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Welcome back. Congratulations on getting sober! That takes amazing strength!

I would suggest not forcing yourself to follow a 2mad schedule. Eat when hungry to transition. You will find over time you body may settle into 2mad, but you don’t want to force it, particularly at the beginning.


No, eat some proper meat this time and proper amounts. If eggs are too filling for you, grab some more substantial stuff, you need a significant amount of meat anyway. I eat as much eggs as possible and it’s still the smaller part of my food even if not volume wise. And chicken may be not fatty enough for you. Don’t do like last time, eat much more now. And forgot about OMAD. You wrote TMAD here and mentioned OMAD for me, I think you need 4-5 meals if they are as tiny as normal for you on keto.

And IDK what BS you have read but don’t avoid carbs because you are worrying about your looks (I guess that’s the case), focus on your health and well-being! Eat enough. I don’t know your weight and looks now but you probably need to gain weight too. It’s trickier on keto for you but choosing your food well and not limiting yourself to 1-2 meals a day, maybe it’s doable, eventually…? I can’t possibly know.

But seriously, care about yourself. Why is few meals practically a rule for you? I find that alarming. I worried about you too much last year, give me a break!

But welcome and good luck :slight_smile: And eat more!

I got chocolate bunny for Easter. I start to miss the real one. Not really, I have good meat quite often but still, it was YEARS… It’s time to eat some again. Hopefully the egg lady will have more luck this year.

Night eating happened again, no wonder as my dinner was super tiny. It felt great and I felt no problem in the morning… Well whatever I woke up, I slept in.

Today is Zornfast day! :smiley: I am not very hopeful regarding fasting now but I do what I can :slight_smile: I so would like to eat proper sized meals again :frowning: Maybe I don’t get hungry so early again (it was 2pm yesterday, that’s not soooo bad but still a bit too early). Truly early meals are too small and triggers multiple even smaller meals after and that’s very inconvenient and I can’t reach proper satiation for a long time. But it’s only really bad when I don’t have proper, satiating meat, I will be fine today.


Hey Bubby! Glad you are back on plan and you are doing ok now!!!
I sure hope you are over those tough medical issues you had and recovered well!! I agree with VE here, you eat any time you need to it. Just let carnivore happen for you as you restart and you will do just fine. You know you do well on this plan, so jump back in and go for it :slight_smile:

Happy you are hitting the city and restocking your meat. As you keep going along you will not like eggs or tuna and then love them again :slight_smile: but you will find mostly you want dense meat like your beef, or pork etc. You are walking thru changes, just go with the flow like you are doing and you will keep getting better!

--------------------AHHHH vacay is over. Driving home today. 7 hrs. Not bad. Monster storm last night but not raining this morning so that is good.

eating 2 sausage patties before hitting the road.
will eat some naked cheeseburgers from some fast food joint on the way on the drive.
home, I will put a steak in the fridge to defrost for me on the drive home and eat up that later at my house.

Got my driving food covered. Carnivore all the way baby!!!

And remember everyone, stay carnivore. Don’t add back in plants and sweeteners or anything------IF YOU WANT this plan you have to experience its benefits and hold this plan, so everyone eat up the meats and enjoy the heck out of them :slight_smile:


I definitely have the waves(?) with eggs :smiley: Sometimes I am into them unusually much, sometimes I barely can stand them in some forms (when I overdo them)… Normally I quite like them but meat is more tempting and easier to eat in bigger amounts so eggs are often just side dishes. They are perfect for that role.
But tuna is like spice to me or emergency food. A can is 150g tuna, Alvaro eats pizza with it and the rest is mine. I open a can in every 2 months at most… Due to unforeseen circumstances I almost run out of my proper meats in the last days and it’s a nice varitety. Tuna has a nice flavor, I just need to mix it with lots of fatty stuff. And it’s completely different from everything I normally eat so when I get bored with basically every food in general (not exactly but very very close to it. I had that a few times on carnivore. only on carivore, it seems it’s a limited woe, after all…), it can help me out. Not as a full meal, sure but even just as a little addition, it helps.

Beef is too rich, dense, substantial to me now, I doubt I could eat much of it but as it’s not affordable for me in bigger amounts, that’s good. I have my staples like pork and turkey and I proved I can eat a whole pound or more of those (not in one sitting but in two). But it’s pretty good (I like beef more than before though every time is a bit different from the others. I dislike tallow flavor, I always fed leftover tallow - when we bought too fatty beef in the past, leg is just perfect for me. oh and the mutton, that was fatty too - to animals but some amount in the meat is okay, it suits it) and really helped me out yesterday. IDK why but I can totally suffer from hunger while not being able to stomach anything I have due to very negative appetite towards them. I always find a solution but it’s not always enjoyable. And that’s sad for a hedonist. I am fine with not particularly enjoyable but okay meals occasionally, it’s life, I guess but when I almost need to force myself to satiate my hunger, that’s bad. It’s super rare but happened before. Now I do my best to keep variety high enough all the time.

I really try :smiley: Even yesterday when I made whipped cream (fortunately that has sugar, lactose and I put it into coffee and coffee lost sweetness ages ago as it was unneeded… still, it’s a bit odd still). I used sweeteners on keto all the time… But even then, it felt wrong to use too much so I did my best to minimize the amount. While half-living on sweets, yes. IDK what other vegetarian ketoers eat but that was my route. My fatbombs had no sweeteners though, I had principles (and very few fatbombs as I overdid fat without them just fine).

It helps that I dislike erythritol now. At least in pancakes. And why would I want it if not for sweet pancakes? :slight_smile:
Now that I dislike cheese, try to be careful with sour cream and has no mascarpone, pancakes are kind of out as I want them all sweet-ish. I dislike erythritol - fine, there is still xylitol but I learned to distance myself from it most of the time -, I have almost no walnuts - the last 2 years were very bad - so only the ones with jam remains. And I have absolutely awesome jams, currently 3 different jars are opened in the fridge. Awesome if you ask my tastebuds, my body as a whole has tiny problems with the sugar content, it varies though. I am pretty safe except if pancakes happen. So no pancakes for me now, they started to get boring anyway. I make more sponge cakes now. They automatically put my mind on the savory route unlike pancakes and fill some void too.
I wrote about the coffee trigger thing, it’s not good for me to eat something that comes to life, takes zillion babysteps and ends with carbs. I look at my sponge cake muffins and want to eat some flavorful meat (or maybe some flavorful camambert) with it. And that satiates and satisfies me. Pancakes aren’t nearly this safe now and not even that satisfying even if I do off carnivore. So it would be stupid to make them. (How many days was it, 3? I try to make the number bigger again as it was after the first week of April.)

So, we need to choose our battles well.

(Vic) #165

Breakfast eggs ares very small and tasty, wander if they are barn chickens, dont think so.

(Vic) #166

Shrimps, and a raw burger for dinner.

Then a shrimp burgers. Same ingredients…


Eats the past few days have been spot on.
Coffee.Some black. Some with HWC.
Dr. Berry’s electrolyte drink
Water, seltzer water, tea.
Chicken and butter
Beef and butter
Hard boiled eggs with salt and butter.
A few bits of cheese here and there. Not much.
3 days and 7 pounds later, I am one happy camper. So nice when the groove kicks in.

(Linda ) #168

@Bubby1 welcome hope upgrade first days back are going ok for you.

@Carnivoor food pics are amazing makes me realize how boring my eating is haha still on short ribs and ground beef and butter…

@Fangs glad you had a fantastic break its nice to be away but feels good to be home glad you got to go out and enjoy some great food.

@VirginiaEdie glad your feeling better ketovore maybe a good option for you …I personally loved it I didn’t eat alot of things vege wise but having mushrooms or something was a nice option.

@FrankoBear wow congrats on your inches lost thats awesome… I have moments with coffee sometimes its in sometimes its out of my life here in America cold coffee is a big thing I think that’s probably more doable for me where as in NZ i never knew anyone who drank coffee cold lol.

@SecondBreakfast I haven’t tried fasting on carnivore .so hats off to you .I tend to try to stick to 2 meals a day sometimes I end up grabbing something like pork rinds if I’m hungry but I dont like snacking if I can avoid it …I got rid of that with keto I had hoped lol.

Nothing exciting going on here in my carnivore world … life got busy with painting bathrooms and kitchen and doors. but I see that as a good thing having the desire again to get up do these things… Speaking of painting the house got painted and looks great. So bring on summer and a finished pool im ready well almost lol.


Yesterday I put a ton of chicken legs (the word is drumsticks?) and baked them for about 50 min. It was so delicious! Only salt, not even butter. I was desperately missing something made in the oven.

I’ve got a thermometer, so now I’ll be more brave to bake chicken parts.

I’m considering going back to get me some more, because there’s only one piece left from yesterday’s extravaganza.

After all the chicken, I went for my mountain bike ride and I had horrible foot cramps. I used to have them when I was eating keto. At the time, I had solved the problem by increasing carbs a little bit.

However, I’m suspecting it could be dehydration. I’ll try more water before I try carbs.

I know many will say supplements, but I have a problem with taking supplements. I prefer to avoid getting stuff from pills, if I can get it from food.

Today I’ll have the last piece of chicken from yesterday and eggs.

I think I’ll introduce cheese in my diet. 0 carb cheeses.


So many things can cause cramps. It was always magnesium for me (I always eat way less than recommended magnesium as far as I know) but if I eat enough meat or supplement magnesium (only very rarely, I can’t supplement things, I forgot and dislike the idea but pain makes me reconsider), I never have it.

Yesterday was nice. Zornfast, I really tried :smiley: 2.5 hour eating window, 3 meals. It was nice. Chicken liver, beef, tiny smoked pork, eggs, cheese, cream. I needed the full set. I got slightly hungry around 1am but that was easy to ignore and it passed.

It’s possible we can’t visit the usual hypermarket as we can go only at a busier time and we finally have the restrictions about how many people can enter it at the same time (I am sure one can say it better but alas, my English is still not good enough. my Hungarian isn’t good enough, some fancy writer level would be cool :smiley: but I am really clumsy with English sometimes)… Maybe we will skip that but I get some meat elsewhere and buy the big amount later, we need to go again soon anyway.
Whatever, it will be fine, I just shouldn’t expect to be okay with a limited supply and I mean variety. So I make sure I will have everything, beef if possible but definitely some pork, turkey, something bony for soup, processed stuff and some dairy, not all kind now just sour cream, cream, mascarpone, we have cheese anyway as Alvaro would have a hard time without it. And milk for Alvaro but that doesn’t matter. I don’t buy 6 different cheeses and quark now :smiley: When the Covid craziness started, that was a memorable shopping. I like to have supplies anyway but then… We had cheese for months, many kinds :D. Our favs have a long shelf life so it was okay. We obviously didn’t throw out anything, we never buy more than needed. We simply bought cheese for 2-3 months later as well. My poor fridge was stuffed and it often has space problems anyway. We are 2 persons, we probably need the biggest normal fridge to be comfortable (I mean, normal width just 2.5m high). I don’t know how families do it… Having shops nearby may help but not so much. And we mostly have simple things, ingredients, still.
Alvaro’s Mom needs a lot of fridge space too. Multiple pots and various ingredients as normal.
The content of our fridge drastically changed but it’s just as packed as it was. It’s lucky Alvaro doesn’t need much space for vegetables as we don’t have it, my meat must go somewhere. If he want a big veggie dish (like, from 2-3 kg of vegetables as it makes no sense to make it tiny… his own Mom doesn’t understand his amounts, I totally do), he buys the ingredient and cook it very soon. I obviously don’t really use any, no matter what and I am the main chef so his veggie eating plummeted. He handles it fine, he’s not very choosy, he just wants lots of carbs and little meat (and not as many eggs as me but more cheese). And enough protein and a significant amount of fat (he needs his energy intake without eating many kgs of food a day) of course but that automatically happens around me. My biggest challenge was him being a plasma donor (not much fat in the previous 24 hours, they say. pretty vague but we figured out that around 80g fat seems to work. it’s quite challenging for both of us but possible). I pretty much gave up and let him fend for himself, mostly. It’s impossible to cook low-fat food if you ask me, I can’t even imagine. Or hardly, it’s very forced. Me and low-fat doesn’t mix and I really mean it, maybe I could do it if my life depended on it but not likely. That’s not life, that’s my room 101 aka my special hell. My blind spot as I can’t wrap my head around it. And I am good at understanding a lot of things I am incompatible with.

IDK when I will be a plasma donor but that will be even more interesting. Even with my better fasting skills (maybe skill isn’t the right word…) and lower energy need. But very high-protein food can be very much edible and it’s even satiating and I have that not very tiny amount of fat too (it would be nice if I knew how much I can pull off without problems with the donation. I am very different from Alvaro and our diets are even more different.)


WOO HOO that is fantastic SB! It is wonderful when you hit a sweet spot and you sure are doing great!

@Carnivoor, love your shrimp burger sandwiches!

@Azi, wow you have alot happening. Summer and your pool, oh yes good times to come!

yes when you enjoy something go for it. Plus the legs are a great price, good bang for your buck. I ate many thru my zc adventure :slight_smile: Be sure too tho to have some salt. As one drinks more you flush more electrolytes so you need to stay a tad balanced on that…you will be fine tho I am sure.

Cool LOL me and my hubby are light years apart in our eating :slight_smile:

-------------------good carnivore morning

feeling good but up 3 lbs from those darn 4 fast food burgers driving home and I had 1/2 of my kid’s diet pepsi. I bloat insanely from any soda and yes, I did it. I caved and drank it LOL Taste was delish for a minute then I hit that fake chemical taste and NAH, I don’t need that crap in my life…no biggie on it…I need a day with homecooking and simple fare now. My way. The 3 lbs of bloat will drop fast but ya know I FEEL IT and I do not like it. I feel like I put on 10-15 lbs or something LOL

too much eating out. time for my control back and all is fine truly :slight_smile:

thinking easy today. tuna/mayo, few chicken breasts, some thin cut pork chops. easy peasy

it is great reading everyone’s reports and how they are doing!!

(Vic) #172

Sea bream.
Best fish I had in months, sucked the brains out of this one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was nauseous today, I don’t know why but I ate very little. My lunch was one egg and a tiny bit of fried beef (maybe 1 oz?) and I was totally satiated with it until 6pm when we had dinner though it was snack sized for me. I have such crazy days sometimes.

I did a smallish shopping only, not very much meat but it will be enough for the next week. I have pork chuck, dry sausage, a little hen, I bought even bresaola again, that’s a fun thing, a bit odd but helps with variety… Alvaro wants to cook 2 meaty dishes tomorrow :smiley: It’s quite unusual, he normally makes plant-based stuff when it’s finally time for him to cook… He bought some turkey breast for curry (we never bought fowl breast ever! just the whole bird but we never bought big birds so I never ate turkey breast) and the hen will become soup (except the thighs, they must be roasted). But as he will eat and partially make those, both will have vegetables. I am a bit torn but I don’t want to cook a separate soup for myself, we don’t even have room for 3 pots in the fridge and the hen is so small already, I want a big soup… I thought about cooking the meat and the vegetables separately, maybe that’s the best way, only one greasy pot… I truly prefer my meat soups simple, just water, salt and the bony meat without skin. No idea if mixing the two (meat soup and cooked veggies) is right for Alvaro but why wouldn’t be? I want to make everyone happy and it’s not always trivial.
He ate Vienna sausage for dinner (it’s the second time I ever bought something like this, I wouldn’t regularly eat it but this one has much meat and well, variety. they proudly wrote “only 7 ingredients” on the package… The vast majority of my meat is only 1 so I am not impressed and anyway… 7 is MANY! but Alvaro was happy, he cut and filled them with Gouda and put them into the oven. they weren’t good if you ask me but he liked them so it’s fine). So he has his own changes too, regarding meat. I think it’s only meat, he eats his normal food all the time since many years without any sign of boredness. Unlike me.
I think I have a serious cheese aversion now and eggs aren’t tempting either. No problem as I can eat more meat again. It’s super rare that I get bored of everything at the same time.
And I have that 86% fat (in grams) pork stuff again. It will be great with lean meat, Alvaro doesn’t even go near it, obviously… I prefer fattier food lately.

I want to feel way better tomorrow. Maybe my sleeping was the problem, I went to bed super late. And the bad weather didn’t help, I miss my walks. They say we will have a single nice day so I can do something about that. It’s so cold lately :frowning: I am waiting for the proper warm spring weather we should have…


I’ve not got a lot to say, but I am a couple of days shy of 5 months carnivore, which feels worth mentioning. :partying_face:


I’ve noticed I’m nauseous when I don’t sleep enough and drink water fast. Even before keto/carnivore.


I’m having withdrawal symptoms of my oven chicken legs! I need to shop ASAP.

I’ve had the one leftover yesterday and 1 egg. Very little calories, but I had so much work, I had no time to prepare food. I worry when I eat too little. I’m afraid my resting metabolic rate gets damaged, or something. Having said that, I’ve read it takes some weeks to happen, it isn’t because of just the one day of bad behavior.

I think I’m leaving now to find chicken legs (easy) and, if I’m really lucky… liver!

Cravings: the usual.

I’m feeling super weak, but it’s lack of sleep, not food.

Today it’s less chilly and I’m going for a long mountain bike ride.

Happy carnivoring, lovely people!

(Karen) #177

Yes I only noticed it when i took the photo lol x

(Vic) #178

It is :partying_face:
Expect more changes to come, good ones mostly.

(Karen) #179

Stair runs at 4.45am
The 14 hr shift on Thursday was a real long one in reception. Didn’t leave work till 9.45pm and home for about 1030pm. Sat and chilled and rested the poor tootsies and back from standing all day and before I knew it it was just gone midnight. Well as I am usually in bed between 8 and 9pm it killed me off on friday!

My pack up on thursday was 12oz chicken, 5 ham slices, 2 burgers and a bit of cheese.

Friday felt knackered! Did my stair runs but never hot to the 4pm CrossFit as I was running back and forth from currys pc world to the bank and back. Buying my son a new tv but as i haven’t used his card for a year or s because of the pandemic i had his old pin number in my head so the card was declined and i had to dash to my bank to get the cash instead!!! He will be very happy, its arriving today. A very big one!!!

So food on friday was brunch of ribeye steak, bacon and eggs
Followed by a bit of cheese
Dinner salmon fillets x 2 and king prawns
Followed by a bit more cheese.

Early night and up for stair runs and Crossfit with my daughter. We paired up for the workout which was nice.
Not eaten yet so wil post that later. Just wanted to check in and catch up.


hope you feel better today!! I also am one who misses the nice weather to be outside. Cold weather can really put a damper on a day for me :slight_smile:

Yes it is, that is great time commitment for carnivore! :+1::partying_face::partying_face:

sounds fab. hope you have a great adventure!

@Karen18, ohhh a new big tv…I bet he loves that!
very nice food pics!

-----------------yesterday I ate light.
can of tuna/mayo
8 slices taylor ham
tin of sardines

yes that is low food. I truly think I was ‘over fed’ on vacation. I just wanted a very light food day. It felt great actually.

got some steak for today paired with ? Maybe some thin cut pork chops.

Will see how the day goes, I am just not wanting anything right now. Nothing is drawing me to it mostly. Which is cool, normal day for me every now and then. Will see where the eating day goes :slight_smile: