Bicycles... Let's See them...N+1.. (Pictures only)

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Good KLR!

Cool that you have one. I’m riding mine from Minnesota to KetoFest

(Shannon Roberts) #102

apologies @ryancrawcour, that’s a 2008 pro team LOOK 585. quote a few of these bikes have since been sold when my daughter fell ill, and we were covering her mortgage while she recovered, but i also have a couple of new bikes:

trek 970 singletrack

on-one inbred

1986 kenevans competition

120th anniversary bianchi via nirone

another 2006 look 585

2012 merida matts xt-d

2013 giant tcr

it doesn’t take long for them to start adding up again tho:

(Karl L) #103

That’s a nice quiver!

(Lenca Kwakman ) #104

my one and only bike… Don’t know the brand but she takes me everywhere!

(James storie) #105

Any good recommendations for a good road bike in the $500 range?

(GeorgeRN) #106

What’s left of my bikes :biking_man:t6: sold the others :slightly_frowning_face:

(Karl L) #107

$500 is just a bit below the threshold of ‘entry level serious,’ but something like this Jamis would be pretty close. Most shops will have something similar in whatever brands they carry, and occasionally they’ll have a couple of heavily-discounted leftovers.

(John) #108

As mentioned $500 is a bit low for new, but you can get some good deals on Craigslist. Many of the frames are the same from one manufacturer, the money variable is in the components, mostly the groupset.
Here is a list of Shimano (one of the main 2 manufacturers, you can look up SRAM if you need the other) in order of most expensive to least. Claris is on the really low end and I don’t like at all, not a fan of Sora either, but the Tiagra I have ridden, and my wife has, is very good for the money.
So personally I would keep an eye out for the new bikes every day on Craigslist, and look for a bike that looks good and has a minimum of Tiagra. If you don’t know what size, go get measured or see if they can size you on one at a chain like Lewis and Clark.

Shimano Dura-Ace
Shimano Ultegra
Shimano 105
Shimano Tiagra
Shimano Sora
Shimano Claris

A quick look at my CL and I see a couple including a 2008 Cannondale Synapse with ~150 miles, Shimano 105 for $500, could get for probably $425. Don’t worry too much about the year, just condition.

Giant, GT, Trek, Cannondale, Felt, Masi, Bianchi, Specialized are all popular brands you can find in that range.

(Karl L) #109

Good info! On a related note, it seems like the groups trickle down pretty well. Current 105 is not much different than Ultegra from just a few years ago.

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I would argue Campag is far better (and expensive)

(James storie) #111

Thanks! I will keep my eyes open!

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Old photo. Converted to flat bars with bar ends.
Loaded up to meet up with RAGBRAI and ride into my hometown.

(Tim) #114

Haha! I love that I found someone on here with more of a bike problem than I have :slight_smile:

I’ll post pictures of mine in a couple days, gotta finish this spreadsheet stuff for my fasting post.


Trek Domane SL 8 - Carbon, DuraAce Components.

(ianrobo) #116

nice steed and a unique colour !


The two workhorses.

Colnago Master X-light

Marinoni Fango

The trainer mule

Bianchi Via Nirone 7


It’s got geometry to make it more comfortable on long rides, is sub 17lbs and 32mm tires are great on roads around here. The matt color gets a mention from every young cycle wrench I see. I spend so much time on my bike I decided I should get one that makes it even more fun and doable for an aging fat fueling trekker.


Very cool. I could so get like this.

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That’s the thing with bikes very unique to each of us