Bicycles... Let's See them...N+1.. (Pictures only)


So it is cold where I live… starting to think about acquiring another bicycle. I guess the internet rule about bicycle ownership and the correct number to own is N+1.

N= number you currently own :slight_smile:

I’d like to see what other Ketoians are riding.

My Surly Big Dummy Cargo Bike. My Twins in the background, weekends are spent riding my car replacement, when it isnt cold. :smile:

(ianrobo) #2

OK here are my three, my indoor trainer one

My workhorse for most outside training rides and commuting

My top bike for sportives and climbing (thats from top of the Rhigos in South Wales

(G. Andrew Duthie) #3

Don’t have an action shot handy, but here’s mine…Cannondale DayTripper in bright green:

Bought it because it was US-made, and has an internal gearbox, which has minimized the issues with adjustments over the nearly 10 years I’ve been riding it. Very comfortable ride, too. Won’t win any awards for performance, but that’s not really how I ride, anyway. :slight_smile:

(Lauren Malhoit) #4

(peghat7) #5


The two that I ride the most often. I have a dozen-ish

(Guardian of the bacon) #7

Stock photo, I have the jumbo frame with extended seat post. Few little goodies: upgraded seat, rear beacon light, odometor. tool bag.

(Tracy Mason) #8

Just got this one for Christmas. Hubby and I go camping quite a bit and want to hit the bike trails.

(Tom Seest) #9

(Tom Seest) #10

This is the folding bicycle that I use while riding off of cruise ships, after flying, etc…

(Steve) #11

(Jake P) #12

I live in the mountains, so I ride a mountain bike, also, I would probably crush a road bike right now.
Stock photo, mine is hanging in the garage right now.

(Steven Cook) #13

Custom Ti, built for comfort for long distance rides…

(Pete Shearer) #14

I read that as “rear bacon light”, I was almost 3/4 of the way through buying this on Amazon before I realized my mistake :grinning:

(Jay Morris) #15

Specialized Expedition Sport.

(Richard Morris) #16

I have a Giant Defy 2

(Phil Maskell ) #17

Cervelo R3 2015

(Glenn larson) #18

(Liz) #19

The family of fatties!
Fat tire bikes are so fun!

(Stephen Lanigan) #20

Here is my machine!