10

Single Malt Scotch here- Balvenie Doublewood or Edradour 10 yr


I did not know I liked Scotch until I tried Balvenie. I think I had the Sherry casket. Yum. Did you ever try Arran?

(David Pegg) #12

My brother in law gave me a drink of Balvenie, it was amazing!

(David Pegg) #13

Sorry what it Arran? Arran rober burns? Arran James MacTaggart?


Islay all the way. Laphroaig and Lagavulin. Though I do like something like Edradour when it’s warm out.
I’ve yet to taste a Scotch that I felt was too smoky or too peaty. YMMV.


Anybody pick up how long the liver remains distracted by the need to metabolize the alcohol ? When Ketosis begins again ?

I like grey goose with one lime muddled, shaken with ice then served neat. Couple gms in the muddle but I’m feeling pretty good with that a few times a week. Keto testing all over the place mostly positive


My bourbon bar.

(brian) #17

Something I’ve been able to find in my area without too much trouble is Rittenhouse Bottled-In-Bond Rye - usually neat with a tiny bit of water to open it up. Reasonably priced in my area it is $26-$28 US. Here is a picture of the bottle from an Australian site :slight_smile: just for @richard

from this GQ bourbon family tree article

I made the mistake of trying Old Weller Antique and ordering a case when it was available. It was excellent! hope you can find it. After I ordered a case it was no longer available at my local shop. I like WL Weller Antique 107 proof with a bit of water too since it is a high proof.

Those are my recommendations.


Arran is a distiller of single malt, relatively new and I have had the 10 year and 12 year. The person who introduced me to Balvenie is the one who loves Arran @peggaloon

Personally, I like whiskey but it irritates my throat. I am more of a vodka drinker. At a recent social event had grey goose with ice and a mix of lemon and lime juice squeezed into it

(Ernest) #19

I should quit looking at this thread!!


As long as it takes to burn thru the alcohol.