Bicycles... Let's See them...N+1.. (Pictures only)

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Lance Armstrong was raving about that in one of his podcasts. If only I was in the US !!!

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I love bicycles and have several, but I use my trike and homemade trailer more since I don’t drive and often need to haul cargo.


Fuzzy photo, fun Trek. And my other toy.

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looks like your co-pilot is taking over :heart: :paw_prints:


Honestly, I’d look at your local Bike Co-Op and see what they have available. Buy something cheap, with good tires and rims, get some riding distances which will let you figure out what type of bike you want.

If no Co-Op is available, craigslist an older mountain bike, like a Trek or Specialized. I have a late 90’s Specialized mtn bike, that I honestly travel with more than any other bike. From home I ride other bikes more, but for not knowing what or where I will ride, I just take the mtn bike.

I believe it is more important to just ride, your opinions will change and what your enjoyment is out of riding, it is also why the bike joke on the correct number of bike ownership is N+1. N= the number you currently own.

Lastly, if your interested in a car replacement bike, cargo bikes in their many shapes and forms are amazing. Being able to load the kids up on the weekend and ride down to the grocery store, leaving the car in the driveway is a great justification on buying a great cargo bike.


PS: You’ll come to learn ain’t nuthin’ more important than that bike saddle.

Splurge on the one that fits your pelvis perfectly because most of your assets will be bearing down on that little square foot of padding for hundreds and hundreds of cumulative miles. Most saddles are designed for men’s narrow bones so, ladies, this is one time the Made For Her claims are worth every penny. Tell 'em, @acrunchyfrog.

It’s like yo mama: When the butt ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

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Awesome info! Thanks!


In the spirit of n+1… I think I may have a “problem”.

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Sorry @carolTI don;t quite see a problem there. In fact you are missing a couple !!


They’re behind the white shelf. :wink:

Yeah more bikes and boxes of parts in my storage unit too. I really do need to sort that junk out.

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I thought I was bad enough taking up a whole cupboard with my stuff and gear !

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you folks have some mighty nice bikes!

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Am I doing it right?

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My kinda ride.

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I wanted to post my motorcycyle but then I noticed it was in the category “exercise.” We need a motorcycle thread!


…motorcycle thread

I think @Brenda has one of those. It’s probably in the Fasting category. :laughing:

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Goody goody!

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still feels wrong putting this in this thread, but here goes:

Yes, it’s a Victory, and yes, Polaris has killed the brand.
2011 Victory Cross Roads, 106 C.I.

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I’m an admin. I say it’s ok. Lol