Bicycles... Let's See them...N+1.. (Pictures only)


I don’t see a lot of knobbies on here, so here’s my Stumpy! (Edited b/c pic didn’t work)

(Bob Weiman) #122

Riding a motorcycle takes more effort than driving a car. Riding hard can be quite a workout so I think they’re fair game!

(Ronald Weaver) #123

Well, all the bikes I’ve seen on here have been pretty cute, but how many of them are going to be roadworthy in 98 years ? My Raleigh Model F was made in 1919 and I can still comfortably turn in 120 km in a day. And don’t turn your noses up at it, it’s very up to date, three speed handlebar controlled transmission, two brakes, suspension …check the saddle…,and a quickly detatchable inflator for warding off insolent dogs.
You don’t get that on plastic bikes !

(James storie) #124

My soon to be adventure bike!

(ianrobo) #125

But the weight :scream::thinking:

(Ronald Weaver) #126

What weight ? So far, since June actually, I’ve managed to get rid of 20 kilos and I’m now just overweight…not obese.
Do you mean the velo ? Actually this is a machine that was designed by Cyclists for Cycling. But you have to remember what Cycling was one hundred years ago. Completely different from today’s compartmentalised Cycling. Nowadays we have a specialised machine for every aspect of the sport/pastime/addiction. Not much wrong with that, I used to subscribe to it myself.
But there is a distinct charm to riding a well sorted old bike, perhaps the riding position, the extra crank length, the frame angles, even the weight/solidity itself ? And of course the reassuring fact that it’s absolutely bulletproof. As for climbing, I’ve yet to come across a hill that I can’t walk …regard that as cross training !
Bonne Route .

(Seth Rue) #127

This is my new bike. Its a WorkCycle FR8 Clydesdale. I wanted a city bike I could use to travel to work and go shopping with. Sadly I live in Ohio and I got it delivered the end of October. So I have only been able to go out a couple of times. I hate snow. But I am looking forward to when it warms up and I can use it every day for going to and from work and some pleasure rides. Excited to add some activity to my diet.

(Pat) #128

It’s a Work of ART! Simply Beautiful! Snow Snow Go AWAY!

(Seth Rue) #129

I chant this whenever I can.


This is my main bike when the weather is cooperative.

(Karl L) #131

Look at that head tube! How tall are you?

And that is a sweet whip right there!


I’m 6’4". Bikes for tall riders aren’t real sexy looking. Always thought wheels looked to small.

(Ronald Weaver) #133

I’m impressed with that ! That looks like a bike that could replace a car in a lot of cities. I too detest snow or ice. Far too easy to come off and next thing you know you’re nursing a broken collar bone…not worth it. Just walk !

(Ronald Weaver) #134

Who cares, you don’t see it when you’re riding it ! I think it looks the business.

(Seth Rue) #135

That’s the goal. Whenever I am going somewhere in the city I plan to simply take the bike. I have a nice lock and will be fitting a basket to the bike.

(Charlie Kathopoulis) #136

Riding - I still think 4 wheels are better than two :slight_smile: plus I like building them …


Never built a bike - might have to google it :slight_smile:

(Ronald Weaver) #137

22  Gazelle Impala at Rue de la Fosse aux Loups   (12)

This is my Gazelle Impala bought in Amsterdam twelve years ago. It was practically my sole means of transport in Glasgow for many a year. Here in France I use it for shopping and for the sheer pleasure of riding. The only thing I’ve done to it was fit a Sturmey Archer front hub brake to replace the woeful Shimano Roller Brake. Mind you, having lost so much weight recently it’s hardly necessary.

(ianrobo) #138

New Bike …

(Nikayla) #139

Here is my current bike Specialized Tarmac, really enjoy it :heart_eyes:

(Ronald Weaver) #140

That’s titanium, isn’t it ? How does it ride ?