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I am not knowledgeable about the FODMAP and lectins (it was long ago I have read about that on paleo sites) but isn’t chocolate high in oxalates?

Oh, off carnivore trial! I had dozens in the last 16 months for sure, I always do on/off keto even if the keto part is carnivore. It’s hard to say what is okay and what is not sometimes especially if one doesn’t add only one item.
I didn’t experiment with chocolate as carnivore killed my chocolate desire (at least towards my own that doesn’t even have cocoa butter not like it enhanced the taste when I used it) so I barely taste it on some of my off days and just get disappointed and stop. I pretty much stopped even trying already, I can learn. I still love cocoa powder, that’s fine but of course, the amount is tiny and I am not particularly sensitive.

I am curious about your experiences in April, see you at some point here, maybe when you do carnivore again and share it with us! Best wishes! :slight_smile:
(You can come anyway like I did in my carbier times though I tend to be more scarce then but I still can talk about meat and eggs and the thread may pull me back. But I almost never do true carnivore, just carnivore-ish. A little bit of onion, tomato puree, a pickle happens now and then even if I do my best. It’s good enough for me and my food is way, way closer to carnivore than to general keto with all those plants and sweeteners. I focus on very low-carb, not avoiding every speck of plants even if that destroys some of my favorite meat- or egg-based dishes. We always eat beef as stew except when I fry a little bit as stew is great and we don’t know what else to do with beef leg. Roasts need a high fat content according to my taste. But I will experiment later.)

Some of us like gradual changes, I can understand adding back things and see what happens. I always like better when I am all free and get persuaded by my body (who tasted carnivore and liked it but my mind wanted things it missed or something. my body never told me on carnivore that it totally needed plants and other non-carnivore carbs, never) that it’s not so great - vs forcing to stay on carnivore, not like I could do that without a good reason like I die if I touch plants or something. But some people truly function better with some plants, it seems. Whatever is the case, try to find your current sweet spot :slight_smile: And be open to changes, they are very surprising sometimes. But you are, that’s why you experiment. Good luck! (Someone shut me up already…)

(Karen) #82

Thanks for that @FrankoBear. Still a bit not right today but I had my PCR test result back this morning and that was neg so def not Covid. I really think it was the turkey. I don’t feel its flu or a cold definitely different feeling. As I am rarely unwell it just feels like a nuisance interruption to my daily life :grin:

I will stay home again today in case it is a lurgy bug as I wouldn’t want to pass it to anyone else. Still got the stair runs done even though they felt torturous and I had to listen to my body a smidgeon for a change! I did the first 50 with different exercises x 10 each and realised I was def overdoing it. The sweating wasm’t the notmal sweats and I felt very light headed, belching like a good’un and wobbly so carried on at steady pace just doing stair runs without the added exercises until I had done 70 and the final 30 were done in between the tv ads and I was resting in between sets of 10. What a palava! :roll_eyes: I don’t do being poorly very well.


I only run a tiny bit with the snow… middlings :smiley: Not snowflakes but very very tiny snowballs…? We have that about every hour since a while. With sunshine in between. So I couldn’t go out for a tiny walk/run without snow. Well, it’s April. There is a fairy tale about a king and his 12 kids. April was the forgotten little girl so all of her siblings gave her something so she got snow and summer-like weather alike.
It was cold for me so came back. And of course no stamina for running uphill without many stops so I walked. I don’t have enough stamina to walk properly lately! When it’s steep uphill, no elevation is child’s play but I wouldn’t like to do that for more than a few hours either now.

Alvaro got his vaccine (AstroZeneca, not Sputnik, oh well) and is at home. So he won’t tempt me with his 2:30pm lunchtime as he like having lunch way earlier when I don’t want to eat yet. Now it’s 1:30 and I am a tad hungry but it’s not a real one and I had enough of eating every 1-2 hours anyway, I wait.
Now it’s time for lifting.

@Karen18, get better soon! But what is palava? I looked it up but only got 2 words, maybe you can enlighten me. A trouble, an annoyance in this case?


I don’t do sick well either! I so understand you :slight_smile: I hope whatever it is you get thru it fast and feel better real soon!

-----------yesterday was 3/4 lb cheeseburger patty, 3 slices bacon, few slices salami

not much for me. ate very late and it shut me down. Didn’t eat first food til around 3 and that finished me for the day :slight_smile:

Packing meat in rv today. Burgers, steaks, chicken, pork, some canned sardines, tuna, beef sticks for emergency fast food :slight_smile: Since we are leaving for an ocean camping trip tomorrow I will leave getting any types of seafood in that area. Fresh off the boat is best…yum

All going very well for me with carnivore.
Feeling good and all but darn seasonsal allergies are a PIA I hate but will survive.

carnivore on and stay strong everyone

(Heather) #85

There have been lots of great food pictures! It’s great to see what everyone is enjoying on this fabulous way of life.

It never ceases to amaze me how good I feel eating this way. It’s just so clear that our bodies were meant to eat meat and thrive.

DH is doing fabulous! Yesterday was his one month carniversary. He is down 24 pounds! He understands that some of that is water weight, but is still pleased, nonetheless and it really shows!

He was doing some yardwork yesterday and was surprised at how quickly he became exhausted. He asked me about it last night and I completely blanked on the fact that he is likely not fat adapted yet, so he’ll need to be patient while his body adjusts.

DD is hanging in there as well. She’s had a few nibbles of this or that, but ultimately remains super low carb, which I believe she is happy with. I have to remind myselft that everyone finds their own path and what works for them.

I’ve decided to change up my workout timing. I felt like I was in a rut. Doing the same two workouts twice a week, struggling with the same weight amounts (not being able to increase). Also, Even though it would be 3-4 days between workouts, my muscles were still sore! I believe that told me that my body isn’t completely recovering between workouts and they are ending up being counter productive. I tried upping my food intake to see if it would help, but nothing changed.

Today, I worked out and it had been 6 days. I upped my kettlebell to 50 lbs (instead of 45 lbs.). That’s the first increase I’ve been able to do in about 9 months. I also increased some of my leg and arm weights, as my body would tolerate. I’m still doing 7 sets of 50 KB swings and slowburn weights w/ my arms and legs until failure.

My plan is to alternate that workout with my other workout (Schwinn Airdyne - HIIT) and the same arm and leg weights as the other workout.

I plan on doing one workout per week and see where that takes me.


Stupid satiation. After my weightlifting (not the whole thing, will do the little muscles later), as usual, I got quite hungry but do you think I could make a dent in this except I ate the chicken and the omelet? Nope.I got a stop sign too early.
And got hungry in an hour. And couldn’t eat more after a few bites.

But everything was nice and enjoyable! THIS is what I would call a decent lunch if the chicken was turkey (still, it was some nice chicken). I would be happy with it for 2 meals as well. But not for 4-5 as I do it now… It’s fine, I just hope this many little meals won’t stay with me.
I surely will have leftovers for tomorrow. Okay, I like that my super energy dense pork is super satiating as well… And I don’t have much other meat left for the next 3 days… I have but I don’t want to use those for reasons. I probably go to the butcher tomorrow, what should I buy, pork liver or pork heart? Maybe he will have only one of those so it makes the decision easy :smiley:
In a YT channel I like to watch there was a heart recipe. With bacon, leek (I can use a little spring onion, mines are super tiny, it’s okay for me… but I can’t imagine it add much to it, at least for me. Alvaro can eat them with it raw and nice) and a lot of honey. What is with Americans, Romans, Vikings, Chinese and many other folks and honey/sugar with meat?! Vikings in this case. Or the guy improvised, IDK. But honey probably was welcomed in most ancient human society, for joy and/or survival. We understand that but why to mix it with MEAT? We both consider it a horrible idea (and we don’t have honey anyway, that’s a sparingly used December item for decorative gingerbreads) so we simply skip that. Basically heart and bacon. I have a little bacon, all I need is some heart. I wanted to try a pig heart anyway…

Oh, the menu.
A whole roasted chicken leg, all my leftover pork roast (I love when it has much surface… so I really need fatty meat), omelet with pork skin, a pickled egg, some cheese (smoked parenica, I wanted that! as I already didn’t do a strict day, I ate some), the beef stew Alvaro didn’t want, with sour cream.
Not on the photo as no way I ever eat what I plan, I leave some and eat some other stuff: egg pudding, coffee with leftover milk and a yolk, more cheese. And a tiny bit of radish. So a cute carnivore-ish day.

I feel the usual. We have a saying for it, the translation is about “You give them a finger, they want the whole hand.” It’s more gradual in me but if I relax my way, it just gets relaxing more and more if I am not careful. It’s good my carnivore-ish definition stops me for longer but I definitely gets ideas now… It will be good to go back to my strictest version and we will see.
But a part in me clearly miss some more variety. I will find some new recipes to try. Or old ones I used long ago. Like my tuna deviled eggs I planned but I am still not very good with eggs. I ate 3 today, all different and paired with better things but that’s my limit now. And it’s unusual for me to eat much meat. Oh did I tell? I think not. I counted and yep, I did my “7 pounds of meat in 7 day”.

It’s good I make cake for Alvaro on most days, they help with variety, it doesn’t matter I don’t eat them (I just smell the canned apple, it’s absolutely amazing!). By the way, I really want to make his low-carb day to happen next week :slight_smile: I have all the ingredients and the desire to bake the stuff. As he only can eat baked low-carb meals except one kind of soup. If I use all the options he accepts, that’s already 2 big meal for him and he can mess up the super low carb content with his carby dinner, it still will be his lowest-carb day ever (except maybe when he was a tiny baby and when he starved). But if I am lucky, he won’t do anything like that.
I am curious how he will feel. I don’t expect problems, I won’t overdo the fat, his body don’t like that without a ton of carbs (and he stays hungry if the food is too fatty then he suddenly gets too full). But we never tried more than one low-carb meal, those worked perfectly, just like his high-carb meals (he works with low-fat for a single meal too, weird person. I don’t :slight_smile: maybe for a snack in the past - like 5 bananas, once I was hungry before fat adaptation, it was the worst type, I had to eat and had nothing else. it was effective for a whole hour! - but I want food soon after).

I try to stay away for a while (like a day) now, really.

We still have snow every hour…

(Vic) #87

Mozambique jumbo crabs for dinner.

3 plates of them :yum:

(Karen) #88

Yummy x


I never ate crab I think. Is it satiating? It seems some nice thing that does little to a real hunger. But who knows? And we are different.

Not like I can say much even about myself, carnivore changes things. I am so full again now… Too full. What.

I am curious and got motivation to keep going (not like I wanted to stop but I slowly get bored of things usually and get ideas so it’s good it I get new motivation), I want to know how my hunger, satiation, joy and others will change! And my energy too.

(Linda ) #90

Yum crab looks great @ vic.
@shanita nice place of food looks great too
.@ Fangs how long you going for? sounds like fun.
@karen glad you didn’t have covid hope your feeling better by now

Today I had my first covid shot pain in the arm is the only side affect so far.

Took my dogs for their nightly stroll two nights ago and the Husky spotted a rabbit with all the weight I’ve lost he just drags me all over the place if he sees wild life.
Normally if that happens my husband will grab the leash and hold him back…but not this time so
Jake took off with me running behind him My husband was walking with our other dog which is part husky part malanoid that had no intentions of missing out so before I knew it she was cutting me off and tripping me over amazingly I didn’t let go of jake…just a few bruises and scapes from the road …ugggh
as for carnivore still going strong I’m still using spices on my meat but I’ve noticed they are sometimes getting less.
Today’s food was short ribs ,and ground beef and with butter. And pork rinds…Im still dropping weight hit 138 today…

(Vic) #91

Its lean and very satiating. I grew up with seafood. My home is 200m from the beach. We tent to love the food we grew up with.



It’s interesting that you have hypersensitivity while on ZC carnivore. Possibly a fattier keto-carnivore WOE might be better during allergy season. With the increased fat content contributing to higher ketones and lower inflammation?


The scale showed 74kg today… After yesterday’s 79-80… I never had such a jump but fine.

Dairy free again. I miss dairy a tiny bit and it’s not even my first meal yet :smiley: It’s so useful. I don’t need it to have a nice satiating meal but it’s still so useful and adds variety… But I so would make desserts if I had them and I don’t want that direction now. 8 days passed, my rebellious inner self surely sharpens its claws already. It’s unknown territory, my longest carni times lasted 2 weeks in November and I was super determined (but had worse food). As time passes, I change and I don’t know what I need long into carnivore(-ish). I always just wandered away for some mysterious reason.
But I am fine and safe now. Monday will be the big test, visiting Alvaro’s mom… I bring food and I am really determined now but I barely ever used any control there… I am sure about myself but I am a too big optimist and my track record is bad. But when I really wanted, I could be mostly fine there, I remember that. I am much better now and my desires changed. Okay. it will be fine. I announce this and so my pride will be at risk too :smiley:

Sunny day, good for a walk to the butcher and the egg lady. I ate so much yesterday again, I even got hungry at night and had 2 eggs, I hope I get back my decent mealsizes already, small ones can’t satiate me for long enough, not even multiple ones. I always had this on every woe, bigger meals works better and my first one is never small (except if it’s the exceptional breakfast and maybe sometimes on carnivore).

Spices… I don’t really use spices except paprika of course but only in the dish they are needed and in my sausages.
I use mustard but less and less :slight_smile: I think I will use pickled eggs, those don’t need mustard. Yeah, they have vinegar and spices but it’s still more subtle.
I don’t want ever give up sour flavors, that’s my favorite. Sweet never could compare, I always would have chosen pickles over chocolate (unless I specifically wanted chocolate) and I was in love with chocolate.
But pickled eggs are sour too and they are eggs so pickles almost completely disappeared from my life. They are crunchy though (I don’t like the softer ones). I have too few crunchy things now. Even the cheese whisps are out now, not like I ate them in the last days, the thought didn’t cross my mind as I don’t want cheese now (the parenica was special). And I never can do the chicken skin crunchy enough if it’s on the meat. It was half crunchy last time and I ate it up before I could play with it a little in the pan… I was hungry at that point.

I surely wrote before, I have this thing with textures and crunchiness… I need creamy things, “dry” and maybe somewhat neutral things (like spongecake) to eat with too rich, fatty, wet things (soups are a must, if not every week, every second one. and I like other not so dry dishes, oh I can’t explain this well), crunchy things. The worst when I decide I want biscuits as I can’t even make good biscuits, not on any woe.
I dion’t find my carni crackers recipe but it was too fatty anyway, I will make it again, it was simple. And cheesy but what else could I use as flour? My other options can’t be used in big enough quantity.
But I have some ideas to try. I just have so little extra desires on carnivore that my carni experiments go nowhere.

The CICO site I use for tracking (I had enough of tracking again, I need a break, no matter how simple, it’s unnatural) has a not active forum but it’s a little battlefield now. The vegan propaganda guy brought walls of text again and the intolerant carnivore guy appeared. What is the carnivore equivalent of popcorn? Probably nothing, we respect the food and don’t eat while focusing on something else. I was that type on high-carb too.
But the vegan guy mostly just put in translations, not fun enough. But it was before the other guy, maybe his passion will be sparkled.
I obviously told my stuff like salt isn’t an enemy like sugar… And nope, people don’t slim down all on a carby diet due to high satiation (well I never tried low-fat, that’s my room 101. I am sure I would lose fat like crazy on HCLF because I would rather starve but well, that doesn’t really count).


super congrats to your hubby!! He is doing amazing and I know he is happy with those results I bet :slight_smile: Yea, physical work when not transitioned fully can show up for alot of us, just rest a bit as you know and let time on plan correct that issue, it will!

wow on getting tripped with your dogs! luckily you didn’t knock out teeth or something hitting the road…happy you are ok. I fall I fall hard now, old days when younger I would bounce up, now I just stay down HAHA

I never had an allergy in my life. Moved from higher Northeast and came down here to the Southeast and bam. The pollen just kills me here but I don’t put any of this to carnivore at all. Some say seasonal allergies get less when on zc but I never found that to be the case. No biggie, I got drugs to combat HAHA

super congrats on a nice drop down the scale. That is a good size jump :slight_smile: I like what you said about not having any extra desires for food stuffs on carnivore and you don’t have to bother experimenting. I am the same, just eat the meat and don’t worry about anything else :slight_smile:

nice crab. I am a crab fan :slight_smile: yum

-----------------AND I AM OFF

7 day trip to the beach. Got a campsite right next to the ocean. walk over 1 dune and I am on the beach :slight_smile:

alot of metal detecting. hubby to surf fish. some sightseeing. Kid and dog will do some hiking with me. AND DO I have the RV slam packed with great meat? You bet I do!! I got myself truly zc covered and won’t worry on what to eat at all LOL

omgosh I need a change of scenery. Between covid and all the crazy and friggin’ cold weather and stupid thick yellow pollen around here, I want out and about. Fresh sea air. Crashing waves. Will it be warm enough to swim? not sure but I am gonna go have fun cause I require it other than desire it :slight_smile:

Will pop in if I get online. Be good carnivores, hold the plan tight, enjoy the benefits and thrive!!!

See ya later :slight_smile:


Back from the butcher, we bought a nice looking pig heart :smiley: It’s exciting as it’s my first time (I ate hearts but not one of a pig) even though I never particularly liked the hearts, they were nice but a bit chewy and nothing special. Still, first time and variety! I like to try out new things.

Alvaro is a tad off after his Covid vaccine (AstraZeneca) but it’s better today.

Sunshine continues and I am pretty cheerful now. The great music I have found? Sunshine? Carnivore? I think all 3 has a role. And 74 kg is better than 76 but I want my 71 back with loose pants now!

Thanks, Fangs but I did little, just being stubborn and sticking to an eating style that felt best this far :wink: Well considering my track record, it’s something. But I am not proud yet.

Before you, Fangs, I never even had any idea people do metal detecting…

Our shopping trip is delayed, I hope I will be okay, I have little meat especially if I don’t want to sacrifice all the beef. I like to eat it when I kinda miss ruminants and need the variety. Oh well, I depend more on eggs and fish a bit and if I must, I buy something in the village, it’s not a big deal. I definitely don’t want to add anything else right now, I am super curious what will happen if I stick to this mostly dairy less style!
I didn’t even got back my stable 2MAD. Maybe today will be fine, I had a smallish but still decent lunch at 2:30pm, not some super early tiny thing. Eggs, pork, processed pork, nothing new. I made perfect little sponge cakes (considering it’s 100% eggs. obviously deflated), somewhat fluffy ALL the way, even at the bottom!!! This is the first for me and I have some ideas what I did well this time, need experiements. Perfect “bread” for me. My current sausage isn’t only super fatty and flavorful as it should but spicy enough to need something more neutral with it.
I think I got over my egg problem now but I still eat them carefully especially the boiled ones.

(Vic) #96

Enjoy your trip to the beach.

(Vic) #97

Chicken and feta cheese for dinner.

(Karen) #98

Well done at the drop on weight and do hope the brusies heal very quickly. A bot of a calamity with the fur babies🙃

(Karen) #99

Have a fab time @Fangs very envious of your cosstal trip. Hope the sea air gets rid of all the pollen up ua nostrils lol. Enjoy all the walks and have a fun time in the water. Unwind and forget about the world xx

(Karen) #100

Yesterday ws still an icky day and for brunch I ate cold chicken and felt the need to get it salted and it was good and tasty.
Dinner was a steak ribeye. A taf bit of cheese in between and a mug of chicken stock. Wasn’t very hungry but started feeling a bit better late in the day.

Today I am feeling a lot better and did stair runs 8n one set of 100. Stsrted to feel a slight bit wobbly round about the 70 mark but just plowed on steadily till I got them finished. Had to open front door during them as I was feeling very hot and flushed and decided that as I bend over and touch my toes at the bottom of the stairs on each run I should stick some shorts on instead of flashing my bum to the traffic! :blush:

Brunch was cold salted chicken again. Funny because I haven,'t been using added salt since starting carnivore at the biginning of November but I guess i am listening to my body and it said it needed salt!

Soon after I cooked up some diced lamb shoulder and ate the lot. Must be feeling better as appetite coming back.

Admit to buying some cheese again today and ate some smoked cheese and will probably have a bit more cheese later.
Dinner was a sirloin steak and a 1/4lb beef burger.

I will definitely be a lot more careful when defrosting, especially white meat and make sure I cook it immediately. I am usually very careful so feel a little cross with myself as I am so so sure I had food poisoning. So happy to feel myself again.