Bicycles... Let's See them...N+1.. (Pictures only)

(astrahsburg) #161

I posted the Roubaix on Facebook earlier today, and I’m getting ready to post the Enduro now.

(Mike Glasbrener) #162

Frame size? I’m taller than the average bear. My road is a speshy rob aid 64. Mountain, heavily ignored presently, a speshy 29er Stump jumper FSR in XL.

(astrahsburg) #163

The Roubaix is a 56cm, and the Enduro is a M

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #164

Cheap & cheerful Reid MTB - perfect fit for me plus it’s lighter & has bigger wheels than my last one which now does trainer duty. Not a great photo of Reidy but its hard to compete with that background :slightly_smiling_face:

(Shawn) #167

I have 2 bikes… and if I could figure out a way to haul one with the other, I’d be happy!

(Carolyn aka stokies) #168

My recent love… Specialized Ruby <3

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #169

Got this cutie at a yard sale this summer. Tuned it up, cleaned it up and it’s a nice around town bike.

(Alex ) #170

awesome, a rival thread to the “dogs” one elsewhere!!!

This is mine… should point out, this is earlier in time!! It’s had a few scrapes and upgrades since this picture…


(The o-chem police are coming) #171

(Doug) #172

Great scenery and that time of year. :+1:

(The o-chem police are coming) #173

The San Juan mountains in fall are pretty special.

(Alex ) #174

More bike pictures please everyone!

(Lesley Craig) #175

My fatty “Helga”

My workhorse “Cammie”

My street girl “Juniper”

(David) #176

Pics of your bicycle like this.