Bicycles... Let's See them...N+1.. (Pictures only)

(ianrobo) #21

Just gorgeous ! And like me campag drive train and vector !

(Stephen Lanigan) #22

Thanks Ian. It is a great ride, very fortunate to be able to ride it too!
But like any bike, you still have to push the pedals be prepared to work.

(ianrobo) #23

unfortuanlty they don’t ride themselves, you on Strava ?

how much riding do you do ?

(Stephen Lanigan) #24

I am riding about 2-4 times a week, on Strava too, doing about 100-130 km/week.
not a lot but our Tuesday/Thursday evening rides are 55/45 km respectively and we average about 32 km/h.
Good bunch to ride with, just enjoy it.
Bike doesn’t groan so much now and breathing not so labored anymore.
Lost about 20 kg in last 2.5 years following LCHF and keto last 7 months.
Other health issues have removed themselves and feeling a lot happier.
Campag Super Record EPS, Vector 2 Garmin Edge 1000 - great to see how you went on a ride from all the data once downloaded.

(ianrobo) #25

I ditched my edge 1000 kept freezing for a 520, great call that one !! I do about 200-300km a week and 3 commutes to work a week.

Just trying to get faster, lighter and not having to stop and cheer up time on 6-8 hour sportives, it’s working :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::bicyclist:

(Stephen Lanigan) #26


Great job Ian, keto on man.

May the wind always be at your back and the roads always be kind to you.

(ianrobo) #27

Haha it was not this morning !


(astrahsburg) #29

This is my daily Primary. Robbie gets ridden for about 1 - 1.5 hours every weekday

This is my current weekend warrior steed, but he will be replaced soon.

This is what I ride when I can drag the wife along.

And finally, this is my newest gravel grinder!

(ianrobo) #30

always liked how the Roubaix looks

(Ritchie Linden) #31

Feel like i’m due an upgrade

(ianrobo) #32

climber mate ? what you done ?

(Ritchie Linden) #33

Yeah have been for the past few years, took last year off though. Done most of the big alpine ones, but still to get up the madeleine, many swiss cols, and everything in Mallorca. planning to conquering Tenerife this year along with stelvio and a few more swiss passes. Leaving the pyrenees for next year though.


Please send old bike to me. I prefer 54-56 cm. Thx. :wink:

(ianrobo) #35

fantastic, I did the La Marmotte Last year and will do this year. IMHO there is simply nothing better to do !

(Ritchie Linden) #36

yeah you have to really love the pain, I have done the marmotte route on a difference weekend from it, but we did D’heuz the day before and then the loop from bourg d’oisans on the sunday, Galibier totally broke me., so didnt make it up d’heuz after that.

If you are looking for something better I highly recommend Alpenbrevet, by far the most beautiful and well organised sportive I have ever done.

(ianrobo) #37

never heard of that one before, just checked it and that Platin route, looks for me …

I don;t believe in doing things by half, so for this year on Keto power I will be going the Devil Dragon in Wales (320km and 4km of climbing) and then two weeks later hoping to do MArmotte about 8 hrs …

(Dan Schumacher) #38

If you ride a bike, I would encourage you to ride RAGBRAI at least once in your life. I’ll catch myself with a big smile on my face when thinking about RAGBRAI (I must like it) Iowa, July and 20,000 of your new best friends!

(Ken Brower) #39

My Specalized FSR XC PRO

(Dustin Cade) #40

What’s the best bike for someone still over 350lbs? In the US…