Bicycles... Let's See them...N+1.. (Pictures only)

(Tom Seest) #61

Get that motorized crap outta here…:joy::kissing_heart::heart_eyes::bike:


(stands with Tom and puffs out chest)

(Shannon Roberts) #63

bianchi, look, merckx…
there’s a few i haven’t taken pics of, and a few that are works-in-progress, but here’s most of them - i kinda love bikes:

check out my group on facebook if you’re into the older stuff

i also have a general ‘bicycle love’ group as well

(ianrobo) #64

Love it, did you buy Robbie Willams’s collection ha ha


And I thought I had an n+1 problem!
Nice indeed.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #66

Dig this @Manga dude out! Lol.
And I thought I had a motorcycle obsession.

…you guys are just as bad!!!

(Ritchie Linden) #67

oops new bike day…

(astrahsburg) #68

I would suggest an electric assist such as Specialized Turbo (disclaimer: I work for Specialized). These bikes are awesome and let you get things done. A few people look on them as cheating, but having ridden them several times, it’s not cheating at all. It’s you, but faster. Note that I’m not talking about bikes with a throttle. Pedal Assist bikes take the energy you put in and amplify it. Great fitness tool.

(ianrobo) #69

well the pro’s believe they help !

(Roger Morris) #70

This was pre-Keto, as evidenced by the banana in my pocket.

(Jaidann) #71

Ok so yeah … I am so FLIPPING EXCITED!! :clap::+1::upside_down::laughing:

I got a BIKE!!!

She is beautiful!! We seem to be getting along very well. Since it’s been 20+ years since I’ve been on a bike, I’m a bit of a hazard right now ;). We found her at Dicks Sporting Goods. I was looking at a cruiser there on clearance for $149.00 It was all nicked up and had a bit of paint damage. I figured since I’d be crashing a lot that would be okay and it was already broke in right? Plus they were going to take an extra 10% off of the clearance price because of the paint damage.

Then hubby spotted this one. He felt I’d get more use out of a light mountain bike than a cruiser. This one was $200.00. More than I wanted to spend because I’m not really sure how far I’ll take this. I’m more of a swimmer but even living in Florida trying to find time to swim after work, deal with animals and other such life problems it wasn’t working out for me. Since I love the outdoors this was a natural second choice and I can do it from home as my time allows. WIN. So we did it. Come to find out at check out she was only $159.00!! Another SCORE.

So … meet KiKi. Yes I name inanimate objects. Yes I know it’s crazy. I’m okay with that ;). We took our first official ride today. 1 mile this morning and I loved it!. It wasn’t a lot, but hey, I’m kinda learning all over again and my endurance at the moment sucks! I’m going to take it slow and see where this all goes.

(John) #72

Just after my first ride, obviously need to adjust that seat! This was my first road bike, Felt Z4 that weighs about 10 pounds less (can’t see all the carbon goodness in the pic) than the mountain bike I was riding the roads with. First ride was 20 miles, averaged 2 mph faster than my MTB and felt I could do another 20, where 20 on the MTB was quite enough thanks.
Lots of work to do on leg strength but super fun.

Oh and the platforms are off my MTB, I can’t get SPD shoes in my size around here, that ought to help quite a lot as well.

(Karl L) #73

(Jennifer M) #74

Two of my trail babies. Not pictured - trail running shoes.

(Casey Brown) #75

I love this baby :heart_eyes:Specialized Ruby

(Casey Brown) #76

I used to work for a bike shop that is a Specialized dealer. I love my Ruby :slight_smile:

(John) #77

Almost got one of those, the sales guy was kind of an ass so went with the Felt.

(Casey Brown) #78

Ah, yes. Unfortunately, that is true where I used to work sometimes. Hopefully you didn’t shop where I worked :confused:

(James storie) #79

Have any of you heard of gravel bikes? It’s becoming a big thing where I’m from (Western North Carolina USA). It’s pretty much one bike for all terrains. I just learned about it this weekend and am very interested.

(ianrobo) #80

yep the next big thing esp in the States where you have more of these types of paths