Bicycles... Let's See them...N+1.. (Pictures only)

(G. Andrew Duthie) #81

Smells like a marketing gimmick to me, especially with prices north of $1700 for even a cheap gravel bike. :wink:

(James storie) #82

Yeah, definitely overpriced in general! I have an old moutain bike I may transform. New all terrain tires and a set of road handle bars, poof, gravel bike!

(Karl L) #83

Yes! Kinda like a cyclocross bike, but a little more relaxed geometry. I’ve got a Jamis Exile (see pic in my post above) that was pretty reasonable. I ride greenways, gravel and some mild singletrackbqith mine.
If I could only have one bike…haha, yeah right!!

(Mike Glasbrener) #84

Only half my specialized Roubaix I love the bike. This is me almost 5 years ago. However, now I’m 55lbs heavier. I want to become that guy again! Oh! Non keto which explains even though I was getting a ton of exercise, I battled a desirable cycling weight.

(Karl L) #85

Similar story but was never quite that lean. I ride a lot (trail and road) but even eating ‘well’ can’t seem to get below a BMI of about 30. Day 6 of keto for me.
Nice Ruby by the way!

(Mike Glasbrener) #86

Thanks. I also used to ride trail. I have a 29er FS in my garage. The trails immediately accessible from my home are either a very hilly fire rode loop or rocky technical single tracks. I’m not as young as I used to be… Once my torn quad heals and I get in better shape I certainly want to get on my mountain bike again. Till then I’ll spin on my Cyclops spin bike and get on the rode soon!

(ianrobo) #87

perfect story of how carbs are dangerous for endurance sports people

(Mike Glasbrener) #88

I’m very curious how this eating style will affect my endurance performance and how I will have to adapt… Back then I had ridden a couple of 100mile organized rides with 10,000ft of climbing. Almost 5 years ago I also did a half iron man constantly fueling carbs during the “race” (as fast as I could sustain as a recreational “athlete”). I want to work back toward 4-6 hr rides at a threshold pace. I have a hard time believing I can get so fat adapted that that effort can be entirely fat based… If it can not then how to fuel for rides like that. I live in Northern CA which is good weather for something like that 8-9 months a year.

(ianrobo) #89

OK lets give you confidence, I started Keto in July last yer, then not fully fat adapted did a 100 mile ride with 3000M of climbing (about 9000ft) with hardly any fuel …

Now I do fasted 4/5 hour rides of 60 miles on training and done 90 miles fasted on one event …

According to Phinney and Volek then at threshold you are I think 75% fat burnin if fully adapted …

(Shannon Roberts) #90

another recent addition. recovering from a shoulder injury, but keen to get some miles in on this one before something else catches my eye…

(Karl L) #91

She’s a beauty!

(Karl L) #92

I’m very fortunate to live within 2 miles of a 30+ mile trail system which is mostly fast and flowy with minimal technical stuff beyond a few logovers and water crossings. There are some man-made features, like elevated skinnies, etc, however I’m aware of the fact that both of my clavicles just turned 58!

(Steve Dixon) #93

The old steel bikes look superb, I have a 30 year Dawes Galaxy 631 & an Ellis Briggs. Love the steel

(Michael Wallace Ellwood) #94

I have a Robin Thorne (St John Street Cycles, Bridgewater, UK) touring bike. (two, actually).

This is all-steel (is there another kind of bike then…? :slight_smile: ), Reynolds 531ST tubing, well over 20 years old. I’ll get a picture up one of these days.

I’m quite proud of the fact that mine was hand-built in England by the last of the Claud Butler frame builders when their factory closed down. Robin Thorne contracted them to build frames for him for a period after that. (The Claud Butler brand still exists, but I’m not sure who owns it now).

I used to have another (Holdsworth) “Claud” that I bought in the 1980s, but that is now in the great cycle-shop in the sky. And my Dad had a “real” CB before the war. CB used to be a racer who set up in bike making when he retired from racing.

(Not sure if that article is up to date as to the ownership of the brand).

(Bonnie ) #95

(Bonnie ) #96

Oldie (1990’s I think, Schwinn) but a goodie!

(ryancrawcour) #97

there’s always one … shakes head

(ryancrawcour) #98

WOW! you sure do love bikes. even more than me, and I have about 15 bikes.
What’s that black & white bike in the middle (with the black & white fizik saddle)? It’s a stunner!

(Tadashi Andrews) #99

I love my KLR!

(Tadashi Andrews) #100

Heres my steel steed. Built it myself. Cut, welded, and built. Subbed the powder coating out. Touring frame, and an original xtracycle on the back. I custom built the wheels when I worked for a bicycle wheel manufacturer.