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(Vic) #181

A simple breakfast.
Had some leftover chicken after that.


I ate at night in the end, no wonder. I very rarely end up with a very low-cal day.
My last 2 meals were tricky as I still have no proper meat, the hen needs a loooong time to get ready and I haven’t thought about making something else, I was too much in the kitchen anyway.
But I ate a bit of everything I have and I have so many processed stuff, different cheeses (it turned out one of my favs that I didn’t eat lately is acceptable for the very hungry me), sour cream (probably helps little but well, it has calories, it matters to some little extent for my satiation I guess)… Today I made sponge cake muffins again, the only form of eggs I am able to stomach right now. I tasted the turkey breast chili and decided it’s Alvaro’s, he likes it and has no problems with the carbs either (it’s not very carby btw, it’s one of the rare dishes he makes without potatoes. his soup obviously contains a lot).
I took apart the hen (I need another lesson but I always manage somehow) and made my own soup from the back. Alvaro got the breast and the wings, the thighs will be roasted together with my pork chuck very soon.
The super fatty pork thingie is awesome, now I know how to eat big meals on carnivore even if I am choosy… 786kcal/100g according to its package and yep, it must be close to that but the pieces aren’t all the same, sometimes there is almost no visible meat… It’s the most calorie dense food I am able to eat all alone in bigger amounts (not like I did it, I had a little bit of something else with it but I know I could). I dislike the chewy fat tissue especially alone but when it’s tenderly cooked until it becomes a soft wonderfulness and gets coated in paprika… Mmmm. A great transformation. I am glad I live in a country where it’s a popular, very much available item. I won’t overdo it, it’s not nice with my small energy need and tendency of overeating, it’s not normal meat just an almost fat processed stuff - but it has its role. Joy and boosting my calories when needed but not without bringing satiation. So if I am hungry but bored with my food, it may help me out. If I just need more calories, I have my not satiating cream.
But yes, normally I should eat the right kind of fatty meat. but I don’t always have that and I probably still need some breaks from that too.

So all is well. I ate lunch at noon. I started with broth… Of course it triggered a meal, it always does. This is my Zornfast with the least fasting. But hey, I still have IF days, I did much worse on carnivore lately :smiley: 2-3 meals a day with satiation in-between, I am not displeased.

I’ve read it takes a few days for the metabolism to get slow down (I am very sure there is a huge personal factor. some unlucky folks quickly lose fat and die in famine, others fare better) but that’s easily can be turned back. To damage the metabolism for a long time, that takes much more time. But I don’t know more. One low-cal day is surely fine, even I had such ones in my life without any noticeable effect. But if I have 2 of them, I get worried a bit and take steps - but I usually get hungry anyway at that point. But it’s not nice to trigger panic in my body. IDK what would happen on carnivore but in the past I suddenly got super hungry and miserable and had to eat a ton for days to feel alive again. I make sure I eat before this happens.

The promised great weather didn’t arrive. My arms are still aching a bit, my weightlifting is postponed. When I am rusty, doing it twice per week is challenging too, 3 definitely doesn’t happen. I need to get better.

Seriously, it’s April, we had so much snow (the higher parts of this mountain area got thick snow!!! it’s still not the highest mountain of the country and we have small ones anyway, climate change started to pull us to become a mediterran country but we have thick snow in the middle of April at 5-700m or less!) then gloomy cold weather for days, I want back my sunshine already!!! :sunny:

But I feel okay enough today, for feeling better I will need sunshine and more activity :slight_smile:

For 14 hours??? That sounds horrible. Even 12 hour shifts with sitting are tough (I never had though but Alvaro had for a very long time, he hated the night ones. now he does 8 hours but that’s standing. in the cold as the bosses don’t spend money for heating the place of the low-level disposable working masses, who cares about them, seriously. they don’t even have proper tools… yep, that’s not a good workplace and he can’t even use his high intelligence there. but I didn’t want to talk about life problems).


You’re a great source of inspiration!

How many steps are there in your stairs? I have stairs at home, but not many steps. Two floors. The third one, the stairs are too steep.

It must be nice for people who live in an apartments building, with lots of floors.

After my bike ride, I went to get my chicken. The fridge is loaded! I can’t wait to bake it tomorrow!

(Karen) #184

Management never look after their staff … except DHL where my daughter works. She loves it there and says the management are very pro staff. That is thebway to make a business grow x

(Vic) #185

Plain pork and beef. Very dry and tough and hard to eat.
Nonetheless, the taste is just perfect, yum

(Karen) #186

Hi Corals i just have one flight because like you the second flight is too steep and i have to watch my head as i go up so I just run up and down the 1 flight 100 times. There are 14 steps which equates to 10ft so my 100 equates to 1000ft. I have been equating them to mountains and have run up 13 mountains and now on the 14th which I should have finished in a week. Then I have to decide whether I want to carry on passed the end of April as that will be a whole year of doing them everyday! I think my autistic son gets his autism from me :joy:

(Karen) #187

I have to say it does look a bit like leather!!! :rofl:

(Ashley) #188

(Karen) #189

What a great day I have had today! Good stair runs ,great CrossFit, seen my daughter for hugs had a very tasty sirloin steak, bacom and eggs for brunch.

Out to take Raymond out ( my dance partner friend) we went to one of our local Garden Centres and i got a couple of indoor plants … they always die on me but God loves a tryer so I keep buying them in the hopes that they will acclimatize to my house lol we enjoyed a relaxing cuppa there and they do an excellent earl grey. I had forgotten how nice! We sat chilling in the sunshine and it was lovely and warm with beautiful blue skies. Also picked up some beautiful pots for the plants.

It was just nice looking and getting inspiration for my garden which should be getting landscaped in August and I can’t wait.

So tea was just ham and cheese.

Taking my son out for a walk with my daughter again tomorrow. We are both looking forward to it. YAY!


I am just thrilled with this 3 day weekend! Today has been glorious- sunshine, bright blue skies. It’s in the high 40’s low 50’s- but the sun is so warm and bright- it feels like 60ish.

Carnivoring today… bacon and coffee for breakfast.
Dinner will likely be chicken and butter.

I’m going to lay out on the porch and get some more sun. Gosh, that feels SO good!!!


Can you feel the exercise in your jaw muscles? I find there is a “workout” satisfaction in that. I get it from chewing biltong which I find nicer than jerky.


Do the stair runs generate much noise?


Yesterday was beef day.

I was going to cook an omelette for breakfast at 3pm but remembered I had a leftover baked beef rib in the fridge. I do enjoy eating cold meat off the bone with my hands.

Had a nice beach walk with Billie the Labrador.

Baked a Texas rib eye steak in the oven. Once again a monster of 1kg. I had some full fat Greek yogurt and ate about 500g of the steak. I enjoy that slow eating by the fork full and finding that exact moment, and savouring it, where all hunger signals switch off. That off switch had been missing most of my life and I mindfully appreciate it now.

I can hear the surf breaking while I type. The swell picked up yesterday afternoon. There are large schools of Australian salmon on migration at the local beaches which means there are lots of sharks to surf with in autumn.


Well, I’ve become carnivore thanks to @Wendy198 and I’m going to become a stair runner thanks to you.

I’ll start walking fast, though, with good shoes, until I convince myself I won’t fall (I’ve fallen from the stairs a few times, didn’t break anything). On days I can’t run, or mountain bike, that is.

My go to thing at home is jumping jacks. We also have a gym with all sort of weights and I do that, though, not regularly this year.

The problem with the jumping jacks: with age, they started to hurt my knees and feet. I’m used to landing on my feet as in running. But the sideways landing of jumping jacks hurts more. Not while I’m doing it, but later, or the day after. It’s time I move on.

Thank you for being such a wonderful, positive source of inspiration!

Food today: I’ll bake my chicken legs! That’ll be it. Lots of them!


What a wonderful picture! Just so beautiful!

(Vic) #196

Is that a shipwreck on the leftside ?


@monsterjuice, that is a wonderful meal ya got on that plate!
chewy as heck…been there and like you even tho super chewy if that taste is superb it doesn’t matter, we just chew thru it LOL

@Karen18, your food pic is wonderful! yum

@SecondBreakfast, WOO nicer weather! You enjoy that pick me up!! Glad your carnivoring is doing well!

@FrankoBear----you saying this— I enjoy that slow eating by the fork full and finding that exact moment, and savouring it, where all hunger signals switch off. That off switch had been missing most of my life and I mindfully appreciate it now.--------------THIS IS SO FREAKIN’ wonderful to read FB! I know exactly what you mean too! I never could turn off the switch and even on very low carb eating I couldn’t but thru time on zc, when I hit that also, I was like OMG I AM A normal person :slight_smile: My body does know how to be satisfied and nourished and healed and show me I do have an off switch. Believe me this was a biggie for me thru the years ‘of dieting’ so I was very happy and smiling when I read this from you…it is a very valued benefit from our plan! I am just super smiling right along with you in that great change you are receiving!!

Wonderful pic and so soothing. I now miss my beach sunrise and sunsets :frowning: my next beach trip can’t come fast enough.

Do you use anything like this? copied from net: For surfers to have patented magnetic technology to deter sharks that can outdo the electronic repellent ’s tolerance of corrosive ocean effects. Sharkbanz 2 band

just wondering, never knew even that stuff was out there LOL

------------------------happy carnivore april
April is flying by now for me.

food yesterday was

few slices taylor ham
8 oz Tbone steak

Omad day. huh. I dropped my 3 lbs of bloat which is nice. FEEL so might better with that gone! Vacay, darn drinks and few bites of crap were icky but homecooked food now and feeling fine!!

Hunger level on low. Cool. Just eat as I need.

All going very well on zc…just chillin’ thru the days!


this was interesting.

looking out my window toward the back horse pasture I see 3 baby bunnies just popping, hopping, enjoying life. So cute.

then I look over about 5 fence posts and see my resident big healthy azz hawk just staring----ohhhhh boy, hawky might be having rabbit for a late easter dinner LOL

I went outside and scared hawk from his spot by accident, I needed out to my garage freezer, but he didn’t go far and then my little doggie saw the bunnies and went after them. They are now in tall grass hiding so I think they are good for a bit?? Nature at its finest. Everyone wants to eat the bunnies!

(Vic) #199

First they can grow up and have some happy time.


I can be very slow if it’s about things with little to do with me.
But I suddenly realized people can’t buy proper milk to drink anymore. Doing the thing I did all my childhood.
All the shops have only that UHT thing with its UHT flavor.

(If I want to drink milk once in a blue moon, I still can buy proper, fresh and even raw milk from a truck of a cow farm or something so it’s all good. I was fine without milk for several years but I like having options.

But I can’t buy proper whipping cream anywhere I think… And I actually use that and its flavor is quite important. I kind of used to the UHT flavor as I never consume it all alone so there is always something masking the problem and I mostly use the one that comes in bags with a way shorter but still impressive shelf life, that is significantly better than the ones in boxes, lasting for months. still not ideal but I can live with it.)