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(Karen) #61

Up early 4.45am again ran those stairs did some pu’s and got to work. Felt a bit icky today kept telling myself I don’t have a cough, I can still taste and smell and I don’t have a fever!!! I had done a pcr covid test this mor ing beofre leaving for work and chucked it in the box for collection when I arrived in wotk. Seriously hoping I haven’t picked it up. Felt achy and nauscious and heady but that could have been the stress of opening social visits for first time in months or could have been the turkey which I didn’t really enjoy yesterday! So of course as I don’t like waste i took the remaining turkey in my pack up and had some at lunch. Managed 2 mouthfuls and had to throw it :tired_face: immediately starting feeling icky again.

Decided to try a bit of ham, late afternoon when I went over to work in the gate as I was feeling like I needed fuel and felt a little better after that so finished with a hard boiled egg. Shouldn’t have had that as I then got really bloated :roll_eyes: bad old food choices today!

Taken a couple of paracetamol when I got home cos I truly didn’t want to be feeling achy by time I went to bed.

Hoping to feel super tip top tomorrow. Not ill very often and refuse to give in to it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Steaks tomorrow! :wink:


Hopefully it’s some smaller thing and you will be okay tomorrow! The attitude is pretty important too, we both are bad with sickness and we don’t really get sick or get over it quickly. Alvaro didn’t catch Covid-19 either and he couldn’t smell for days and felt bad some weeks ago. But you will know the result soon. Is that only one test there? He had an additional quick one where the negative result is not reliable but the positive is.
I got bored of Covid, I don’t even look at Hungary’s horrible numbers anymore. Sometimes I ask Alvaro what is the situation, he is more diligent with doomscrolling, one learns new words in this Covid era.

Oh and I saw masked people in my street. The first time ever! This place is, according to some people, in the middle of nowhere (a pretty nowhere if you ask me), masks aren’t even mandatory.

Okay, highest cal day of April then :slight_smile: I got hungry, ate the pancakes with sausage (because eggs and cheese without meat just doesn’t work), more sausage and cheese and all the sour cream we had at home. It was such a nice addition :slight_smile:
The cheesy pancake (20g young gouda for the thin pancake) was definitely too salty. And I obviously didn’t add any extra salt, it’s the cheese. No problem, I don’t consider cheese important now and surely I can find less salty ones I enjoy. Just not the sweet ones because that is an even bigger problem. Sometimes I wonder what will happen if I keep changing my salt and sugar sensitivity.

14g sugar from my dairy today, by the way. Dairy boosts my calories and doesn’t satiate me well. That can be pretty useful sometimes. And they are enjoyable if I am in the mood for the one I eat.

I got out the pork roast and the chicken thigh from the freezer, I will need them! I will be even active a bit, yay! I need it.

I realize eating feels different now, I don’t enjoy it as much as usual somehow. Most of my food is great taste wise but it’s odd to me to skip most food groups and eating has a smaller role in my life, it’s more to make me not hungry, with or without the usual amount of joy during the process. Sometimes I wish for some neutral stuff, joy isn’t needed, I just want to feel satiated for long. This is the side effect of having very satiating and a bit limited food.
I don’t miss anything yet but I need to be creative to get enough variety and it doesn’t work anymore with eggs now. It’s good different meats aren’t alike at all. But I needed this last >1 year. I definitely couldn’t eat this much meat before. I didn’t do it a little time ago either. I saw my notes about a week in the second half of March, I ate very low-carb but half as much meat as now. I had no ham or beef though, those were good and helpful.



We have probably covered this ground before about “dairy” and cheeses. But I’ve caught a few podcasts recently about African tribes that rely on the carnivore and dairy mix for optimum health span. They do well with their mix of inputs. They drink and use raw milk, often mix it with blood. I wonder what ‘blood cheese’ would taste like? @Carnivoor Vic might know?

I think in the universe of cheeses we have the full range of nutrition sinners and saints.

The thing about cheese is that it is fermented dairy. I remember the full flavoured raw milk cheeses we could easily get on a short stroll in Paris. Cheese is not on everyone’s bucket list for a trip to Paris. Cheese can add beneficial moulds to the microbiome as well as bacteria, and I reckon a few viruses in the mix as well.

I would challenge us, challenge the cheese eaters to go on a journey in this carnivore plan to find the most nutritious and tasty cheeses (or fermented dairy) to share back to the group. And in that way gradually wean ourselves away from any, more processed versions. It’s the rise of the cheese snobs!

In other news.

That steak I took to dinner was handed back to me. My mother in law had made me some extra meat. She also extracted the beef based cannelloni filling for my plate after cooking the meal, and ribboned the pasta as a side dish for the kids. I apologised that my eating preferences created more work. She laughed and said ‘wait until you have teenage daughters that insist on going vegetarian’. Her view on food is that meals bring her family together. That makes her happy.

Mother-in-law has no energy for diving deep into different dietary philosophies, except she won’t eat rabbit due to a trauma from post World War 2 Italy that she won’t elaborate on. It reminds me of my Dad’s experience story of being a German child refugee in a refugee camp in Denmark in 1945 where they ate all the kids’ pets, not just the rabbits, and he became so malnourished that he went blind for a few months. The Danes had scarcely enough food for their own population at that time. He talked of that trauma fondly because he was with his Aunty (separated from the rest of his family) and they were safe, having escaped the Russian advance by finding a way on to a rusty refugee boat to cross the Baltic Sea under fire from the Allies. Food carries meanings so different from generation to generation. I am really very spoiled. Many of us are spoiled that we have food options and choices. So I am grateful.

An interesting eat day yesterday. I bought a coffee at a bakery :sweat_smile: from a Spanish barista who had the most intriguing vowel sounds. I can walk into a very good artisan bakery and look in the cabinets like I am in a museum - not a thing that looks edible but interesting to look at. There are plenty of people and places still unlocked in the world. That is meant as a positive outlook. No cream. The coffee effect was good, even if the taste was not top notch. Or, as @Karen18 may be losing her taste for cheese, cripes! I hope it’s not a COVID symptom (best wishes on a speedy recovery from your unwellness), possibly I am starting to lose my taste for coffee? That would be a health blessing.

Then I continued on NoFUN (no food until noon - Vic introduced me to the term and it had a positive added effect). I was short on supplies, so I dropped into a local farmers’ food market. Picked up two marbled scotch fillets, bacon, cheese, pate, and some marinated sardines.

I had been daydreaming about mixing sardines (or mackerel) with full fat yoghurt as a mash. It’s a variation on sardines and cheese. And a distant cousin to ‘surf and turf’ that we sometimes see @Fangs get a hankering for… and as a result we all end up eating prawns (shrimp) with our steak after reading her report.

I ended up eating 130g drained marinated sardines rolled in Swiss style cheese sliced into wraps. It was pretty amazing. But the cheese was marketed as part of the produce from a local dairy and cheese company. On closer reading, the cheese had travelled the world from Holland and was wrapped at the local cheese company. The Dutch make some nice cheeses. You could say they are pretty Gouda. Cheeses.

No other food besides sardines and world weary travelling Swiss cheese from Holland. It was a low eating day. With a 3 hour car drive.

(Vic) #64

No, sorry. Don’t think its really a thing, its just a mixture of 2 ingredients. Like coffee and milk.
I did drink fresh blood and raw milk on seperate occasions.


I don’t know about blood and cheese/milk, but I know about blood. I used to eat a lot of blood when I was a child. It tasted great. Chicken blood, cooked. Delicious. It’s been several decades I’ve had it, though.

@wendy, how are you doing?

I’d like to send a big hug to all of you. Thank you for support and lovely words.

I’m still eating carnivore. I’m craving food and I’ve put on weight, but my BMI is still below 25. I haven’t seen any benefits yet. But I’m still depressed. And I can’t exercise much, because of the horrible weather. I wonder. Wasn’t a carnivore WOE supposed to improve mental health? If so, why it doesn’t work for me?

I’m very strict. No plant foods such as coffee, no cheese, no milk. Only porc, chicken, shrimps, butter and salt. I even don’t use spices, because they’re all plant based. I didn’t want to fail at seeing results and have people say it was the cumin seed powder on my chicken, etc, so I’m being super radical.

The exception is only the butter. Food without butter isn’t worth eating.

Your food pictures look so delicious!

(Vic) #66

I support that of course, but you can experiment with a bit more relaxed if you wish to do so.

A few of my personnal personnal guidelines I go by are,

-If my food had a mother with 2 eyes, its good for me.
-no food that takes more then 2 proccesed steps from nature to my plate.
-Spices, tea and coffee are ok.
-cheese had a mother, but moderation on it.
-2 beers on saturday

I’m even relaxed about my own rules, but max 20gr carbs a week is a line I will not cross.

Its personnal to me, if you find it inspiring, give it a try.


Blood cheese sounds exciting :smiley: But it would be probably pink cheese, just mildly flavored with blood, a cheese must be mostly dairy… Not like I am an expert. Whatever, I would try that now and I definitely find cheeses off-putting at the moment. I don’t know why, I definitely barely ate them lately and I always liked cheeses.

So my dairy-free days continue. With almost no eggs for now. I probably just have enough meat and variety to pull off the next few days then we go to shopping again.

@FrankoBear, your stories are great. I mean both the meaning and style. I learned some history today. I know snippets from the life during and after the World War 2 but those are very different. My anchestors were peasants, they were stripped from their lands after the war, those couldn’t be nice times. But they had even sugar during the war as they got a higher-ranked Russian soldier who were nice enough, liked the food and the kids… And Grandma dressed/masked as an ugly gypsy women to escape getting raped and she was successful.
I have lots of family stories but very little from those times. Mom liked to tell me the happier happenings, zillion times. They were good. I tell them to Alvaro now and who cares that the main character died in 1943. I know them a little and still put flower on their grave (just because Mom did, I don’t see the point, honestly. They surely reincarnated ages ago and I can think of them anywhere. But I respect the tradition unlike most traditions. It’s not a huge sacrifice to cross the country and visit my Aunt even though the 2 places are still far so we make a detour…)
I like to have some family history. I even know about a prideful horse who disliked being passed by other horses so there were little horse races with carriages in the streets :smiley:

Why not? I drank mineral water for 2 hours at a cake shop once. I met with the choir girls. I was very proud of myself for long though I did nothing, there was zero temptation. But I was a good hedonist consuming whatever I desired best, I don’t always do it this right :slight_smile:

Exactly. Aren’t they pretty? :smiley: At least many of them. I like to look at pretty things.

Sigh. Someone give me some cheaper shrimp. it would be fun to eat it now and then… But it’s so little nothing, I truly like my own food better. But shrimps are funny. But all seafood is so expensive here. Except hakefish I don’t like and some tiny fish that is only good as cat food…
Somewhat expensive tasty salmon? Fine on occasion, there are sales too, that’s worth it, that’s SALMON! :smiley: I am fine without it for years but sometimes it’s nice, I mostly buy it for Alvaro but I taste it too. I prefer it fresh and raw but that’s out.
But expensive not very tasty little fun things, nope unless I really want them. Maybe I should buy a little box and use it sparingly. I loved the tiny things in soup in Chinese restaurants, not like I can cook those soups… We ate it in pasta too.
But no, there are no small boxes/bags, only too big ones. Sometimes I have this problem with things. And sometimes the bags are way too tiny.
But if you talk about seafood more, I probably will buy some soon. If I find a small enough package. Or I will use it for a year… But I don’t even have recipes to use shrimps as spicing up things…
Scrambled eggs with shrimp? :thinking: I imagine that would look nice.

I am totally a stranger to these mental clarity things (if you think about that. I always hear that and don’t understand, I don’t know what they are talking about. our mind changes, sometimes it’s more clouded, it’s normal. mine is extremely connected to my sleep, activity and the weather, not my eating), I never had any change like that, not on keto, not on carnivore. My mental change is not wanting tons of food, yay (that’s physical too but mental as well. I could eat a ton after my body didn’t want any more. my overeating and food enjoying skills are formidable).

Benefits are very individual and there is the time component too… Our circumstances and pasts are different, of course we don’t experiment the same.

I feel okay on carnivore but it’s nothing special nowadays. I need more exercise, more fresh air, less reading and watching videos and staying up late, I know that… I feel like on keto or low-carb when I don’t do big mistakes on them. But mistakes are so more common on them… Carnivore is much safer.

Sometimes I wonder if you guys who love butter have tastier ones or it’s just individual taste.
Butter is nice but very neutral, almost nothing. I rather use the way less expensive and way tastier lard unless it’s some dessert :slight_smile: Of course, there are horrible lards, the store-bought ones are like that, fat rendered out of store-bought cheaper bacon is like that… But pig farm lard and roasted pig lard is very tasty. I used to eat it as snack in the very beginning… When I meet a new item, I usually have some honeymoon phase. But I still love lard, I just don’t need it much and I don’t eat fat alone anymore.

So I pretty much avoid butter. I put a tiny bit into my coffee as I had no cream and sometimes I use it in desserts but that’s a very small amount. But the tasteless coconut oil is almost as good, sometimes just as good or better for certain purposes while it’s just as cheap as lard. Coconut oil prices plummeted in the last years. It’s not carnivore but okay fat, I don’t mind a tiny bit if I don’t want to use lard for some reason. Alvaro cooks with it anyway… But he uses duck fat for meat dishes now, not coconut oil :D. We always will have duck fat, duck is nice sometimes and gives us lots of fat. Sometimes Oti gives us some too.

So butter is weak, the fat in my pork is zillion times tastier. And I like simplicity so I prefer not adding any extra fat to my meat. It should have enough to begin with. At least the simpler dishes, stews are different, of course.

Butter is still special and add variety, I always liked it in my vegetarian times but it’s not particularly important. And now I have lard so it has no chance in savory food ~

I am not that very knowledgeable though… What is 2 processed steps? Not like it matters, I don’t buy complicated things in the store but no one can take away my sausages :slight_smile:

The other rules are similar to mine when I am strict except I don’t drink alcohol then.
I usually allow 1dl beer on any woe if I am more relaxed, a few times a year. Allow is a bad word, I don’t even want more :smiley:

I don’t have a max. carb limit but 20g a day (great for me. probably 30-40 would be great too but I have reasons I don’t try that yet) wouldn’t be very hard on carnivore, I still didn’t go beyond, just touched it a few times. I need to be careful with my dairy but I automatically do that.

But on my no dairy, no liver days I stay very low.

Condiments are a little blurry to me but I made my own decisions.
I consider a little mustard okay (it is just so perfect with eggs and sausage), even a few drops of lemon juice now and then but tomato puree is out if I do “carnivore”. On carnivore-ish I may even eat eggs in purgatory sometimes if I only use what is stuck to my eggs. But no sweetener or fibers are allowed.
And I dislike sugar in my meat but if I accidentally buy it or it’s totally unavoidable and very, very little, I don’t worry about it too much, it just disturbs me subtly. It makes no difference for my body but I hate needlessly added sugar with a passion.

I got carried away again. I planned to come only once a day but I am too addicted.

(Vic) #68

Butchering is 1, cooking is 2.

Canned fish is 3 steps, butchering, cooking, canning. So I wil avoid it, give me fresh fish.

Raw milk, 1 step, fine. Pasturized skimmed botteled milk, not for me

Its more a mental guide kind of thing to avoid junk food


blood cheese, woof, I ain’t going there LOL

I only eat ‘the best American cheese’ I can buy and then I only eat maybe fresh parm when I melt it in my alfredo sauce or I buy a very good extra sharp cheddar I use for grating over, say, bacon. I love extra sharp cheddar over bacon!

you know I don’t ‘shop cheese’ anymore. I did back in the day. I went ALL IN with fancy expensive cheese and tried tons of them but in the end, carnivore narrowed all cheese down for me. By time on plan. Cheese is a no draw to me like it was now. But I do like a little and I use such a narrow choice on purchase. I don’t care enough about cheese to make it any kind of priority in my life, other than don’t buy plastic crappy icky cheese ever :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Your mother in law is so cool. Extra meat for her favorite son in law :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
and you go home with your steak in tact to be chowed on another day!

@Carnivoor, I truly think like you. Keep the food super simple and as low processed as can be. Fresh meat/seafood/fish/fowl is key. Those other things like sausages, deli meats etc have to be watched when purchased by me.

@Corals, you said you are still depressed some and can’t exercise alot…I am like you on this. But weather is my thing. Bad weather and no sun and no warmth start to wear on me and I do go into a blue mood. Not a doubt about that and for you, you hang on :slight_smile: :slight_smile: It is just a patch you are going thru and then ‘world stress’ about covid, lockdowns, vaccine stuff and masks and how jobs changed and our lives went upside down ya know. Many of us were so put off our usual routines and yes right now these are tough times for many. I know I feel the bit of pressure from the crazy in the world just flood over me…SO HOLD strong!! Your carnivore ways will kick in but I have to say, mood changes and zc zen and anxiety issues are not the first things to clear up ya know, those take time. Well, it did for me. I would say about the 1 yr mark I ‘got a new me with my thinking’ and even longer on plan I changed with my mindset and being positive and less dark moods etc…so great things will still be coming for you :slight_smile: Changes come in steps and different times for many of us. Carnivore takes time but just focus on good things in your life and go find some things to do to make ya happy in any way you can! We all do our best to get thru the blue moods! Wishing you the best!!

------------so had smoked chick wings and alot of ribs, yes I ate the whole rack, but hubby did steal 3 ribs from me-----then I went off later and ate a 8 oz ribeye steak! yum. Then to top me off I had a can of sardines which I thoroughly enjoyed. Done eating.

Have a steak for later. Paired with ?? Not sure.
Woke up so not hungry have no food on my mind on what to make later.
Which I like. I know I got a steak to cement me in, after that, whatever.

All fine in zc land for me. Holding plan tight. Watching salt, have to be a bit more tight on that, my salt shaker seems to be freely shaking hard lately LOL so I will put a bit of focus on that cause less salt I eat the better I feel truly (and remember, I am a super salter person, so me cutting back is what a normal person might eat in their day LOL)

Carnivore on strong!! Time on this plan brings great changes as long as we hang on and hopefully enjoy the ride :slight_smile:

(Karen) #70

Thanks to all concerns about my ickiness.

Not 100% right today as yet and still waiting for my pcr test results. I am sure this is just down to the turkey.

Plodded the dtair runs this morning not wanting to overdo things lol.

Brunch was chicken sauted in butter with a smidgen of cheese.
Then an ounze of somerset crunchy mature cheddar, nice and sharp. I can definitely see what you mean @Fangs about tastes changing. I was more into the medium cheddar and red leicester but they taste bland now and texture a bit waxy. The mature cheddar is sharp and crunchy. Followed by a small amount of smoked ham.

Dinner a ribeye steak pan fried in lard with prawns sauted in the lard after the steak and poured on top. No cheese i hasten to add. I am resisting!

Not so much tea today, but more water.

I will maybe have a mug of chicken stock in an hour if I fancy.

(Karen) #71

I have been recently been thinking quite a bit about coffee lately… can almost smell it lol trouble is if I drink it I know with my addictive nature I will soon be on too many strong black coffees a day and worrying about my bp rising! I got very fussy about what coffee I was drinking because drinking it black you know if it is a crappy brand straight away. I know I will be able to get off the cheese but I have to do it when I am in the right frame of mind like I did with the coffee, alcohol, chocolate, chips etc etc … made my mind up on giving it up and just went cold turkey.

Not sure I could eat mackeral or sardines in yogurt as I am not a yogurt fan anyway. I do like both as they are. I also used to love rollmops but think the vinegar is too acidic for me. Do you think if I rinsed them under cold water that would eliminate most of the vinegar?

I get anchovies in sunflower oil and vinegar and have to drain the majority of oil away before eating. I do love them though. Has anyone had fresh anchovies? I have had fresh sardines but can’t say I am overkeen.

I tend to eat between 1130 and 1pm also and find it really suits. I don’t get hungry and sometimes only check my watch to ensure I don’t miss the window of eating my first meal. Perhaps I should give omad a go?

(Vic) #72

They taste almost the same, fresh anshovis are smaller, on some beaches in Portugal they sell them as a snack.

(Karen) #73

I do hope you get through the lows very soon. If you have stairs in your house why don’t you try using them for your exercise like I do. I don’t always feel like doing it but I feel so much better when they are done. You don’t have to do high numbers, just start like I did. Everytime I needed anything from upstairs I would run up and down the stairs at least 4 times. You don’t even need to run (as I don’t know what your level of fitness is) you can walk them instead.

Also for me personally I like to do them to music especially rock n roll as the beat justs lifts me up. Music is so good for lifting ones mood.

It will definitely prepare you for the better weather when you want to exercise outside

Anyway I hooe you manage to find what lifts you best xx

(Karen) #74

Tasting like fresh sardines? Maybe I will stick to fiĺlets in the oil and vinegar! :roll_eyes:

(Vic) #75

There is a similar fish swimming in the north sea, I beleve its called Sprat in english, its way more fatty, the size of a sardine. You may like those.
There technically not a sardine, they are family of the humble herrings, but smaller.

(Vic) #76

Cooky made pizza for the team.
For me he fired up the bbq and cooked some chicken and lamb sausages. Eat 2 plates of it. Yumy

(Karen) #77

I have eaten sprats but wasn’t keen. I think it is the crunchiness of the small bones. I have no problem wth larger fish, deboning and picking out any stray bones. I happily eat fresh kippers and mackeral and love sea bream and bass. River trout, salmon any oily fish really. I am always up for a challenge though and will give anything a try before deciding I don’t like it.

I was brought up of freshly caught sea fish as I used to live on the promenade in Deal, Kent. Directly opposite our house was the fish hut on the beach, where the catch was brought in amd sold. Happy memories.


We had SNOW today. Oh well, it’s April, it happens. Of course it melted immediately, it’s April!
People with many peach trees are worried as there are stronger frost here and there at night. Not here.

Okay, I can’t predict my food ever. In the end, no chicken, just pork and eggs. I still can manage a few eggs paired with sausage when hungry.
I happened to eat some little dairy (no cheese. definitely not that) and it started with my strict day changed due to the tiny beef stew that Alvaro didn’t want (he had a meatless day! not a small feat with me and my meat dishes in the house :smiley: but I did make him some vegetarian dish today… and he asked me if I want some. I still didn’t prove I can do it consistently sigh). In the end, I didn’t even eat it, just more of my lovely roasted pork shoulders, mmm. That’s good stuff with thick visible fat outside! :slight_smile:
By the way, I really will need some fattier stuff at this point… Processed but I don’t want fresh stuff as rendered fat isn’t my thing. Boiled pork fat tissue is very tasty, tender, lovely. I still need my tiny meat but 80% fat is fine. Or more. I finished my pork with 86% fat in weight (so it’s almost pure white bacon), I needed for the leaner parts of my pork shoulder. But I can’t go higher with fresh meat, it would just lose some of the fat.

I originally wanted to track my sodium intake but it’s way too difficult and it’s high-ish due to the ham and other items anyway. I will do it when I eat super simply and I have the right saltiness, not enduring a too high one as I can’t get it out of my food, I just can drink water and eat some neutral with it.

Today I ate 4 times in 6 hours. I still have these mini meals if my first meal is too early (it was at 1pm!), I wish to get hungry later on the day, hopefully it will happen eventually. I like TMAD.

Oh we talking about fish? I want catfish, that’s nice. Alvaro is curious about nothern pike.

Sprat is one of the few canned fish here, tiny and not so great (but it depends on the brand, some are worse than others). Borderline edible. I don’t want it but it’s probably nearly always in seed oil anyway. We have a very tiny selection fresh fish here :frowning: There were some local fishes after Alvaro’s accident but I wasn’t in the mood to cycle there in the cold, we bought salmon in the city.

I keep some herring in tomato sauce for emergencies (not my fav but if I can’t eat anything else… but now that I always have proper meat, no way I open one in the near future. no problem, Alvaro loves it on pizza) and tuna in brine (I can’t get herring in brine). Tuna is lean but nice when mixed with things and Alvaro loves it on pizza :slight_smile: If I buy salmon, that’s frozen. And that’s it. Oh if we want to make fish soup, we need carp pieces. And something else. I am not familiar with fish meals but even I know one needs multiple kinds. Hungary has 2 towns very famous about their fish soup, once I attented a competition with some people in one of those towns. I did nothing just like the majority (it was a one person thing, we were just there to keep him company and eat the result), more exactly mostly tried to survive being next to the fire on the hottest summer day on the sun. It was probably 20 Celsius degrees over my limit where I start dying. Water was used extensively, inside and on our bodies. Not to the extent to feel close to a fish, that would have been problematic :smiley:

I ate some nice fish in Japanese restaurants. Salmon was my top fav but a few others were great too raw. Marinaded mackerel, mmm.

I love my very steep stairs but I think twice if I want to go up once… I rather take a walk outside or if I must be inside, power walking is nice.

I only walked today :frowning: I am horrible :frowning: But tomorrow will be lifting day! Right? :smiley: With a tiny run before, to the hilltop and back. In 10 or less parts.

I think eat when hungry and you will see. If I eat at 1pm like today, yep, many meals. 3pm is fine for TMAD (true for every woe I ever did) but not always, sometimes I eat multiple times (OMAD is only possible this way if I eat lots of carbs). For OMAD I must wait until 4-6pm. Except I hardly can do it on carnivore without extremely good planning and using lots of not satiating food like dairy. I just can’t eat OMAD sized meals if I just eat meat and some eggs. But maybe you can :slight_smile:

Wow, I did a whole week! Only carnivore-ish on some days but I didn’t quit when eggs became problematic, yay. I think I am over my egg problem but tomorrow will be heavily meat based anyway.

HOW can I still write a lot of new stuff after all this time? Well I definitely change. I never wanted extra fat tissue with my roasted shoulders, it’s not exactly lean, after all. But too lean for me now.


Wrong Wendy but thanks for asking! I confess I have had an off week. I wanted to see how much difference I would feel going back to plain keto – taking great care to limit foods high in oxalates, FODMAPs or lectins. I ended up eating chocolate two days in a row! (Huh??) I even went over the 20 g daily net carb limit. Now I’m feeling swollen, and today I needed to take two Advil for pain.

I will do another 30 day trial but another time. The March trial was great because it focused my attention on making animal food the center of my meals. I wasn’t doing that before, because – as I’ve said numerous times – I just don’t love it. But now I’ve improved my shopping and cooking skills so I’m farther along. Still, I want to return to keto for a while with the focus on animal foods but also select veggies. That way, I can make a better comparison with carnivore to see if I feel a difference.

Good luck everyone and see you some time in the future!


I think rinsing them is a good idea. Mainly to get the industrial seed oil off them. Some vinegar, oil and spices would have infused into the fillets, and that’s what make them tasty in that sour lip-smacking range.

Packing fish and shellfish in vinegar and/or oil is an excellent preservative. But the commercial decision to use canola or sunflower seed oil puts me off buying them. They also pack olives in seed oils! To watch out for if you’re keto, or dirty carnivore.

I look for seafood packed in olive oil. I think it oxidises less than packed in water, brine or seed oils. Canned might actually be better, as it stops light and that reduces the rate of biological breakdown.

I agree on the variety of flavours in the small fish. Sardines certainly seem to have a lower tolerance, as in eating them every day reaches a stop point quicker, than other fish. That’s why, as with coffee, cheese, anything we eat or drink, we should aim for the best we can achieve. It’s slightly antithesis to bargain hunting and bulk buying. Unless, obviously, we can get top quality in bulk at cheaper prices (or effort). I think the appetite control on low carb and carnivore gifts us the luxury of luxury, as there is no overwhelming drive to eat more and more and more.

Vinegar is short chain fatty acids. That’s helpful, if tolerated, to feed the gut biome and provide substrate for nutritional ketosis, if a carnivore aim is also to get the benefits of that state.

I wonder what sardines or mackerel, or even whitebait (where we eat the whole fish - head, guts, skeleton, nose-to-tail), would be like, if packed in cod liver oil? I’ve been listening to how people in Victorian (English history) times built immunity and treated infectious respiratory diseases = a spoonful (15ml?) of cod liver oil per day. It has EPA and DHA omega3 fatty acids (antioxidants vs an inflamed or feverish state ) and a good dose of useable Vitamin D for immune system support and activation. It just has an acquired taste.

How are you feeling now @Karen18? You were possibly coming down with a lurgie?

I noticed despite the occasional aches and pains of oxalate dumping, or consequential to over doing physical activity because I feel energised on this WOE, I have not had a significant infectious illness: cold/flu since being on carnivore (since being on keto, actually). My last, proper, bed ridden cold was in 2012. In the interim I’ve had a few lazy couch days with “man flu” fakery, heart palpitations and a kidney stone, but no colds.