Bourbon / whiskey recommendations



Guess that’s the question ! How long does that take ?


An hour per drink I would guess.


So I’m not actually clear what harm being “out of keto” for a couple hours might be. It’s all much more complicated but I’m in the process of both LOVING this keto - in the weight loss/maintenance and maybe even more the energy I’m feeling — AND wanting to find a way to balance it out with other things in life. I"m finding ways to eat socially but stay pretty close to keto eating. Social eating, most fortunate, is the big thing for me. I’m not bothered very much by cravings or addictions, THANK GOODNESS - can’t say I’ve earned any of this I’m just lucky.

Anyway, the balance I am working on. And yes that includes at least sips of my hubbie’s IPA if not a 1/4 of a pint drinking very slowly. But now, I’m actually choosing my vodka lime and that’s actually just fine

(Charlie Kathopoulis) #24

No idea @Ah-tee about how long as it depends on how much alcohol, and liver enzymes. Nice drink. :grin:


I like balance too Ah-tee. As someone who has been controlled by eating disorders for over two decades, I think a healthy amount of flexibility is my ultimate goal. I want to do this long term and I will not allow myself to allow blips to stop me. Nor will I punish myself for going off-piste occasionally. I am being stricter at present but I feel I am gaining control of my demons. Eventually, I hope allowing myself more freedom and flexibility will not mean losing control but maintaining it. Enjoy that IPA. :wink:


Exactly ! Wonderful for you that you’ve been able to sort things out so grandly !

(Adam Kirby) #27

Nothing. There is literally no harm dropping “out of ketosis” for a couple hours to metabolize alcohol. You will resume lipolysis when the booze is taken care of.


After drinking single malt for years(Ardbeg is my #1 distillery) I find bourbon too sweet. Rye is a nice drink that splits the difference between scotch and bourbon.
I like Bullit Rye.

(David Pegg) #29

Thank you Fred, that’s exactly the type of posts I was hoping for.

(Rebecca) #30

I have a preference for Irish whiskeys my favourites being Glendalough 13 year and Tipperary. There are also some really nice Aussie whiskeys about as well.

(Christopher Hodge) #31

Speaking as someone who was born and raised in Kentucky and has a big collection of bourbon, here would be my recommendations:

  • Four Roses Single Barrel (my favorite go-to easy drinker that only costs about $30 for a bottle)
  • EH Taylor Single Barrel (my personal favorite bourbon but becoming very difficult to find)
  • Henry McKenna Bottled-In-Bond
  • Weller Antique or Weller 12 year
  • Evan Williams White Label/Bottled-In-Bond (best budget pick, only about $12 a bottle)

I will note that some bourbons will definitely come across as sweeter than many scotches that I’ve had. I personally like sherry cask scotch and avoid peat so that’s a difference in taste preferences. You may find that you like rye style bourbons, but I don’t much care for them myself.


I have yet to acquire a taste for peated scotch but here are a couple of my favorites around the $50-$60 mark:


And then this, which I think is the most delicious drink that can be enjoyed neat for the price:


I have no clue on the carb contents of these but I’ve never been kicked out of ketosis from 2-3 of any of them.

(Jenny Andersson Ilgenfritz) #33

Take your pick. I like Woodford Reserve


Woodford Double oaked is awesome.

(Crippie) #35

I’ve got about 50 whiskeys at home. I love having a variety. Some great suggestions in this post! I’ll add a few of my own

  • My go-to bourbon
    Eagle Rare 10 year. Simply because it is a great bourbon for the price. usually around $30 a bottle for a quality 10 year bourbon, cant beat it!

  • Single Malt Scotch
    Glenfiddich 15 year - I have the 12, 15, 18, and tried a drink of the 21 and have to say the 15 year was my favorite. There are TONS of scotchs I have not tried but from the ones I have this is my fav.

  • Blended Scotch
    Johnny Walker Green label made a return recently, and I bet you would enjoy that, it is a blended scotch, but surprised me.

  • Japanese Scotch
    Hibiki was already recommended, I can second that one, but its a little pricey. Still one of my favorites!

  • Rye Whiskey
    Templeton Rye 6 year if you vcan find it. They have a fairly common 4 year, which I haven’t tried.

  • Irish Whiskey
    Jameson Caskmates Stout edition I don’t get many Irish Whiskey’s, but I love this one

Angels Envy is what I started my whiskey journey with. It hooked me in and I always have to recommend it for anyone starting to dabble in whiskey.

I also recently tried Blanton’s on a business trip and will be buying a bottle of that ASAP. Was great stuff!

(Jenny Andersson Ilgenfritz) #36

I have a bottle of Blantons, haven’t tried it yet. Believe it or not, J.R Ewings was pretty good too!

(James Willis) #37

If, in your location, you’re able to find a scotch called Shieldaig- specifically their 18-year scotch- it is the best $40 bottle of scotch you’ll ever taste! “Budget” and “scotch” are two words that don’t exactly mix, lol. but for its price I think the stuff is worth the mention

(Jenny Andersson Ilgenfritz) #38

Sounds interesting, expensive isn’t always better. Jim Beam and ginger is a cheap favorite

(Crippie) #39

I went to go buy the bottle I had been eyeing for a while yesterday and the store had sold it! Now I can;t find it anywhere near me! I MUST FIND IT!!!

(Crippie) #40

Ill have to look for that! an 18 year at that price sounds too good to be true!

Have you sampled Johnny Walker Green label? It recently made a return, I usually stay away from Johnny Walker and most blended scotches, but man this one really hit the sweet spot, found it at my local costco for like $40 which I found to be a steal!